• Cornanda
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    2/23 steps: 15,064
  • Jactop
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    Week 4
    Today's weight: 210
  • AustinRuadhain
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    Monday Check-in
    Calories: under; all good, on-plan choices
    Exercise: resistance training (26 min); martial arts 87 min; plus some pretty vigorous house cleaning (woohoo!)
    Water: on track
    Habit Tracking
    - Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    - Meditation (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    - M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    - Exercise (6 x week/45+ min) ✔️
    - Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily) ✔️

    Goals and Improvements for Tomorrow (Tuesday)
    -- Meditation (daily 2+ min)
    -- Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min)
    -- M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min)
    -- Exercise (6 x week/45+ min)
    -- Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily)
    - Work on the To Do List, including at least 2 minutes of cleaning my desk and making my office a great place to work.
  • AustinRuadhain
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    @Cornanda - What a great stepping day! 👣 🌟
    Thank you so much for your great perspective on all the little things that can add up to variations in blood pressure. 👍🏽

    @Katmary71 - SO sorry your BP number is not cooperating. 👐 Hang in there, and keep experimenting to find what works for your body.

    @raleighgirl09 - 👐Big hugs👐 on the rough day. Congratulations on keeping overall calories under control, even though the chocolate and almond snack was not on your plan for the day.

    @TeraBbreakingFree - 👐 Aww! SO sorry you had a tough week. I hope you and your kiddos feel better soon.
    👍🏽 Hurray for the great weigh-in! I hope all/most stays off once you recover from being ill.

    @nbbaby -- Woohoo! Great weigh-in! ✨🌟👍🏽

    @wrknonmedaily - I hope this is a better week for you! 👐
  • prowell57
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    Monday check-in
    Calories- under
    Water- under
    Exercise- 0

    Carbs below 50g ✔️
    64 oz water- ✖️
    Exercise 3x weekly- 0/3
    Fast 12 hours ✔️
    Cut smoking back to 1/2 pack- ✔️
  • Katmary71
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    @Cornanda thank you for your support! I'm sorry you're dealing with blood pressure issues too, it's frustrating! Of course whenever I think about it I get mad which isn't good. I caught myself at the gym when doing my deep breathing exercises between sets thinking how this mindfulness stuff is a bunch of crap since it and yoga should mellow me out but of course negativity isn't going to make anything better! Awesome steps!

    @raleighgirl09 sorry to hear about the stressful night, your chocolate and almonds would've called me too!

    @prowell57 yay, great carbs, fasting, and amazing job on cutting back to half a pack!

  • Katmary71
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    Monday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- stair treadmill, weights, strength, yoga
    Water- over

    Weights 3xs a week- 1 down
    Cardio- done
    Strength- done
    Yoga- done
    Decluttering- actually filled 5 bags with books to get rid of and haven't read them all, as a bookworm it's painful to part with them but am still keeping way more than I'll likely read/reread.
    Recipe- still going with soy ginger salmon

  • TeresaW1020
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  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member

    The Slimpossibles Step Challenge Is Going High(er) Tech! We are going to try migrating the weekly Steps Challenge to a new platform that we think will make it easier to participate and easier to manage starting in March. Yay!

    Steppers, Get Set up Now for the March Challenge!

    If you might be interested in the weekly Slimpossibles Step Challenges in March, please go ahead and get set up.

    The spreadsheet is still how step challengers are tracking steps through the end of February.

    To Figure This Out As You Go, see this link:
    Follow directions to set up a FitRockr profile, connect your fitness tracker and then join the Slimpossibles Weekly Step Challenge.

    For Step-by-Step Help:
    GO to https://www.fitrockr.com/
    SELECT Sign Up
    - You'll be asked for your email address (optional newsletter) and you'll need to choose a password.
    - Your next step will be to connect your tracking device to the FitRockr platform. Supported devices include Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, Nokia/Withings, and Android/Apple Phone.
    COMPLETE your Profile Data. You can set your First Name and Last Name to be something close to your MFP name if you like.
    NOTE: FitRockr asks for your Gender, Year of Birth, Height and Weight in order to calculate fitness-related Points. You need not enter correct data if this makes you uncomfortable, but know that they don't share that data with other people. Only your profile picture, first and last name are shared with other FitRockr users. All other data is private and is only visible to you.

    JOIN the Slimpossibles Weekly Step Challenge by going here (you'll need to log in or be logged in to FitRockr):
    If all went well, you will see the message "Congrats! You just joined the following league: Slimpossibles Weekly Step Challenge"
    SELECT Enter to see your ranking in this week's challenge.

    Once You Are Set Up
    Going forward, you can view the Slimpossibles Step Challenge league at any time using this link:

    There is also a Fitrocr app available for iPhone and Android that you can get on your phone so you can keep up with the challenge wherever you are!

