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    Thursday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- stair treadmill, weights, yoga, core, lots of walking
    Water- over

    Weights 3xs a week- day 2 done
    Cardio- done
    Core- done
    Yoga- done
    Decluttering/cleaning- put a few cookbooks in a donate bag and did some bathroom scrubbing
    Recipe- the chicken chickpea stew

    I turned into the mad stepper today, my Fitbit kept egging me on to get my next badge so I walked in place for 2 hours watching TV and reading though my usual goal is to hit 10,000 and I was way over that by the time I left the gym. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Fitrockr, someone's comment in the forums has me questioning using it on the bike so I don't want to do anything that's cheating or unfair including to myself. I'll have to figure out how to log it under biking instead of letting it be tracked as steps.
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    Weigh in week:  Week 4
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous Weight: 210.2
    Todays Weight: 210.0

    Well, considering how much I gained on my weekend trip last week, I'll take it! ;)
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    @TeresaW1020 I hadn't logged into Fitrockr since last week and it hadn't synced my steps for 3 days. I had to force it to update my steps and it hasn't updated on it's own since then. Other people in our league already, some of their steps have updated since the 24th. Do we have to go in and make sure it's updating regularly?

    I had that problem on my mobile app for Fitrockr but I signed in on the website and in the desktop version there is an option to retrieve the data or something like that.

    I thought it was automatic but I'll keep an eye on it

    It is supposed to be but doesn’t sync on my mobile app for some reason. My iOS is up to date so it isn’t that. And I can’t force a sync to happen because on the mobile app there is no “Fetch Data” like there is on the desktop version. I am just going to continue access it through the website and delete the app. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    @AustinRuadhain thank you for trying to help. I had found all that information but nothing I found worked other than just going through the website. It won’t allow me to edit my profile on the mobile app either. 🙄 Instead if getting frustrated I’m just going to do what works for me. Same results in the end.
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    2/27: 13,520

    Yay! I'm all signed up for Fitrockr. I'm excited about all the new stats. Way to go @TeresaW1020
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    @sunshineplace - Thanks for this lovely bit of wisdom for the day!
    Instead if getting frustrated I’m just going to do what works for me.
    This, as I think about it, TOTALLY APPLIES to all our health and fitness work. I can argue with what works for me, or I can just GET HAPPY that something works for me, and do it!

    @TeresaW1020 - Congratulations on the great weigh-in!

    @Katmary71 - Hmm. We'll trust you to figure out something that works as far as the tracker.
    FYI -- long-term, we might think about making this a general exercise challenge, and so look at a challenge based on FitRockr Points,* which is a general calculation of activity level. (I would be very excited about that, as lots of my exercise does not generate steps!)
    * What are FitRockr points?
    Points express your activity level independent of steps or distance!

    Fitrockr will automatically calculate Activity Points based on your activity level and personal attributes such as gender, age, height and weight. This makes all activity and sport types independent of steps or distance and allows you to compete with other users independent of their preferred type of sport. Because 500 steps from a 70 year old overweight is more worth than from a 20 year old in perfect shape.

    Mathematically spoken, based on your personal condition, you are burning a specific amount of calories each day without doing anything. Every additional 10 calories will earn you 1 Fitrockr Activity Point.

    @raleighgirl09 - Congratulations on the great weigh-in!
    And thank you so much for checking in from the road, and thanks for that quick snapshot of the fleabag motel in SC. Made me happy. I have lived in the country as well as the city, and love both!
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    Hi Mission Slimpossibles!!

    March team chat is now open. Please feel free to use the link below and introduce yourself.

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    edited February 2020

    Hurray for Our February Step Challengers! Slimpossibles Steppers for February have been: @Bethanie0825 , @Cornada , @gwamajtw91 , @Jactop , @Kpaige428 , @leonadixon , @mlhopp93 , @rachelleashsmom , @Raleighgirl09 , @TeraBbreakingFree and @TeresaW1020 ! However many steps you got in, hopefully the challenge has helped/is helping nudge you to take more steps toward your health and fitness goals, so hurray!

    Getting Current Steppers Set Up for March! Many of our February Step Challengers have signed up on FitRockr for the March Step Challenge! We are not sure about the status of everyone, since MFP handles and names on FitRockr can differ.

    Current Step Challengers we don't think are signed up on FitRockr:
    @Cornada , @gwamajtw91 , @Kpaige428 , @rachelleashsmom and @TeraBbreakingFree -- If you guys are signed up on the FitRockr Slimpossibles team, we don't have your MFP name and FitRockr name matched up. Just message me or TeresaW1020 and let us know if you are signed up and we haven't identified you.

    Mystery Person on FitRockr -- Ann P.
    There's an "Ann P" signed up on FitRockr. Ann P, can you message me to let me know your MFP handle? Or, if you prefer, change your FitRockr handle to match MFP? Don't want to pry, but do want to post weekly winners here in our March conversation thread once the new challenge kicks off! (And, hey, you are rocking an awesome number of steps this week!)

