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Walking in the weather



  • Siberian2590Siberian2590 Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    Snow I can take (I lived in Denver for a couple of years and ran every day; I loved running in the snow.) way.
  • hmhill17hmhill17 Posts: 235Member Member Posts: 235Member Member
    For the naysayers, I ran in the rain again today and watched cars edge towards me as they came close and then move back to the middle of their lane after they went past on multiple occasions.
    Running in the snow when it was really just tiny pieces of ice kind of hurt the other day. But at least no wet feet.
  • stefgreen72stefgreen72 Posts: 90Member Member Posts: 90Member Member
    I live in such a rural area in the sticks and hills of TN that the closest gym is an hour away so I either have to go outside or do a workout video. I push myself to walk in the cold and funny thing is it’s really not that bad once the blood gets to pumping. I bought some velour lined thermals to wear under my clothes and they are a life saver!!
  • katshearekatsheare Posts: 1,014Member Member Posts: 1,014Member Member
    noelkro80 wrote: »
    noelkro80 wrote: »
    I live in England & the weather is terrible for about 90% of the year! Lol
    I walk 60 minutes a day though no matter the weather to & from work plus the added bonus of saving money on not having to put petrol in my car! Win win

    Ah c'mon it's not that bad, at least we get nice Spring & Autumn days and a relatively good Summer (and I say that as someone from the (real) North), I live in Ireland now and Summer genuinely lasts about a week.

    Ok ok probably a slight exaggeration on the weather it’s probably 89% bad then 😆

    Where is the 'LOL' response.

    But you're not wrong...
  • gothchiqgothchiq Posts: 4,426Member Member Posts: 4,426Member Member
    Uff da! Yr more hardcore than me. If it's raining, I'll just lift indoors!
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