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    Week 3
    PW 160
    CW 157.8
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    I have tried multiple times to sign up for Fitrockr with no success. When I try to sign up through MFP links provided it just keeps buffering and won’t go on to the next step. When I try to sign up through the app it won’t allow me to advance past the first screen (the next button does not respond). Is anyone else having this problem?

    I haven’t updated my iOS in awhile due to the bugs being reported so maybe it has something to do with that. I just don’t know.
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    PW: 170.6
    CW: 170.2

    Inching towards target....!!

    2/13: 10,057
    2/14: 10,231
    2/15: 5,887
    2/16: 4,346
    2/17: 6,346
    2/18: 11,839
    2/19: 8,932
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    its_cleo wrote: »
    @leonadixon stay with us! I always feel guilty bc I can't seem to lose weight...the only weight I lose is the few pounds I put on- so it goes up and down. But the point is to support one another and just connect. ...gyms can be hard. If it helps maybe you could write down a plan before you go. Like a commitment to yourself. Go to the gym. Change. Go on the treadmill for and walk for at least 10 minutes. Just the minimum you feel comfortable to do. And then go and do it. And if you want to stay longer great, and if not- at least you went through the motions for your plan.

    And if you're scared, or anxious, or whatever, you can still feel that and just walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes.

    Someone taught me that once, because I have a lot of anxiety. And she would be like well you can sit at home and be anxious and do nothing. Or you can go out and do x and be anxious. Maybe you end up feeling better in version 2, maybe not, but at least you accomplished something.

    I'm good, on track, tired. Just popped in to say hey.

    Thank you for this! I also suffer from anxiety, though I never associated these feelings with it. Of course, you're right. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing :smile:

    I think I will try this tonight!
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    I have tried multiple times to sign up for Fitrockr with no success. When I try to sign up through MFP links provided it just keeps buffering and won’t go on to the next step. When I try to sign up through the app it won’t allow me to advance past the first screen (the next button does not respond). Is anyone else having this problem?

    I haven’t updated my iOS in awhile due to the bugs being reported so maybe it has something to do with that. I just don’t know.

    Well, that is frustrating and I don't know what to tell you really. :/ Are you trying to sign up on your computer? Have you tried to go through Google to the Fitrockr website itself and not click the links we provided? You might need to update your iOS to get the app to work. I have the app and on my iPhone and it works great! Don't give up trying!
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    Weekly Weigh-In

    Can I skip this week? I have a stomach bug and my weight is fluctuating by pounds depending on how my day has gone lol. It. Sucks.

    Step Challenge
    2/18 - 10014
    2/19 - 10344
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    Thursday weigh in week 3 (20Feb2020)
    Previous weight: 183.4
    Current weight: 185.9
    Steps 02/18 8,120 - 02/19 6,229 I am sad that I have been without a Fitbit charger for two days and it dies yesterday - I finally wised up and will pick one up at Best Buy tomorrow!!

    I am not surprised by a gain and am working to undo and redo!!! => I had a check in yesterday drafted up but I fizzled out as I was so tired. But I was reading the posts!!

    Congrats on a great weigh in @leonadixon (YES!! Because hanging steady can be a GREAT thing while you work something out!! =>) @Kayla7303 @Sunshineplace @gwamajtw91 - you guys are rockin' the GREEN!

    @leonadixon yay to no gallstones, been there and have the scar - no fun. So agree with @its_cleo and @Katmary71 - we've all had these moments and if you can barge through (or meekly tip-toe to it, if needed) and get to the side of sharing, it is soooo helpful. I get so much from understanding that I am not alone, not unique and others understand. I'm just not interested in being a unicorn in this arena - I need pals and friends with whom I can commiserate and seek hints and tips from.

    @its_cleo I was so tired last night, too but never hit send!! =>
    @Katmary71 I sometimes forget that I have to manage the veggies I buy and I have had some really sad moments from the crisper drawer to the trashcan. I am getting better about buying less and going more often - I did well this week in getting everything eaten before a wither could occur!

    @sunshineplace I got into FitRockr the way @TeresaW1020 suggested, on my laptop and had no issue - is that an option?

    Planned and Prelog 3 meals? yes but didn't have the dinner choice, snacked instead
    Times? B 930a, L 1230p, D between 430-630p
    Non-planned eating and thoughts? gonna have to go with dinner was not planned and not technically on plan. I felt snacky and just ate within calories but it wasn't what you could call balanced
    Hunger? nothing unusually low or high
    Exercise? no - just my flight of stairs after work
    Sleep? 1015p-530a [log the morning after]
    Assessed the previous day / week / month?
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    @kayla7303 big drop, wtg!

    @sunshineplace another big drop! Oh no, I haven't joined it yet, I hope it's something you can figure out!