    Your steps will be tracked automatically when you sync your fitness tracker.
    You will not need to do anything to be entered in the next week's Slimpossibles Step Challenge.
    Easy peasy! :)

  • wwood008
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    Weigh in week 4 (I believe)
    Username: wwood008
    Weigh in day: Tuesday
    Previous weight: 152
    Current weight: 150.3

    The entire month of February was a wash for me between sickness and hospital stays. Starting to lose some of what I gained while in the hospital but not back to where I was at the end of last month. I’m coming at March with full force! 💪
  • AustinRuadhain
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    @wwood008 - Great weigh-in! And, yeah, you will totally get there. It sounds like you just keep moving forward as much as you can while taking care of your health -- SO great! 💪

    @Jactop , @bethanie0825 and @Cornanda -- Congratulations on being this week's Champion Steppers! 👣 🌟

    @TeresaW1020 - Woohoo! Thanks for posting a reminder about the Slimpossibles Step Challenge! 👣👣👣
    Calling all steppers -- sign up TODAY to be in the Step Challenge! March is *gasp* just a week away!
    Follow directions to set up a FitRockr profile, connect your fitness tracker and then join the Slimpossibles Weekly Step Challenge.

    @Katmary71 - Cardio, strength, weights AND decluttering! What a great day! 💪
  • TeresaW1020
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    2/25 Accountability (Habit Tracker)
    Track Every Bite-I sure did
    NO gain on the scale- The scale was down a little but still wayyyy up from my weekend :#
    Workout or 7500 steps- I did an upper bodyweight program and 25 minute treadmill walk
    IF (17+ hrs)- 18 hrs. 39 min.
    Thoughts for the day- Well today I opened a new chapter in my weight loss journey. Or perhaps I should say that I went back to a chapter that I have already done. I signed up this morning to do Weight Watchers online. I had been thinking about it for a long time and decided to give it another try for several reasons. The first being that I missed the structure of having a plan that simply counting calories wasn’t doing for me. WW helped me lose 50 lbs and if I really need my weight to start moving in the right direction again. So, that is what I did and I’m really hoping that along with my IF, workouts, and learning better habits I will finally get me to my goal weight. :)
  • sunshineplace
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    Checking in. Still so busy I want to scream but whatever. 🙄 On the positive note I’m feeling so much better and getting my energy back after having two stomach viruses two weeks apart. You would think that I would have lost a bunch of weight being ill....not this girl. Only I can put on weight with a stomach virus! Lol

    On another positive note I was able to join the challenge on Fitrockr. I did have to update my iOS in order for it to work. Maybe just maybe, March will be my month to get it together!
  • prowell57
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    Tuesday check-in
    Calories- under
    Water- over
    Exercise- 0

    Carbs below 50- ✔️
    Drink 64 oz water- ✔️
    Exercise 3 x weekly- 0/3
    Fast 12 hrs- ✔️
    Cut back on smoking to 1/2 pack- ✔️
  • prowell57
    prowell57 Posts: 140 Member
    I just can't seem to get motivated to start working out, urg!! I know I need to but having a rough time getting started.
    @wwood008 awesome weigh-in!
    @Katmary71 you remind me of my DH, he's a bookworm also. He has tons of books!! He went on a day out with his sister not long ago and came home with a new book. I just had to laugh at him cause there's so many he hasn't read yet 📚.
    @TeresaW1020 good luck on WW. I did it years ago. I still have the calculator that figures out how many points is in a food and a set of their cooking ladles where the largest one holds 1 cup, next size holds 1/2 cup, etc.. I use them all the time, it keeps me from messing up measuring cups lol. I see commercials on TV, looks like they changed how they do things now. Should be fun.
    @sunshineplace I'm glad you were able to get things straightened out with Fitrockr. Are you going to use your phone to track your steps? I was thinking about doing that but I don't always carry my phone around with me, especially when I'm at home.
  • Katmary71
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    Congratulations top steppers, I'm impressed! It's funny all the little things you change to get more steps, like park super far and bring one bag in at a time from the car or using the bedroom bathroom. I've started "earning" my coffee by walking around to music to start the day above 1000!

    @TeresaW1020 You'll have to let us know how WW goes. I tried it as a teen but didn't last too long but I definitely wasn't in the right headspace plus felt out-of-place at meetings. I'm on the Facebook Skinnytaste recipe group and a lot of people use both successfully. I think the blog Kayln's Kitchen has recipes with points included too.

    @wwood008 I hope you're doing better, here's to a great March! Good loss!

    @sunshineplace So glad you're feeling better! Glad Fitrockr worked out, I think I'm going to join you all next week!

    @prowell57 Great day on your habits! My biggest book problem is my mom, she reads a book a day and we read a lot of the same authors then loans them to me. I'm lucky to get them but I take a few back and come home with more! I'm trying to pass on unknown authors at least! I was on a roll bagging up books until I hit my hardbacks, all those I definitely want to reread!

  • sunshineplace
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    @prowell57 I hear you on the working out thing. I have never been consistent with that apart from a few times in my life. Glad Fitrockr worked out as I am hoping that will be a little more motivation. I have a Fitbit that I use to track steps. I highly recommend getting one.

    @Katmary71 I love to read too and that is an activity I am building back into my busy schedule. I’m a slow reader (unlike your mom!) because it also makes me sleepy. Lol I recently did a book purge. It was tough but needed to be done. Have you heard of Book Bub? If not you need to check it out if you are willing to read ebooks.
  • bethanie0825
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    Week 4 Weigh In
    Username- bethanie0825
    Day - Tuesday
    Current - 233.4

    Step update when I get to work tonight 🙂
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