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How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence



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    One of the main keys to both nutrition and brain health is the production of SCFAs in the intestinal tract. They help to not only produce essential nutrients and metabolites, but they also ensure what you do take in to your mouth gets optimized. Just read an Italian study this morning. Let's just say it was high on a plant based diet and not so high on the traditional Western, meat eating, veggie lacking diet.

    It's becoming ever increasingly clear that if you eat the Western Diet, take a lot of antibiotics, don't exercise, drink a lot (and this describes, unfortunately, more than 50% of Americans), your brain will pretty much turn to mush in your older years.

    Vegan or non-vegan -- eat your veggies, exercise and get your fiber. Use your brain and get plenty of rest and limit stress as much as possible. I honestly wish I had the courage/mental ability to eat vegan. I wouldn't be worried whatsoever about my brain if I did.
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