    @gwamajtw91 it's going in the right direction!

    @bethanie0825 I hope you feel better soon!

    @raleighgirl09 I've only had my Fitbit for a week and can't imagine being without it! A woman who worked in the kitchen with me tonight was trying to talk me into letting her drive me to my car as I parked in the boonies but I insisted I needed my steps! It drives me nuts that I have to strap it to my leg to register stairs on the stair treadmill as i like monitoring my heart rate. I just had to cancel my produce box delivery so I'll be going to the store more often too, especially for salad mix.
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    Thursday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- stair treadmill, strength, weights, yoga, walking around the house to get over 10,000 steps before church!
    Water- over. I love lemon water but the acid isn't agreeing with me so I'm trying to switch to ginger and mint. Not as good as lemon but better than plain!

    Weights 3xs a week- 2 days down
    Cardio 30 minutes- done. I was trying to beat my record on stair treadmill and accidentally pushed the pause button while drinking water, i had to restart and had no clue how many flights I'd done!
    Core- done
    Yoga- done
    Decluttering- only a little, was garbage day and cans were full
    Recipe- still the chicken, nothing new yet

    I resisted dessert at church tonight! I made it so I know how much butter went into the cake and while it smelled good, I stuck with the meal instead and saved room for popcorn. If it was chocolate I would've eaten it!
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    Weigh in week:  Week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous Weight: 208.0
    Todays Weight: 210.2 :#

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    Want some serious fun? Go over to the Leaping Groundhog challenge at

    Today is RANT DAY! It is fabulous to read the rants that are already there, and you really should add your own. Everyone needs a good rant from time to time, right? :p
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    Thursday Check-in
    Calories: under; all good, on-plan choices
    Exercise: martial arts 51 min
    Water: on track
    Habit Tracking
    - Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    - Meditation (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    - M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    - Exercise (6 x week/45+ min) ✔️
    - Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily) ✔️
    Grateful: for the book Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg. This book is rocking my world! If you want help being effective at changing yourself and your life a baby step at a time, this book has an amazing system. Fogg is a professor with a deep knowledge of human behavior and the neuroscience behind it. Wonderful!

    Goals and Improvements for Today (Friday)
    -- Meditation (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    -- Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    -- M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min)
    -- Exercise (6 x week/45+ min)
    -- Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily)
    - Work on the To Do List, including at least 2 minutes of cleaning my desk and making my office a great place to work.
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    Thursday check-in
    Calories- over
    Exercise- lots of Spring cleaning if that counts as exercise 😉
    Water- under

    Keep carbs below 50g ✖️
    Drink 64oz water ✖️
    Exercise 3 x per week 1/3
    Cut back on smoking ✔️
    IF 12 hrs per day ✔️

    DH had a day out with his sister yesterday so I took advantage of having the house to myself and got a lot of cleaning and organizing done.
    @kayla7303 fantastic weight loss!
  • TeresaW1020
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    @leonadixon, like the others have already said, you should always feel free to post in this group. We are NOT looking just for the positive, feel-good posts. We are looking for our members to share their lives and to be honest with where they are at in their journey. We are your support group!! <3

    @kayla7303 and @sunshineplace, great weight loss!! B) You are both crushing it! Any tips to pass on to some of us who are struggling. *points to self ;)

    @bethanie0825, I assume you can skip this week. @broncobuddee will take care of you. I am so sorry you have been sick. Feel better soon! <3

    @raleighgirl09, well at least you aren’t alone with your gain this week. I am right there with you. :# We will get back on track.

    @AustinRuadhain, look at you with all your green checkmarks. Inspiring us all as usual! <3

    @prowell57. I see that you have a check next o your cutting back on your smoking. Yayyyy!!! Spring cleaning totally counts as exercise! :)

    Hi everyone! I’m doing a quick check-in because I’m about to leave in a few to have a two day away trip with nine of my ladies from Bible study. We are going to a two-day conference with our favorite Bible teacher, Kelly Minter. So, I will be doing a lot of sitting and eating out. I plan to be mindful of my food choices and will get right back on plan when I come home tomorrow evening. You all be good and have a great weekend!! :)
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    CW 192.4
  • its_cleo
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    Hey all. Super tired this week. Didn't sleep well a couple nights, and just tired. I'm sure it will pass.

    I had my exercise activities set at 7 for the week with an optional one to make 8. If I do 2 tomorrow- run, and core workout then I will hit 7.

    I'm also on track for calories. Almost got a big piece of chocolate cake at the store today. Then looked it was like 300 cals for 100 grams. And I already ate out once this week so that was my treat. So I put it back.

    @leonadixon let us know how it goes

    @TeresaW1020 I hope you have a good trip.

    @Katmary71 wow that is quite an exercise list you have there!

    @raleighgirl09 hope you get some rest.

