Lose 5lbs + in March 2020



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    Back again!
    March 1 starting weight 164
    Goal Weight 134

    Mar 1 - 164
    Mar 8 - 162
    Mar 15 162
    Mar 22 160
    Mar 29 160

    Sigh. Too much kid food overflow. Will try for 5 lbs in April!
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    April’s challenge will be up by the end of the day guys

    Sorry it’s going to be a bit late minute, things are a bit hectic right now

    Hope everyone’s keeping safe and staying indoors as much as possible x
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    @SamanthaLouiseMence, Thanks Samantha.❤ No problem, whenever you get to it. We can certainly carry on with this thread. What is important now for everyone is attention to your family and trying your best to keep yourself healthy.
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    Female named Donna - 59 years young - 5’ 5 ½” - Midwest USA



    Highest weight ever (2014/2015): 253
    Original starting weight for this current journey : (1-11-2018) 235.0
    March starting weight – 199.8
    March goal - 194.8
    March Actual End Weight: 203.5


    Mar 01 – ….. 199.8….. My new Overweight. I will not accept this and will be taking immediate ACTION!!!!! Good Luck Everyone!

    Mar 07 – ….. 200.1….. Okay, so I was up even more and am working my way back down. Temptations are getting the best of me.
    Mar 14 – ….. 199.9….. I know I can do better.
    Mar 21 – ……202.1…… Awful.
    Mar 28 – ……203.5 .…. Even Worse! I’ll clearly not lose back down to starting weight, even. However, I will not end in the 203 range on the 31st. I just can’t let that happen. Come on ANYTHING except 203. Gotta make it HAPPEN!
    Mar 31 – ……203.5 ….. Boy was I ever wrong! April will see much improvement for me. I’ve hit my rock bottom! No more simpleton games, it’s time to play hardball!

    Final Challenge Thoughts: I really failed this entire winter and now I have my work cut out for me, but I am up to the challenge. Ground Zero

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    Thank you mtaratoot for your kind words. They came at the right time. We do need to give ourselves lots of slack these days. Take care!
    mtaratoot wrote: »
    AllyNorth wrote: »
    Original starting weight: 155
    March starting weight: 148.4
    End of March goal: 144
    Ultimate goal: 130

    March 1: 148.4
    March 7: 147 (In spite of yesterday's fall off the health wagon.)
    March 14: 146.6 (I don't know - our scales are weird, I'm somewhere between 145.8 and 146.6!)
    March 21: 144 (Unusual to lose this much in one week, but these are strange times.)
    March 28: 143.8
    March 31 142.8

    Total loss for March: 5.6 pounds.

    It's very hard to find a new routine in this lockdown. Managing my anxiety and my health has been a lot of work. I hope that everyone is OK, staying healthy and have what you need to get through this pandemic.

    Give yourself some slack, and celebrate the fact that you have made your monthly goal IN SPITE of all the stress and restrictions. Nice job. Let's keep being successful!

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    OSW Dec. 2019 = 222
    UGW: =150
    March goal weight = 185

    01: 192
    04: 192
    11: 189 Not bad for having a sprained left ankle and 3 broken toes.
    18: 187
    25: 185
    31: 182 = Bring on April!!
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    @holli1ch Congratulations on a kick-butt month! Steam Roller!!!!!
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    Ok guys, the April post is up and running. Same title, just replace March with April

    Stay safe everyone <3 x
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    Okay back to address this.
    Today my family is home and I took time to go over these 10 points. I asked my DIL where she got this from. She says she "honestly" doesn't remember where she got it from. A side eye from me on that one, anytime someone says honestly in this situation.

