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    Calories- under
    Exercise- bike, core, yoga
    Water- over, not as much as with lemon water

    Weights 3xs a week- going tomorrow
    Cardio 30 minutes- done
    Core- done
    Yoga- done
    Decluttering/cleaning- did a lot today
    Recipe- well, I made salmon with a soy honey ginger glaze and when I went to thicken the glaze it instantly burned, thank goodness I didn't leave the room for the 5 minutes it's supposed to be on the stove!

    My family is all in Hawaii right now, I didn't go as I had a class scheduled but found out a couple weeks ago it was canceled. I'm in charge of my brother's cat and chicken and there's all kinds of food triggers there! If I could trust myself to have just one I'd have one of the Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, I used to buy those and eat 10 on the way home. Sometimes I miss the ignorance I had of calories!
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    Katmary71 wrote: »
    My family is all in Hawaii right now, I didn't go as I had a class scheduled but found out a couple weeks ago it was canceled. I'm in charge of my brother's cat and chicken and there's all kinds of food triggers there! If I could trust myself to have just one I'd have one of the Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, I used to buy those and eat 10 on the way home. Sometimes I miss the ignorance I had of calories!

    @Katmary71 Truth spoken.

    Doughnuts and Harry and David sitting around for the two days I was at the office this week. I didn't have any but I could literally smell the sugar as I approached the kitchen and break room area. It feels like work to not eat those things and it aggravates me to avoid temptation but find that the very next time - I am still tempted. When will I not be? Thinking never.
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    @raleighgirl09 We can def get back on track. I know that stopping is the wrong way to go about it so I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing B) I'm thinking about changing up my habit tracker too, I need to focus on my eating way more and plan meals instead of winging it.

    @bethanie0825 this is also an area that I could have done much better this week. I pre-planned and pre-cooked a few things early in the week but not much and didn't pre-log foods in MFP. My best days come with weekly food prep, daily (or even days ahead) pre-logging into MFP and making sure I have at least 10,000 steps every day. Not only because those help results along but it sets me up mentally for success without so many loop holes and unknowns.
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    Saturday check in - going to have the sweet granddaughter from this afternoon until late tonight, not sure I'll be logging back in

    I woke up and laid in bed thinking I was sad that I just mindlessly grabbed the bag of almonds to have on the couch while watching tv last night. Up to that point, it was a decent day, calorie wise. I thought about it and decided to weigh because I was still wondering if I was avoiding bad news knowing I have been struggling with the night eating for many of the past several days (and days). The scale was down. I'm not sad I went ahead and weighed and I feel like I can move forward today with better plans. Had I been up even more than Thursday - would I be sad I weighed? Would I have felt defeated rather than relieved, would I have felt doomed to repeat the mistakes? I don't want the scale and me stepping on it to be a THING but then again, if it's a tool that helps keep me in check - why would I get worked up about that?

    Slimpossibles - can I pick your brains on this? What are your weighing habits?

    How often do you weigh?
    Do you have an emotional response to the number (either up or down)?
    Do you think about weighing, the scales, the numbers, at random times during the day?
    Other scales/weighing thoughts to share?

    How often do you weigh? For Feb, once a week but previously it was daily, for several months
    Do you have an emotional response to the number (either up or down)? Yes - either way most of the time. I can feel very happy when it is lower and deflated when it is higher. Small fluctuations on the daily don't affect me much, but wide swings are where I tend to have more emotion about the number
    Do you think about weighing, the scales, the numbers, at random times during the day? Not when I weigh daily but the weekly has me thinking about it - to include "Well, I'm not weighing in for a few days so this (thing I'm about to eat) won't even register" Or something like that. Not sure I actually created a sentence for that moment before but it feels pretty accurate after typing and re-reading it.
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    Friday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- walked 1/4 mile, slow pace
    Water- under

    Carbs below 50 ✔️
    Drink 64 oz water ✖️
    Exercise 3 x weekly- 2/3
    Cut back on smoking- ✖️
    IF 12 hours ✔️

    Yesterday was a bad smoking day, smoked a lot more than what I wanted. I'm wondering if the patch will help? Still having trouble with getting my water in. I don't know why it's so hard for me to drink water, even with the flavor inhancers. So far doing good on my fasting 12 hours a day. I don't eat anything after 7ish, go to bed around 10-11 and by the time I wake up my 12 hours are over.