    @sunshineplace great loss
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    Super aggravated by my weight this week. I’ve had a stomach bug the past couple days so I haven’t been to the gym and definitely didn’t hit my step goal Thursday. I was down a few pounds and woke up this morning up 5 (EEEK) and I know it’s just my body trying to even itself back out but still disheartening.

    I’ve also been fighting off being lazy. It was hard to drag myself to the gym Wednesday afternoon bc I just want to sit at home and not doing anything. It’s easier to be lazy and fat :smiley: I know it’s a phase and I’ve been thru it before but I also know that if I stop now, I won’t keep going; been there too.

    But I’m back at work tonight and walking in place at my console. Thursday will be the only day I don’t hit my 10K this week. Now I have to focus on the hard part of this journey and that’s getting my eating under control.
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    Friday check in
    Steps 02/20 BIG FAT ZERO as I was without a Fitbit! And - it snowed. And I didn't do anything except go to work (but hey - did those 6 flights of stairs!!!) and go home to work a little late to try to catch up. Terrible movement day!

    Ho, hey!!! I got my extra Fitbit charger toDAY! Yay! @Katmary71 I was totally at a loss without it! Have had one since early July 2019! Left the charger at the coast, ordered the wrong one and was super sad, did an online shopping at the local Best Buy and went to get it today at lunch! Snow last night, no way was I going out for it (weenie ME!)

    Updated my habit tracker today - woe is me and no wonder I have gained weight - not doing what works and the evidence is in the lack of green check marks. Was glad to see many Slimpossibles are still tracking habits - some of our F2F family still are. It's Feb21 - I have 4 days of all habits tracked. I am changing some things for March, leaving out my usual wins and subbing in all of the ones I really need to work on. That will be the best picture of all.

    So next week is the crazy work week with all of the remote staff in town, lunch catered in every day and a party Wed night and Thur night - and beginning my drive to Florida Thursday night when I get home. Camping Fri-Mon and then several family stops along the way home. I am seriously considering only logging in my MFP notes starting next week and while away to maaaaaybe help me start eating according to hunger and wise choices. I also think if I approach it this way, I may be able to view it differently - more intentionally. On the trip, we don't have any crazy food or eating out planned so that is nice. Heaven only knows what I'll do but this is where my head is for it.

    I'll weigh in Thursday - still only the one day a week - is that good for me? I don't know, I don't think me stepping on the scale (or not) has anything to do with the struggle. I only hope I am not using it as a means to avoid bad news. But I did commit to February for weekly weighing versus daily so am trooping along.

    @Katmary71 awesome job at church -you had Someone on your side!! => And you....doing a great job!

    @TeresaW1020 I am in the best of company fo' sho' and I am quite sure we're both ready to be back on the GREEN side of things!! Have a great trip - been on many like that and always enjoyed them. =>

    @prowell57 awesome work on the smoking! I swear it is more tough than the food (at least it seemed to me) so give yourself a par on the back!

    @AustinRuadhain I signed up for the 5 day Tiny Habits - best tips and advice or thoughts? Your dedication is quite inspiring

    @bethanie0825 I hear you - it's tough, I'm on the struggle bus, too, and I hate the feeling that it's accelerating. One thing I noticed is that despite the struggle bus, you have been keeping the habit tracker up. And you are keeping your steps up despite some days of not feeling well. You keeping checking in here - you are definitely not checked out - I feel like you, we, can get back on track.

    Planned and Prelog 3 meals? no - just eating within calories
    Times? B 1130a, L 3p, D 7p
    Non-planned eating and thoughts? after dinner snacking. Yep, had many thoughts that I shouldn't do that.
    Hunger? neither here nor there, normal
    Exercise? a 2 mile walk in the frigid, snowy cold!! It's all I could stand!
    Sleep? 1030p-700a [log the morning after]
    Assessed the previous day / week / month?
  • bethanie0825
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    @raleighgirl09 We can def get back on track. I know that stopping is the wrong way to go about it so I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing B) I'm thinking about changing up my habit tracker too, I need to focus on my eating way more and plan meals instead of winging it.

    Step Challenge
    2/20 - 5073
    2/21 - 14023

  • Katmary71
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    @AustinRuadhain that looks like a great book!

    @TeresaW1020 have a wonderful weekend!

    @prowell57 heck yeah spring cleaning counts as exercise! I hit about half my steps today spring cleaning. People log it under cardio, I did once and it said I burned a decent amount!

    @its_cleo awesome discipline putting the cake back, it's even harder on little sleep!

    @bethanie0825 Be gentle on yourself, it sounds like you're still recovering. I'm impressed you only had one day under your step goal! You've got this! Wow, you killed it with steps today!

    @raleighgirl09 Have a wonderful time camping!
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