February 2020 Monthly Challenge



  • taylok23
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    Feb 28 check in:
    Mindful eating ✅
    Under calories ✅
    Carnivore ✅
    Water consumption- ❓
    Muscles feeling a bit crampy today so water likely needed to be higher. I feel like I’m naturally being more mindful of eating on carnivore- I feel full and stop eating. In my mind, I want to snack after dinner but my stomach is being smarter than my head, thankfully today. We have an outing planned for Sunday so that will be a good test as to whether I can stay on plan.
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    vkrenz wrote: »
    Sun is still shining in Southern WI after an early morning dusting of snow.

    Check in for Feb 27

    1. get rid of 5 lbs by 2/29. Success! Scale is holding with the weight loss.
    I have to say after fooling around with the same appx 2 pounds since Feb 6, the scale is showing a loss. I have not done anything different, just staying persistent with LC, under calories, and exercise. This has taught me that the phrase consistency +persistence+ time= success. Hope this is an encouragement to others
    2. stay < 35 net carbs daily. well below
    3. stay < 1,500 calories daily. Well under
    4. intermittent fasting 16:8 every day. Easy during the weekday
    5. Plan ahead every day- trying to plan for the weekend and my day off next Monday.

    Spring is coming!!

    That really IS the magic formula. I'm so glad the scale finally cooperated for you! :heart:

    And to reinforce the principle of THE FORMULA, we'll talk about how I did this month.
    My start weight was 166.somethingOrOther. My end weight is 168-something. So though my waist is still looking, after TOM bloat has subsided some, about the same, the scale is not backing me up. This is par for the course for me lately. Water retention masking reality. And as I mentioned up-thread somewhere in my updates, knowing me, it could be a couple months before my body lets go of it and I finally see a loss of the uppage and maybe a small real loss. Adding in that I am taking a supplement that is trying to change my hormone levels to something more normal, I'm going through withdrawal of sleep supplements I've been taking a year, it's winter, and my body is just mean, well that is a formula of another kind that will just frustrate, but I'm not going to let it get me down. Because I know that TIME is in the equation for a reason. That's what it takes. So I'm going to continue with loss protocol and wait not-very patiently. :smirk:
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    Last check in for Feb including leap day.
    I was doing well on 2/28 until my sister brought over Pizza Hut for supper. I didn't go very overboard on calories, still well under but net carbs were over twice goal. Guess we'll see what that does to me in the next couple of days.
    Today, husband is gone for the day so I only have to worry about myself. Already went for a 3.1 mile brisk walk/ jog and plan for a low carb day.
    See you in March!
  • amckholmes
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    Here we are at the end of February. The urge to binge has been plaguing me all month. I guess it will take more time to push through all this than I thought. Good thing March has already been declared Mindful March! If something positive came out of this, it’s that my weight is not up. I have been on maintenance since November and while I have had fluctuations, my true weight has stayed below my line. When I binge it’s on low carb foods (specifically sweets) just excessive amounts, which leads to bloating and feeling yucky for a couple of days. I have been able to get it back together and get back on plan every time. I don’t know what the best strategy is for me, to add in something sweet every day, or try to just avoid sweets all together for a while. Clearly the original plan of mindfulness in regard to portion control of sweets didn’t work! Forward and onward!
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    On average Feb was not horrible but I did not consistently meet my goals. Art least it served to show me where I need to focus on in March.
  • taylok23
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    Feb 29 check in:
    Mindful eating: 🤷‍♀️
    Under calories: ❌
    Carnivore: yes except for two beers
    Water consumption: ❌ stupid beer

    I ate a carnivore breakfast then joined friends for a leap year birthday. I finished the day with NY strip for dinner but was over on calories- staying around 1300 calories is difficult for me to not feel hungry but be in a deficit. Down 4 pounds for the month so maybe I can shed another 4 in March!