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Getting angry now ...

Peamer1Peamer1 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Why does mfp make you dig for answers to questions regarding problems and errors?
Yesterday, the "nutrients" portion of the app stopped working.
There is garbage text splashed all over page; amounts are repeated numbers in the trillions category.
What's up?
Why isn't there a READILY AVAILABLE, EASY TO FIND notification page about systemic problems?
I have to believe this isn't just about my app, because I deleted and reloaded twice, and problem didn't resolve.
Why is it we pay a fee for a product, but there really is no product support?
Do the people who sell this app and (theoretically) support it, have any idea that there are a large number of us who are dedicated users and rely heavily on information in this app?
I've been a continuous daily user for some 4 years (and prior to that I was a heavy, but intermittent, user).
Do you even know who your users are?
The whole "search for a topic" to see if someones discussed it in the past is ridiculous.
Does UA realize that a large percentage of people who enter a "response" say something like "I don't know ... let me know if you find out"!!!
Or, the topic may be found, but it's years old.
Or the topic may be found, but it's not on target for your problem with the mentioned topic.
Will a human being please contact me at [email address removed] and tell me what to do about the broken nutrients page ... or at least give us a status update if it is, indeed, a systemic problem???

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