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February 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • bearly63bearly63 Member, Premium Posts: 722 Member Member, Premium Posts: 722 Member I’m sitting on a bike at the gym as I write this. I have never heard of the running clothes brand Oiselles that some of you mentioned today. Didn’t google it or anything. And it just now popped up on my Instagram feed. Are they reading stuff that I’m reading? Can someone explain the “inter web” - so creepy!!!!
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  • bearly63bearly63 Member, Premium Posts: 722 Member Member, Premium Posts: 722 Member
    Now that’s what I call multitasking! Impressed!!!
  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 2,961 Member Member Posts: 2,961 Member
    @polskagirl01 Awwwwwww that little girl is a warrior and she deserves a medal and so much more. That is so sad... I love your reasons for running. I love them! You're a smart lady, thank you!

    @ContraryMaryMary Thank you! Your girls are blessed to have such an inspirational and insightful mother!

    @quilteryoyo & @Camaramandy648 Thank you, you are some sweet, sweet ladies!

    @bearly63 Thank you, so so sweet... And, I am 100% sure our messages here are being read elsewhere. I had that happen to me twice lately. It is super creepy and intrusive but of course, it's to better "enhance" our experience or, truthfully, their bank accounts. Yes it's so so creepy. I logged on to Facebook twice after having conversations here to find immediately in my news feed advertisements or pop-up ads, whatever they are called, to what I had been discussing here.

    @7lenny7 @PastorVincent @autumnblade75 @Camaramandy648 Thanks for your opinions. I'm a little surprised, happily though. 75% trail, 25% road preference. Well I signed up for a trail Marathon days ago, no idea what I'm getting myself into but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. I bought nice trail running shoes.

    @T1DCarnivoreRunner I'm interpreting your response as I don't care what it is as long as I'm running it because you just love to run. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

    84.9/80 miles, goal hit for this month but I have been slacking almost two weeks now. Oh well, on track tomorrow with new goals.
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  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 2,953 Member Member Posts: 2,953 Member
    @bearly63 That is creepy. Unfortunately, I think that is a sign of the times. It happens to me all the time too.

    @shanaber :lol: Great score with the money off and gift card though. I don't blame you at all.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunnerT1DCarnivoreRunner Member Posts: 11,205 Member Member Posts: 11,205 Member
    @LoveyChar Yes, sign up for both trail and run.
  • shanabershanaber Member Posts: 5,850 Member Member Posts: 5,850 Member
    Anyone else having issues posting? Tried to post my final February update and getting an approval message. Haven't seen that in ages...
  • hamsterwheel6hamsterwheel6 Member Posts: 543 Member Member Posts: 543 Member
    Running shorts - I prefer the bike type shorts too, and need to get some with pockets. I’ll look at those you guys mentioned.
    When it’s really hot and humid, I do wear regular running shorts, but still have to find some that don’t ride up, but that’s probably because of my legs lol.
  • hmaddpearhmaddpear Member, Premium Posts: 609 Member Member, Premium Posts: 609 Member
    My last post for the month:

    02/02 8km
    04/02 5km
    06/02 4km
    07/02 5km
    08/02 7km
    11/02 5km
    15/02 5km
    18/02 5km
    21/02 5km
    23/02 8km
    26/02 8km
    29/02 5km

    Total 70km of 70km for February - goal!

    Sneaked in the last 5km for the month. I had thought about doing a long run, but then i figured if I just met goal with a 5km, I could go out Sunday 1st March as well and get ahead on my March goals. Is that cheating?!

    Thank you all for being so supportive to each other - it's been an absolute pleasure taking part in this challenge. And I'll see you all on the March challenge thread!

  • katharmonickatharmonic Member, Premium Posts: 5,338 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5,338 Member
    shanaber wrote: »
    MFP isn't letting me post my final results and I am still getting that 'approval' required message. I guess if they all ever get approved there will be a bunch of the same post because I have tried all day. Maybe this shortened version will work.

    I took my new shoes for a short spin and they were as awesome as I had hoped. Initial reviewers felt they were super stiff and required a break in period but I thought they were fine. I do need to re-lace them so they aren't tight over my arch but tight enough so my foot doesn't slip.

    Almost made it to 100 miles (just over 98 with today's run) this month even though my goal was only 75. Now on to March and keeping this trend going!

    @shanaber - wasn't there a thing at one time where a certain number in the post triggered the approval message? I bet it's something like that because clearly you can post, but something about your miles is flagging it. I wonder what the secret number is this time. You could always make a picture/screenshot out of your miles list and post that.

    Glad you liked the new shoes. Those are zero drop shoes?

    Congrats on going way over your mileage goal too!
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