    1. Drinking warm water is beneficial as it hydrates better than cold water. Hot lemon water helps with digestion.
    2. Gargling with warm water and a little salt helps ease a sore throat.
    3. The virus attaching to hair and clothing. Maybe. If it's true than I should have been ill weeks ago.
    4. Virus viable on metallic surfaces up to 9 days. Could be, just keep things clean.
    5. Don't smoke. Yeah✔ don't. Bad for your health anyway worse if you have pneumonia.
    6. Wash hands every 20 minutes. That is excessive. Just wash your hands often.
    7. Eating fruits and vegetables is a healthy thing to do, but not going to keep you from contracting this virus.
    8. Animals (I assume this means pets) do not spread the virus. I don't think that is definitive yet, but keep loving up your pet. I would not allow face licking though and wash your hands after petting.
    9. This one is laughable to me. Avoid getting the flu. You can't avoid the flu, not even with a flu shot. I've had the flu 3 times, twice as an adult, once after a flu shot. /Avoid eating and drinking anything cold. Are you going to stop eating ice cream or having a cold drink?
    10. I don't know about the virus sitting in your throat for 3-4 days if you refer to number 1 and believe that.

    This breath holding test. Just don't do it. Fibrosis can only be detected by CT scan.

    My DIL just texted me this~

    Doctors are reporting they now understand the behavior of the COVID 19 virus due to autopsies that they have carried out. This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. So they have discovered that in order to apply a medicine you have to open and unblock these airways so that the treatment can be used to take effect however all of this takes a number of days. Their recommendations for what you can do to safeguard yourself are ...

    1) Drink lots of hot liquids - coffees, soups, teas, warm water. In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes bc this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that’s entered your mouth into your stomach where your gastric juices will neutralize it before it can get to the lungs.
    2) Gargle with an antiseptic and warm water like vinegar or salt or lemon every day if possible
    3) The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. And detergent or soap kills it but you must take bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down in your home and go straight to the shower. If you cannot wash your clothes daily, hang them in sunlight which also helps to neutralize the virus
    4) Wash metallic surfaces very carefully bc the virus can stay viable on these for up to 9 days. Take note and be vigilant about touching hand rails, door knobs, etc. and keep these clean in home home
    5) Don’t smoke
    6) Wash your hands every 20 minutes with any soap that foams and do this for 20 seconds
    7) Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to elevate your zinc levels
    8)Animals do not spread the virus to people. Its a person to person transmission.
    9)Try to avoid getting the common flu as this already weakens your system and try to avoid eating and drinking any cold things.
    10) If you feel any discomfort in your throat or a sore throat coming on, attack it immediately using the above methods. The virus enters the system through the throat but will sit in the throat for 3-4 days before it passes into your lungs.

    In addition ...

    Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection

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    Okay back to address this.
    Today my family is home and I took time to go over these 10 points. I asked my DIL where she got this from. She says she "honestly" doesn't remember where she got it from. A side eye from me on that one, anytime someone says honestly in this situation.

    Thank you for this follow up. I was struggling with how to respectfully suggest that nobody follow the guidance, that it was a bunch of bunk, and that folks shouldn't trust medical advice from the interwebs. Please keep up with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The message is straightforward and simple.
    • Wash your hands. Soap destroys the lipid coating of the virus; water washes it away.
    • Don't cough on anyone.
    • Keep physically separate from one another. Two meters is suggested, but even half that can help. More can't hurt.
    • If you have symptoms, don't go out. IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS, STAY AT HOME.
    • Limit your contact with others.
    • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
    • Most important, WASH YOUR HANDS.

    We could get deeper into this, but mostly keeping your hands clean will not only reduce the spread of this virus but other diseases too.

    Stay healthy, and let's get to that goal weight!
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    @SamanthaLouiseMence Thanks for generating the April challenge.

    @tiabirdie56 Thanks for the quick link listed above on your post.
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    @mtaratoot, Yes, I had to come back to it. I posted it on all challenges I participate in, intending to come right back with a response. Also check this link~
    If you truly want to know, I don't know if I trust them either, Lol
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    What is it about CDC that causes you mistrust? Certainly more trustworthy than a random text from some unknown stranger. I'm a recovering scientist, so I go with data (especially peer reviewed research) rather than hearsay. Then again, I also believe that weight management is about balancing energy in and energy out, so maybe I'm just a fool.
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    @mtaratoot, I don't trust that we are getting the full truth about this entire situation. Information is being meted out little by little. I can certainly guess why. The text was from my daughter in law. I don't know where she got the information. Probably from facebook, the source of a lot of misinformation. The rest of your comment, take it easy on yourself. I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure you're not a fool.💓
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    I'm in.

