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Recipe disappearing while entering?

eat_hike_b33reat_hike_b33r Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
I keep entering recipes on my computer and then when I hit save the whole recipe disappears or even sometimes just when I enter an ingredient everything is gone except the ingredient I am entering...

I can use my phone but I find it harder to find reliable ingredients on there to make the recipes (harder to verify they are legit entries)... (not to mention would love to be able to add my own foods to recipes - and also save entries I like - eg. everytime I search for avocado, I would like to see the same one, or to be able to delete from my view all the crap ones... ugh).

Just getting so frustrated with this program - I just came back to it after an absence and it seems to have really gone downhill.

I know some people use my meals but I tried that also and it glitched out on me too - and don't want to have to search two places for a recipe.

I think I heard the other day that UA bought this program for half a billion USD so wondering why buy it and let it go to ... ? Just waiting for someone to come along and make a better program....

Anyways - wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


  • edithgruberedithgruber Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I have a similar problem when I want to edit food macros before adding to my diary. Some macro information is outdated because the recipe has been changed.

    A lot foods don't have the sodium content or people don't convert from salt to sodium so it's way too high. When entering sodium, divide salt content in mg by 2.5. 1 g salt is 1000 mg, so that would be 400 mg sodium.

    Since I'm monitoring my sodium intake, I want to get an accurate idea of that. So when I edit a food item, I can't add the corrected version to my diary. When I look for it in the database, it's disappeared. So I take the next one (quite often, there are 2-4 of the same thing), find the same mistake, correct it, it disappears. In the end, I have nothing to add to my diary. Using the food database is really onerous so I can understand why people give up on it.
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