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February 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member, Premium Posts: 24,863 Member Member, Premium Posts: 24,863 Member
    @Camaramandy648 Oh my gosh, siblings just have the most amazing ways to get under our skin, don't they?
  • autumnblade75autumnblade75 Member Posts: 1,557 Member Member Posts: 1,557 Member
    @Camaramandy648 My brother would fit right in with your family. I've stopped inviting him to Thanksgiving. Every year he'd accept the invitation, but never come.
  • TheMrWobblyTheMrWobbly Member Posts: 2,465 Member Member Posts: 2,465 Member
    Family - disenfranchised @r$eh0l3s who used to belittle you growing up and for some reason of blood relation we think we have to be friends with. Made the attempts, been blanked too many years, keep in touch with those we like, ignore the rest.
  • Camaramandy648Camaramandy648 Member Posts: 698 Member Member Posts: 698 Member
    @AUTUMNBLADE75 and @TheMrWobbly I am just flabbergasted.

    Mind you, we are not without our family drama. But it seems like with every thing that comes up along the way, it never ceases to be next level in someone. Some of them always find a way to outdo themselves.
  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 2,961 Member Member Posts: 2,961 Member
    @Camaramandy648 I agree with Mr.Wobbly. Also, I say no to everything... everything... everything involving "distant" family!!! Disappointment will dissipate if your family members learn to say "no" up front instead of creating animosity later. Now you know they'll flake out. It's what they do. You're nicer than me. I'd probably tell them to eff off if they can't commit one way or the other. It's yes or no, but don't get wishy washy on me.
    Years ago my mom wanted to take my girls to Disney World for spring break. She also wanted my brother and I to go (he did), all expenses paid and staying in Disney World with any and everything you would want there (they loved breakfast with the princesses) and then to her winter home in Florida. I said no, immediately. I didn't have to think about it. I'd probably rather walk over hot coals and suffer the consequences of it than get on a plane or sleep in the same room with her. Then years later she extended a like invitation to San Francisco. Again no... I wouldn't even consider it, but I also wouldn't mislead or up expectations either by saying yes upfront and turning on the backend after plans have already been made. Now I get no invitations, which is great and what I want. I'm sorry your siblings can't get it together.

    Also, thank you for your input. He will have a lot of work to do if he wants to run it. I'm so excited for your Marathon! Nashville is a pretty city, I think.
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  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Member Posts: 4,031 Member Member Posts: 4,031 Member
    February Goal: 100 Miles

    2/2: 10.05 miles
    2/4: 6.02 miles
    2/5: 2.10 miles
    2/6: 3.52 miles
    2/9: 10.10 miles
    2/10: 6.31 miles
    2/11: 6.31 miles
    2/13: 6.11 miles
    2/16: 10.02 miles
    2/19: 2.61 miles
    2/20: 3.22 miles
    2/23: 7.26 miles
    2/25: 5.02 miles
    2/26: 5.02 miles
    2/27: 5.15 miles

    88.82/100 miles completed for February

    199.08/1000 miles for Run the Year Team Pavement Pounders

    I ran 5 miles again this morning. It was cold! My weather app said 26°F feels like 26F° with 3 mph wind. Strava said 29°F feels like 23°F with 6 mph winds. Either way it was too cold for me, but not the 20 mph winds from yesterday, so it wasn't too bad. I could have waited until lunchtime to run. It is already 55°F out there and it is supposed to get up to 66°F later today, but the winds are back up to 12 mph. I think I dislike wind more than I dislike cold. It was actually a pretty morning. It was clear and there were lots of stars out. And it was light by the time I got home. I don't mind starting out in the dark, but I do really like it when the sky is blue in the morning and it isn't dark when I get home. I guess the time change in a couple of weeks will ruin that, but for now I am enjoying the light mornings. Today's run should be the last run for me for February and I'm closing it out at 88.82 miles. It isn't the 100 miles I set out to do, but I'm ok with it. It was a short month, we had a couple of snow days and I took some extra rest for injury prevention which is more important to me than an arbitrarily set goal.

    @Camaramandy648, @autumnblade75 ,@themrwobbly and @LoveyChar I guess I am lucky. My four sisters and I are all pretty close and close to our parents as well. My husband isn't really close with his brother, but we are close to his mother. And we are close to our kids and our nieces and nephews too.


