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Less Alcohol - MARCH 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • WomonaWomona Posts: 522Member Member Posts: 522Member Member
    @MissMay Hugs to you, this must be so tough to have a thriving business grind to a halt. Hopefully we can get through this relatively quickly and have it all start up again. Stay strong, we are all pulling for you.
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Posts: 268Member Member Posts: 268Member Member
    25 AF days/27 days. Hitting the hiking trails shortly....time to make this a good weekend....
  • MissMayMissMay Posts: 1,414Member Member Posts: 1,414Member Member
    Good morning everyone.
    I have created our April thread
    Here is the link
    edited March 29
  • MissMayMissMay Posts: 1,414Member Member Posts: 1,414Member Member
    Hello and a big wave to @mainelylisa it is so great to see you again. We have missed you.
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Posts: 1,712Member Member Posts: 1,712Member Member
    As usual, I am going to try for 16-20 AF days for the month.
    I had 18 AF days for January
    I had a surprising (and record setting for me) 21AF days for the short month of February!

    Sunday March 01 - AF - The month kind of came in like a lamb out West.
    Monday March 02 - AF -
    Tuesday March 03 - AF - It is my designated drink day, and I felt like having drinks but decided not to today.
    Wednesday March 04 - AF
    Thursday March 05 - 3 drinks
    Friday March 06 - AF - Felt like having a few drinks, but didn't because of my recent 2AF days in a row rule.
    Saturday March 07 - 3 drinks
    Sunday March 08 - AF
    Monday March 09 - AF - Going to be AF for at least a few days, I have lots going on this week.
    Tuesday March 10 - AF - Stressful work day, my usual drinks day, maybe later in the week.
    Wednesday March 11 - AF - Early morning tomorrow, so no drinks tonight.
    Thursday March 12 - AF -
    Friday March 13 - 3 drinks
    Saturday March 14 - AF.
    Sunday March 15 - Drinks.
    Monday March 16 - AF
    Tuesday March 17 - 2 drinks.
    Wednesday March 18 - 3 drinks - my post is getting a bit long, I will delete some of it...
    Thursday March 19 - 3 drinks. I was just being self-indulgent. Time to rack up more AF days soon.
    Friday March 20 - 3 drinks. Self indulgence continues.
    Saturday March 21 - 3 drinks. Just about ready to get back on the AF bandwagon although I am not sure really why. At least for a couple of days.
    Sunday March 22- AF - Glad to have a motivator to make me AF for at least a couple of days - I have a telephone job interview Tuesday morning at 7am, so I want to be as fresh as possible. Not a great paying job, but there are benefits and stock options which is more important to me at this stage. Garden Centre for Home Depot here in town. Inching toward that 16-20 AF days for the month.
    Monday March 23 - AF - Lots of fresh air today, early to bed and getting up very early to be awake and functioning for my 7am telephone interview (thinking that it must be someone in the East to whom that is 9am). I will Zumba first to get some oxygen to my brain : - )
    Tuesday March 24 - 3 drinks, hours ago. I was up at 4am to prepare for the phone interview. It went great. So many posts here that have touched my heart.
    Wednesday March 25 - AF - Really felt like having drinks, but need to get back to that spacing of at least 2 days AF in between.
    Thursday March 26 - AF - Slid to that 16th day somehow. 5 drinks days in a row this month, I haven't done that in so long. These are not normal times, I have definitely cut myself some slack.
    Friday March 27 - 3 drinks - Not planned.
    Saturday March 28 - AF - That was not easy.
    Sunday March 29 - 2 1/2 drinks (last half is in the freezer lol). Again not planned, and missed my 2 AF in a row. AF tomorrow for sure!

    17 AF days out of 29 days
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Posts: 268Member Member Posts: 268Member Member
    27 AF days/29 days. I start the day by counting my blessings and appreciating the people in my life and things that really matter.
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