    I've been trying to catch up on reading all the posts this week. Sorry I haven't been responding just been one of those weeks!
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    @raleighgirl09 I am trying to weigh only three times a week- Wed, Fri, Sun. I absolutely have an emotional response- if my weight is down I think I can eat more. If it's up I feel giving up and eating more. So no win lol! This response gets worse the more frequently I weigh. Daily is terrible for me. 3 a week I can manage without being too reactive. I always weigh first thing when I wake up.

    @prowell57 I tried the patch 1 years ago, it was too much for me. It was super strong though you can cut it in half. I can't remember if I did or not. I quit cold turkey. That was the only thing that worked for me. I tried to quit several times cold turkey so it took a while. I tried cutting down slowly like you are doing. That never worked. Finally one day I quit cold turkey and it worked. I found a forum online for support and it really helped me. I was also scared straight as they say- my aunt had a heart attack in her 40s and even if it wasn't directly caused by smoking I realized I did not want that to be me.

    But the thing with smoking- everyone is different so what worked for me may not work for you. But keep trying. Also it is very hard to quit smoking and try to lose weight at the same time. I did gain weight but under 10 lbs I think. Not because I ate more/ate junk- your metabolism slows down. Although be aware cigarettes also suppress appetite a bit.

    @Katmary71 I always have that issue with salmon glazes.

    Here's a question- do people have a favourite cook book?

    My week
    My goals- exercise 7 x on track I just have to make it the gym this aft
    Wash my face every night- I think I just missed one night.
    Meditate/write each day- did not do this at all, but on the up side I was fairly grounded all week so I didn't really need to.
    Soft tissue/mobility work- 10 mins before each workout - most of the time I did this. I think I skipped it twice. I should probably do 20 mins but one step at a time.

    It is also the end of 1 month in my personal 3 month challenge. I'm very pleased I met my weekly calorie goal 3/4 weeks. I also have a goal around how much alcohol I drink and I came in a few drinks under my goal- this is huge for me, seriously. I think my weight has largely stayed the same but tomorrow is the official weigh in so we will see.

    Today- BASEBALL is back! Seriously I love baseball y'all. So this aft I'll watch part of a Jays spring training game and then go to the gym. Tomorrow getting together with friends for a drink.
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    Weigh in
    Week 3 - Feb 2020
    PW 252.6
    CW 252.2
  • digger61
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    Week 3
    PW 213
    CW 213
    Time to get back to work. Start tracking more
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    @its_cleo I had thought about quitting cold turkey but am afraid I'd turn to food in place of the cigarette. I know several ppl that tried Chantex to stop smoking but all of them got off the pills cause of vivid nightmares so I know that's not the route for me. I wish I was strong enough to just lay them down and walk away!
    @raleighgirl09 I used to weigh everyday then I had someone double dog dare me to only weigh once a week lol. Of course I had to accept the dare, guess it just became a habit for me to weigh once a week. When I weighed every day the scales would have a gain one day then down the next then back up again. I've learned that things we do on a daily basis can effect the number on the scale.. like eating to much salt would cause scales to go up or drinking to many fluids or TOM. But just weighing once a week I felt that I would get a more accurate reading. I'm not for sure if I have an emotional response to what the number on the scale shows. If it's down I'm happy with it and if it's up I just think about what I need to do different the next week, other than that I don't really think about it. I weigh first thing in the morning before I eat/drink anything and with no clothes on. That way I feel like what the scales are showing me is truly "just me" lol.
    @Katmary71 I know what you mean about food triggers. I face them on a daily basis. It's not always easy! I admire how you preplan your meals and know what you're going to be eating. I've tried that but just doesn't seem to work for me, either DH would decide he was hungry for a certain thing that I hadn't planned for or someone would eat an ingredient that I had bought for a specific recipe so I just gave up trying to preplan 🤷‍♀️.
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    Saturday check-in
    Feb 22, 2020
    Calories- under
    Exercise- 0
    Water- under

    Carbs under 50g ✔️
    Drink 64oz water ✖️
    Exercise 3 x weekly - 2/3
    IF 12 hours ✔️
    Cut back on smoking ✖️ (went over my goal of 1/2 pack a day by 3)
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    @prowell57 awesome about pants! I originally tried the patch when quit smoking and cut it in half as it was too strong. I found out I had to be off nicotine altogether for my surgeries so I had to go cold turkey. I tried Wellbutrin for nerve pain and ate less and only smoked 5 cigarettes while on it and usually smoked a pack. When I stopped it I went back to normal but also hadn't been trying to quit.