    2020 races:
    5/16/20: Run for 57th AHC Half Marathon
  • Elise4270Elise4270 Member Posts: 8,375 Member Member Posts: 8,375 Member
    @shanaber THR is total hip replacement.
  • AvidkeoAvidkeo Member, Premium Posts: 2,695 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,695 Member
    Okay so laying it out there. My eldest brother I never really got on with, he was the golden child, religious, joined the Uni RAF squad, played piano well, did well at Uni, dropped dead at 32 so there was no completing with that. You know the friendship parachute, multicoloured, people grab a corner, if you can find an example of that before he 'came up' with it in the 80s let me know but my Mum always said he created it. Nothing wrong with the guy mind you.

    My other brother, we used to visit him and his first wife three times a year and they had two children slightly older than ours, it only dawned on me recently they never came to visit us, just my parents a few miles away and we were welcome to join. The only time they came to see us was to use us a week long babysitting service so they could go to the states. Before they got divorced he was a complete ****, nothing short of disgraceful, his wife had gained more than a few pounds and his 'anti-fat person' streak was on full display. Others didn't see this and his presented persona was ex-RAF superfit, charity concious ironman competitor who would do training cycle rides to my parents who were 60 miles away, do odd jobs and ride home again.

    We had a couple of successful 'family' breaks when the children were younger, everyone gets on. A couple of years ago I suggested we all get together again, thought my retired parents would enjoy organising it as they always take over anyway. Nothing happened. I asked repeatedly, no interest. Boxing Day my niece sends a facebook post 'Having the greatest time with the best fam ever" both brothers families and my parents. Saracastically replied "Glad my idea of getting together worked for some". The following year my Mum's cancer won in late October, they did it again. To be fair my brother and I had already said at the funeral "let's not pretend we are going to keep in touch or anything". So they don't like us, not a problem, knowing where you stands means no wasted energy on it.

    Whilst this is my opinion my children, who asked the question why weren't invited, have done their own homework through extend family and have come to the conclusion, not worth bothering with.

    Hugs. Yep nothing screws you up like family.
  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 2,961 Member Member Posts: 2,961 Member
    @7lenny7 I ran my first Marathon on the 16th. I ate up until 7:00 the night before and nothing the morning of up until I hit the finish line when I started feeling a little woozy. Four hours of sleep and I had been up for 5 hours by the time the Marathon finally kicked off (late start). So bad feeling probably a combination of tiredness and anxiety mixed with a low dip in blood sugar. I put a little energy gel on my tongue and problem fixed. I fast, no problem with it. Even longer fasts don't bother me and I'm learning about how to burn fat through fasting. I don't like to weigh above 105 pounds because that's too much weight for me to carry on long runs but I would be thrilled to weigh less, less fat. Heck, I'd be thrilled to even weigh more but have solid muscles and no flab at all because at least the muscles are working and not taking up useless space. I saw a few large people running and kudos to them but I know how much I struggle with alot of extra fat weighing on me. I am NOT fast to begin with. That is not why I did not eat the morning of, though...

    My brother-in-law said he was terrified of pooping his pants at every Marathon (this was his 5th) so he skipped breakfast every time. I've seen people here talk about periods, breasts, bras, and every other issue or curiosity a runner may have. Anyway, my stomach held up strong and I ate nothing until after the 17th mile marker. I ate pretzels and a granola bar. Anyway, I am surprised that you can eat so much during a Marathon. I love greasy food, just wouldn't be brave enough to try it during a long run. Within an hour I had to find a bathroom. We ate Whataburger on the way home and I didn't even finish most of my meal, got ill again. My stomach did not settle down until that night and by that time I was really hungry. I'm going to do better nutritionally the night/day before and day of to include during and after. I know T1DCarnivoreRunner has run several Marathons and he knows what works for him. But I'm running another one in 3 months and I am going to train better and stronger for this next one. Anyway, I'm going to fast after lunch like him and only take in electrolytes the morning of. All I needed was that touch of energy gel the morning of. I've done longer runs on 20+ hour fasts and I run and feel better that way. I couldn't even enjoy the beer, nothing after my Marathon. Felt great except for a torn up stomach and expected muscle aches. Definitely an area I need to work on and educate myself in. Lots to learn, but I won't eat so late next time because maybe it contributed to the sick stomach. One day maybe I'll say I ate pizza on a run!
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  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,668 Member
    7lenny7 wrote: »
    A couple of weeks ago Kody and I had the glorious experience of trail running in a fresh 7 inches of snow at my favorite local park. Though it was a difficult run, effort is effort and we loved it out there. I thought I'd share some of the photos.

    This needs the return of the love reaction.
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