What worked for you today?



  • BMcC9
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    Sleeping in on weekends or stat holidays .... it means "late first meal of the day therefore fewer calories over-all before regular-time supper" I call it "inadvertent intermittent fasting" .... I never could handle TRUE intermittent fasting (eating the same number of total calories, but in a limited and specified window of time)

    But if that style works for you as a standing practice - go for it.

  • cherchechristine
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    I've got a seasonal cold/ flu thing and just feel wretched and want to eat all the sugar and curl up under a duvet on the sofa 😷
    But I forced myself into a hot bath and noticed how much extra room I have in there now!
    I'm celebrating with a hot chocolate instead of the entire bakery that I was planning on buying 😁

  • LenGray
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    What worked for me today was planning a savory, high-protein snack instead of the sweet one that I usually have. I'm also planning ahead and doing some yoga so I can have some fruit later if I do want something sweet ^_^
  • LenGray
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    Today, it was drinking a smoothie and doing some yoga. I'm out of school right now and have been relaxing back into my 'snacks, not meals' habits, which has led to some questionable nutrition choices lol

    So, today, I just rolled with my 'meh' hunger and drank a high-protein, medium-calorie smoothie, then did some yoga to work up a proper appetite for lunch. I'll probably go for a walk before dinnertime too, so I'm hungry around then.
  • crazyhorse8
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    What worked for me was giving myself a good talking too!! The holiday sweets at work are killing me in the calorie department so I am allowing myself 1 goodie and no more. I am up 3 pounds this past week so this is my damage control. I am still going to the gym like I should, but I got to get tough with myself and just say no to the sugar craze....I sooo love those frosted cookies!!! :# I will be glad when the holiday goodies are gone.
  • mssue18
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    What worked for me today was going to the gym instead of physical therapy. I did some cardio and strength machines. I had too much stress to drive a distance to go to the appointment and it felt better to go to the gym instead. So that worked for me today.
  • BrightEyedAgain
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    Flavored popcorn has always been kryptonite for me, especially this time of year when they sell those giant decorative tins of it. But, today I decided to face it head on and bought a small tin. What worked for me is weighing out ONE portion to munch on all evening and putting that portion in a small bowl next to the couch. My promise to myself is that I'll throw the tin away if I can't stick to that plan, and so far it's working.