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Challenge Group: YOUR goal by Valentine’s Day!



  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Posts: 2,295Member Member Posts: 2,295Member Member

    Okay, I am joining on January 16th. My most important goal of all is to get my blood sugars regulated. Secondly, is to get back on the path of losing instead of the gaining that occurred during the holidays. If I lose even a fraction of a pound, I'll be happy!

    Ultimate Starting Weight: 253
    Challenge Starting Weight: 190.0
    Goal by Valentine's Day: 189.9

    January 3: 190.0 I am starting late on January 16th but am documenting my weights on the right dates according to my records. Thanks for posting this challenge!

    January 10: 194.2 Some health issues involved. Making goal will be difficult as I have to drop this unexpected gain too. I’ll do my very best!

    January 17: 189.9 I’m finally feeling better and doing a few things right!

    January 24: 190.8 I love it when I’m in control, but right now I am just NOT. But I never give up so I am continuing. I’ll never make 179.5 but if I can lose ANYTHING and actually KEEP IT OFF, then I’m back in the game.

    January 31: 191.6 Still struggling with the glucose issues. Another drop at 2:30 a.m. bad enough to feel and respond to. However, not as bad as some recent ones so I managed to keep the carbs under better control and to not “frenzy shovel” in the food to fix it. So much better when it’s more easily managed and it doesn’t drop extremely quickly! A gain over the week, but a loss since yesterday so I am staying on track these last few days. My new goal at this point is to just be below what I started and have my glucose more steady. For both I would be so grateful!

    February 7: 192.1 Today I am starting a new plan. I am going to focus more on the calories and less on the carbs (though I will continue to monitor both). I am trying to improve my Gall Bladder function (after some pretty bad attacks) and stop the glucose drops that get pretty severe by late night. I will carefully monitor this because carbs will bring them up, but it could too high (which is usually what I am treated for.) I’m not sure how long I this experiment will last, that depends on how I’m feeling and how the glucose readings are going. I’m sure there will be tweaking.

    February 14: 194.2 Epic fail for this challenge but I am going to see the experiment through in regards to my diabetes. I am still tweaking the details and working on the balance of calories and carbs that keep my glucose in check but help me to lose weight. It’s a science. I thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this challenge.
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 5,044Member Member Posts: 5,044Member Member

    Thank you for setting up this group ❣️

    Ultimate Starting Weight 1/1/2016: 228.3
    Weight 1/1/19: 155
    Challenge Starting Weight 1/2/20: 160.4
    Goal by Valentine's Day 2/14/20: in the 150’s

    January 3: 160.4
    January 8: 163 😳😳😳 highest wt since Aug, 2018

    January 10: 160 👍 drastically reduced salt & completely eliminated non-home eating. Blood pressure went up A LOT Jan 6-9, still elevated but almost normal today. Knocked some sense into my head, ie, I stopped playing around & faced up to the fact that even when I took measures to reduce salt while eating out, it still had a very negative result. #Ever onwards

    January 17: 158.8 🥰 Switched to “Protein Pacing” on Jan 14. Works like magic for me.
    And blood pressure is now normal: 112/70 pulse 58. HEALTH FIRST. #DeterminedToBreakMyEatingOutAddiction

    January 24: 158.2 same comments as Jan 17 + I’ve up’d my steps & elevation of climbs significantly! Delighted that this is working.

    I now realize my Mistake was ****Woefully underestimating the hidden fats (ie calories) in restaurant food.

    I’m eating 2,000 calories every day & walk/hiking daily & gradually losing. Feels good to be zeroing into my caloric needs to insure my success. 14 month maintenance, 9 since I declared “maintenance”

    January 31: 158.2
    February 7: 157.2 Happy, happy :)

    ♥️ February 14: 159

    Eating out & overeating + salt

    I’m still happy to be down from my high of 163 in January. AND my goal was to be in the 150’s. I must remember I am doing a slow & steady plan!

    Thanks everyone & Happy Valentines Day!
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