    @raleighgirl09 I weighed every morning after going to the bathroom for awhile until I hit a month plateau. After that I switched to once a week. I was ok weighing daily until I went up a few lbs and the scale didn't move for so long, then it was affecting my mood and I was really frustrated with eating so little and working out hard for "nothing". Weekly was a lot better. Now I don't weigh regularly, probably every 1-2 weeks.
  • Katmary71
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    Saturday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- stair treadmill, weights, core, yoga
    Water- over, I'm liking ginger water!

    Weights 3xs a week- done
    Cardio 30 minutes- done
    Core/strength- done
    Yoga- done
    Decluttering- think I finished last magazine stack
    Recipe- going with salmon last night

    I'm done cat sitting and never had a peanut butter cup! Debated on eating at church but ended up serving people after cooking so it would've been cold. I tried a piece of brownie I was serving and stopped at that, I normally would've eaten a whole one even if it wasn't worth the calories!

    I've managed to stay between 12,000 and 20,000 steps so far. I've been walking around the house before coffee to start the day with 1000. A few months ago I caught an episode of Dr. Phil at the gym and a woman obsessed with steps and calories was being introduced. She refused to stop walking to eat. I'm nowhere near that bad but can see how that could develop for a person.
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    Username: davors19
    Weigh-in week: Week 3
    Weigh-in day: Fri
    Previous Weight: 285
    Todays Weight: 285
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    Weigh in
    Week 4 - Feb 2020
    PW 162.4 (73.7kg)
    CW 159.6 (72.4kg)

    Wow I lost some weight after gaining last week. I ate bread everyday but just one portion and dinner i had lots of veg broccoli. I still snacked but then didn't eat a big meal. Maybe that's why I've lost.

    GOALS next week
    1. Eat less chocolate snacks and biscuits
    2. Eat more chicken or meat protein
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    Friday Weigh In
    Week 3
    Previous Weight: 339.0lbs
    Current Weight: 337.0lbs

    Better week this week. On another trip this upcoming week.
    For the captains, I would like to change my weigh in day to Saturday going forward.

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    check in

    PW: 158.4

    Happy with that. It looks like a lot but it really spiked up last week bc of what I was eating. Nevertheless my weight hasn't been this low since Dec 1. So I'm pretty pleased.

    @Katmary71 good for you with the brownies.

    Going to the pub later with friends. I'll have a late lunch and may take a sandwich with me in case I get hungry. I set a drink limit and I think it's within my calories if I don't eat a lot of extra snacks today. Hopefully it works out.

    One bummer is my tendonitis that won't go away. I tried some simple movements with a 1 lb weight yesterday. Could not do it painfree. Disappointed. But not much I can do.

    Stairs today looking forward to it- 9 activities this week

    trainerx2 (this is upper and lower body strength training)
    one extra upper body workout
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    As a whole we lost 12.1 pounds or 0.04%!!


    1st Weight No More. .31%
    2nd Mission Slimpossibles 0.12%
    3rd Trimstones 0.01%

    1st Weight No More 15.3Lbs
    2nd Mission Slimpossibles 6.4 Lbs
    3rd Trimstones 0.5 Lbs

    1st @Emmajhare 3.39%
    2nd @GingerPwr 2.36%
    3rd @kayla7303 2.05%

    1st @Emmajhare 6.2 Lbs
    2nd @Motiv8tedMom 4.0 Lbs
    3rd @kayla7303 3.8Lbs
    3rd @CassieGetsFit2013 3.8 Lbs



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    Weigh-in week 3
    Sunday Feb 23, 2002
    PW- 195.6
    CW- 194.0
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    Hello Fat2Fit team members!! We have one week left to finish February strong! So dig deep and work to keep yourself and your teammates in the GREEN!! Be encouraging and supportive! Be your own best cheerleader and strive to be each other's biggest cheerleaders.


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