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Losing weight - Starting again after a lifetime of trying.

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Hello to everyone that is reading this,

Throughout my rememberable life (I'm 29), I've never been confident in my body and I have had multiple attempts of trying to lose weight. I've been extremely successful in the past and was able to take myself from 300lbs on the dot down to 201.5lbs. At the weight of 201.5lbs I was (for the most) extremely happy with my progress and was at a healthy weight (I'm 6 ft 4).
There has been many up and downs in my weight in my life, and without going into how many times I shot back up and dropped weight again I have made a promise to myself I will no longer do this and will do something and stick to it.
I started this year the same as the most of us with a resolution to lose weight.
I didn't start this journey until the 10th of January as I wanted all the Christmas food out the house (classic excuse I know aha).

The progress I've made so far I will paste below, but a quick insight to what I'm doing may help with understanding how I got here, as writing this is as much of a reminder to carry on myself as I hope to be a help to others.

I (since the 10th of January this year) began to try intermittent fasting, I told myself I would try it for the first week to get myself on track, however, after the first week and having a rest day from it I realised for my body fasting is the way to go. I felt so much better even after a week and found myself happier and sleeping better. I fast between 3pm and the following 7am which is 16 hours of fasting. I work 7am to 3pm so I know when I get to work and have breakfast and lunch thats it for the day and I go home and have water throughout the evening.
This was very hard first of all but I haven't slipped up once other than a rest day here and there when I go out for dinner. Now however I no longer feel hungry in the evenings and when I do have calorific foods my body tells me I shouldn't aha.

I still make sure I have the MyFitnessPal recommended calories during that 8 hour feeding window which is 1900kcal and I keep an eye on fat and sugar levels in the food I eat.

I will continue fasting until I reach my target but on the 10th January to now this is my progress....

Start - 10th Jan - 292.6lbs

1 - 17th Jan - 287.2lbs - Lost 5.4lbs
2 - 24th Jan - 280.8lbs - Lost 6.4lbs
3 - 31st Jan - 279.2lbs - Lost 1.6lbs
4 - 7th Feb - 273.6lbs - Lost 5.6lbs
5 - 14th Feb - 272.4lbs - Lost 1.2lbs

Total so far - 20.2lbs

onwards and DOWNWARDS



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