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    Winding down January week 5.... =>

    @prowell57 I hear ya on the water, this has been a challenge for me, as well. It got easier when I found a 4 cup container to drink from - and I only have to drink 2 a day to meet the goal. It's a mind game that helps me make it!
    @TeresaW1020 man, can I relate. A restaurant meal can take me up several pounds overnight - you'll get rid of that, just keep pressing forward!
    @sunshineplace I am so appreciative of the support and acceptance of my style of sharing and this goes both ways on the lump in the throat... => Diabetes taught me that there isn't any real lying to myself because the result is the result, telling on me every time. If I can face it, I think I can improve and then I find it turned out to be true and I did. I feel like it's ok to struggle but it's not ok to give up the struggle. Knowing what I know, I'm better off to keep on struggling and getting my little wins and stacking them up into progress forward. Nothing else makes sense.
    @vanjan14 hope you had a wonderful vacation and all things considered, this is very doable for attacking with a fresh and rested spirit!
    @cornanda week 5 January if your weigh day is Friday (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st) @broncobuddee is really great at getting it to the right place in the spreadsheet... =>
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    @TeresaW1020, do we automatically roll over to February? I have enjoyed this but I think I'm in too many challenges right now to be able to really focus.

    Yes, if you have been recording your weight then you will automatically rollover. Do you want to continue with us or would you like to be removed? We would hate to see you go but understand if you need to. <3

    I'll stay in. I might not be as active but I'll still weigh in weekly.
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    Weigh in
    Week 1 - Feb 2020
    PW 163.8 (74.3kg)
    CW 163.5 (74.2kg)

    Not much change but least not added weight. Ate more bread this week for lunches. Next week is a busier schedule for me so hopefully will have less time to snack. Goal for the coming week is to eat fruit instead of sweet snacks. Eat more vegetables.
    Wishing everyone a great week ahead.
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