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Women 200lb+, Let's Stay Fired Up This February!!!



  • BrownSugar174BrownSugar174 Member Posts: 311 Member Member Posts: 311 Member
    @svm569 how does your sodium intake look. That’s what gets me sometimes. You’ve increased your calories...does that mean your eating more sodium?
  • svm569svm569 Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    @BrownSugar174 my sodium has been really good, it was one of my goals to get that under control and Ive done that. Just going back through my diary entries I’ve noticed I’ve gone over just a little on mono and poly unsaturated fats. That’s one area I need to work on but I haven’t gone way over my limit either. I’m genuinely stumped with the sudden weight gain. I suspect it may be due to my increase in calories and change in exercise routine but honestly I didn’t expect such a big jump. To be honest I was quite down about it all but hubby gave me a good pep talk tonight and I’m motivated again. I’m starting ‘fresh’ again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll start seeing the numbers go down. The first of each month I’ll be taking measurements so I’m excited to see where I’m at with that, hopefully that shows more of a change than the scales.
  • BrownSugar174BrownSugar174 Member Posts: 311 Member Member Posts: 311 Member
    @svm569 🥰having a supportive hubby is an absolute blessing🥰. You can do this!
  • angelexperimentangelexperiment Member Posts: 1,904 Member Member Posts: 1,904 Member
    @angelexperiment sounds like you know what works for you! You got it.

    @sharpdust ❤️ I know you can find the balance between short term and long term happiness losing weight. You can do it.

    @NeachyBird welcome!

    @shalanne sounds like you know what to do but putting it in practice is hard because you're afraid of failure. As long as you treat yourself right, and eat enough, move some, keep a deficit, then this will work. Promise.

    @bluffgirl67 I love that even though your plans fell through, you still found the time and motivation to do some weights.

    @shorepine good luck on your 5k!

    @cory17 this process takes time, but it sounds like you've got the right attitude- the time for self care is always.

    @Aerohead21 man I tell you I could not be a teacher- so much work! I really admire that you are doing a job for the good of kids, even at the expense of your own time and sanity, sometimes (I hope I remembered right that you're a teacher not a student! :neutral: )

    @svm569 congratulations! 14 lb is a lot for a month! I know you know this, but I'll say it anyway- it probably won't be as much next month, but any loss is worthy of celebrating.

    Big news everyone!

    I got to ONEderland today! 198.8. I would show you my scale, but it's grody with paint splatters from painting the bathroom. 😂

    I'll probably bounce up or around a little, but so so happy to see 1's on the scale again.

    On advice of some MFP runners, I'm reducing running to three days a week, so today is lifting day! I hope everyone's having a great day! Let's kick it in the etc.

    Aww so happy for you! I can’t wait I’m inching closer 1 week at a time! Lol you keep doing your thing and don’t get complacent. Or self sabotage! I did that before I did not really get why because it’s where I wanted to be! Learn from me just keep doing and don’t stop!
  • FadedNoveltyFadedNovelty Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member
    Friday Weekly Weigh in:
    SW: 243
    CW: 224.6
    GW: 160ish.
    2/1: 226.6
    2/7: 224.6
    2/14: 223.6
    2/21: 221.4
    2/28: 220.2

    February Goals:
    -Exercise 6 days a week! Crazy, I know but one of the days is an active recovery days (pilates).
    -Get under 220s for good!
    -Work on making sure I get enough water in. I feel like I struggle to drink enough water (I get busy and forget!).

    Well, didn't lose as much as I would have liked for Feb! Oh well, got pretty close! I'll get under the 220s next month for sure and see how low into the 210s I can make it :) I do know I have been gaining muscle so that may be part of it too. My workout regime seems to be working and I feel A LOT stronger so I'll take it.
  • BrownSugar174BrownSugar174 Member Posts: 311 Member Member Posts: 311 Member
    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 I love those inspiring moments! Your doing a great job! I’m so proud of you!
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