    Original starting weight - 192.2
    March starting weight -
    March goal -
    Ultimate goal -

    I weigh in on Monday. I am scheduled for hip replacement surgery March 10th. A bit stressed.

    03/01 - 142.0 at 8:30 a.m.
    03/02 - 144.2 at 5:30 a.m.
    03/09 - 143.2 at 3:00 a.m.
    03/16 - DNW ...need to move scale into back bathroom otherwise I forget.
    03/23 - 144.6 at 9:00 a.m.
    03/30 - 145.2 at 9:00 a.m.
    03/31 - 145.0 at 9:00 a.m.

    Total loss for March -

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    lets do this...
    sw 188 2/1/20
    gw 160
    cw 183 2/29
    march 5th 181.4
    12th 178.2
    19th 178.4
    26th 179.2
    total for march goal 8 lbs.
    March 1st 184
    one more day til first weigh in...gotta be good...did GREAT!!
    set my goal for the 12th...178
    today is 3/7 and I'm so hungry tonight...will power has NEVER been my strong suit...wish me luck
    3/8.....180.2....going in the right direction
    new incentive..talked to my bff who lives in another state...(usually we are both same weight)well she told me she now weights 150 after hitting a high of 170....now have to work harder to get to her HIGH!!!
    184-8=176....looks doable from here
    doing really bad...eating easter CANDY!!!plus alot of other stuff... maybe stress?[/quote]
    3/19..well this week didn't go well..gained..not much but thats NOT the goal..gonna get really really serious now..end of month approaching...

    my scale battery was low so changed it and gained 3 lbs
    3/21..176.2...was really good the last 2 days...AND IT SHOWS...also drinking more water
    3/25..just checked my BMI for the fun of it..not fun..have a longgggg way to go..tomorrow weigh in
    3/26..well up it went this weigh in..gonna give myself til the 31st before posting ending weight..these are hard times to focus on ANYTHING..
    3/30...178.2 not real happy..tomorrow will do the math

    total weight lose 4 lbs..really disappointed but guess its better to have gone down instead of UP..bring on a new month

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    Previous Post:
    Count me in again! :) I weigh myself once a month so I'll post my results the first of each month.

    Original Starting Weight: 182.4 lbs.
    March Starting Weight: 137.2 lbs.
    March Goal: 132 lbs.
    Ultimate Goal: 125 lbs.

    March 1st: 137.2 lbs.
    April 1st: 137.2 lbs.

    Total Loss for March: 0 lbs.

    Welp! March was a bust for me. I ate over my calories way too many days. At the very least, I maintained but I wanna do much better in April. It's a brand new month so onward I go! :)<3
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    Heaviest weight: 175.4 in early 2013.
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    March 2 starting weight - 144.0 (ten-day rolling average weight 144.3)
    March goal - 143
    Ultimate goal - Range between 142 - 148

    I report scale weight and (ten day average weight).

    March 2 (standing in for February 29): Back from vacation and... 144.0 (I don't trust the ten day average since I have been gone ten days and it would calculate from the nine days before I left, but it would be 144.3)
    March 7: 143.8 (10-day average 143.7)
    March 14: 146.2 (10-day average 145.2)
    March 21: 147.0 (10-day average 146.7)
    March 28: 143.8 (10-day average 146.3)
    March 31: 146.6 (10-day average 146.2)

    Total loss for March`: My mind is the only thing I've lost. At least I'm still in my maintenance range. At least I am finally moving close to my goal the last week. I am trying to stop the stress eating. Stay safe!
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    Original starting weight - 167.2 lbs (April 2018)
    March starting weight - 154.2 lbs
    March l goal - 149.2 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 145 lbs

    3rd - 155.2 lbs
    10th- :s
    17th - :s
    24th - :s
    31st - :s
    April 2 - 155.8 lbs

    March loss: +1.6 lbs.

    I didn't post. I didn't track what I ate. Now it is on to the next month to hopefully do better.