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Paid for Premium feature not working - DONT track exercise calories!

glenfmooseglenfmoose Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Hi all,
I’ve been using MFP as a Premium member for 6 months now. I link with my Fitbit because I like to see in both apps calorie and exercise data in one place. Generally all this works well.
However, I’m experiencing a very frustrating bug with one feature that I pay for.
I deliberately turn off the “Increase my daily goal” toggle under the Premium features Exercise Calorie Settings. I think the calorie adjustment is unrealistic in reality so prefer it not to mess around with my weekly progress to goal chart.

Every 4 weeks or so when I go to log my food diary I suddenly notice it has toggled back to on. And in doing so it screws up my weekly calorie to goal view.
Even if I immediately toggle back to switch it off, my weekly view will not change back.
It happens completely on its own seemingly around a monthly cycle.
Anybody else experiencing this?
Why is this?
Why get me to pay for a feature that changes without my input?
Why should I pay for something that doesn’t work?!

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