Disgusted, depressed and discouraged...



  • ladyzherra
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    Oh my goodness. It sounds like this situation could easily feel like your own personal hell, having kept weight at bay through being very cardio-oriented and then having to be more still as your body heals from injury and joint issues. It does force your to have to reexamine who you are -- my guess is that this goes really deep, especially as you begin to gain weight and see and feel your body change. After so long thinking of yourself as a certain way, that way suddenly changes almost completely. I am sending you some self-loving vibes, because this must feel like quite a jolt. Just keep in mind that it's OK to feel that way, and it may take some time to reorient yourself to a body that feels new and different. But there is no reasont that you can't LOVE that new body and learn how to work it. It will just take time. Time, that great nemesis!