    Want to Join the Step Challenge for March? Whether or not you were a stepper in February, you are welcome to join the March challenge! If you have a fitness tracker and want to play, sign up on FitRockr:
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    Username: leonadixon
    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    PW (1/29): 196.6
    Check in weight (2/8): 198.6
    Check in weight (2/13): 198.2
    Check in weight (2/19): 198.2
    Check in weight (2/28): 199.2

    I saw the doctor today, and she is going to treat me for diverticulitis. I'm a little wary of that diagnosis for my pain, but I will take the antibiotics and hope for the best! Dad is doing much better today as is mom. Unfortunately, I caught mom's cold now. All I can do is laugh! Just what a week! LOL
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    @leonadixon, I am so very sorry about your father and that you now have a cold! Don’t worry about the scale. Just take care of yourself and your family. The weight will come off! <3

    @bethanie0825, as @sunshineplace said there is a “Fetch Data” on your dashboard but I can only access it on the website on my desktop. I can’t find it either on the app. I hope that helps! :)

    @Katmary71, I think that riding a bike is exercise and should totally count toward your steps. When I used to ride my recumbent bike I would tuck my Fitbit in my sock so the steps would count. :D Walking in place for 2 hours is amazing! You are a Rockstar! B)

    @Jactop, yayyyy for signing up for Fitrockr!! :)

    @AustinRuadhain, I am NOT opposed to us doing a general exercise challenge over just a step challenge. Since I do the Beachbody workouts I don’t get near the steps that I used to walking on my treadmill. Something to consider for sure! ;)

    Hey Team!! I’m about to go pack and get ready to head out tomorrow morning for Florida to move my mom up to live me and my DH. I won’t be back on until at least Tuesday, so take care of each other and if you have any issues please reach out to @AustinRuadhain who has graciously agreed to hold down the fort. I am so thankful for all our moderators and for all of you!! <3


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    On February 29th, be sure to go answer the final question on the Leaping Groundhogs Challenge!
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    @leonadixon I hope the treatment goes well for you. I'm glad your parents are doing better!

  • Katmary71
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    Well, I didn't use my wrap with Fitbit on my leg for my bike today and just wore it on my wrist, it logged a ton of calories it wasn't logging having it on my ankle, it says I burned a pound today which can't be right! Back between 10-15,000 steps today and if I went by how sore my legs were from yesterday I wouldn't have half that, doing 30,000 yesterday was insane and I don't expect to hit it ever again unless I'm hiking all day! I need to figure out how to at least log it on my watch under bicycling but the only time I find that option is on accident! Stair treadmill can be steps but it really irritates me when I says I've only climbed one flight of stairs for the day when I've "climbed" for my cardio. Perhaps because technically the step comes to you instead of your body physically going up a flight of stairs? I keep getting credit for doing the elliptical and I haven't done it in a few weeks! Despite all this I'm really glad I got it!

    Calories- under
    Exercise- bike, strength, yoga, walking
    Water- over

    Weights 3xs a week- will be three tomorrow
    Cardio 30 minutes- done
    Strength- done, I planked for 6 minutes and didn't fall over doing lunges but it was close!
    Yoga- done
    Decluttering/Cleaning- did a little cookbook weeding and about an hour's worth of cleaning
    Recipe- Middle Eastern chicken and chickpea stew, had the last serving tonight with the maple soy brussel sprouts recipe. Got a rotisserie chicken at Costco so that's dinner for a few nights.
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    Friday/Saturday Weigh In
    Week 4
    Previous Weight: 337.0lbs
    Current Weight: 337.0lbs
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    Good morning, Slimpossibles!

    @mlhopp93 - 😀 Great job maintaining this week!
    Also, hurray for being one of our steppers! I hope you are having a good steps week!

    This comment of yours caught my eye, and I had to laugh!
    Got a rotisserie chicken at Costco so that's dinner for a few nights.
    I have a teenage son. This would NOT be true at our house! One chicken wouldn't last nearly that long! 🤣😹
    I am glad the tracker is being fun, even if it doesn't always get the count or activity right. Even having it and paying attention is helpful!

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    Happy Saturday Slimpossibles!
    You will have a new member joining you for March. @gharvey2753 will be heading for the March chat page, so please make them welcome - enjoy!
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    Happy Leap Day 2020!

    Hey, guys, please join in the Moderator's Leap Day Challenge!
    jugar wrote: »
    Day 28 - February 29th. Well, it is time for the Leap Day question. Leap day is traditionally a time to be bold. The day of the red petticoats, the decisive action, the wild leap. What really brave thing have you done this month? What really brave thing do you need to do soon? Answer both if you dare!

    As we close out February, maybe take a minute to think about all the places in life that you have pushed the boat out this month!

    Share and inspire -- yourself and the rest of us
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    Hey Slimpossibles!

    Be sure to visit our new March conversation thread! The conversation over there has started, including welcoming our newest member @gharvey2753 !

    Use MFP's Bookmark feature to make it easy to find and visit this month's team thread!

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    Feb week 4
    PW 213
    CW 212
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    This chat thread will now be closed! Go to the March chat - it is March :heart:

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