What worked for you today?



  • lacylucy1935
    lacylucy1935 Posts: 69 Member
    Found new app that I have been playing with called Yuka! You scan the bar code and it will tell you all it's nutrients and tell you if it is considered a good food source.
    I know FP will pretty much do the same, just something new to play with!!
  • IAmTheGlue
    IAmTheGlue Posts: 695 Member
    I can't get the tooth with a cavity at the root out for another three weeks, so I have a situation where eating or drinking is punished by shooting nerve pain.

    I guess I'm going to get out of the habit of snacking when I'm bored and eating more just cause it tastes good!

    I hope you feel better soon. Dental pain is the worst. 😢
  • Bodenista
    Bodenista Posts: 146 Member
    Aubgurl81 wrote: »
    What worked for me today (really yesterday) was giving myself the grace to go really enjoy a dinner with friends last night. I didn’t overeat like I normally would and I even had dessert. Sunday morning is my “official” weigh in day and I was still down over a pound this morning.

    If I’m going to have a plan that works, I have to have a plan where I can live my life and have things like dessert every now and then.

    I agree weight loss should never be about denying yourself all the time that is just a recipe for disaster. I hope you had a lovely time 🙂
  • Bodenista
    Bodenista Posts: 146 Member
    Some restorative yoga 🧘‍♀️ to quiet my mind (which was telling me to go and stuff my face with as much chocolate as I could 😳)and relax my body.

    I feel much better for it and have avoided the chocolate monster once again 🙏 😇
  • Bodenista
    Bodenista Posts: 146 Member
    Prep and buying some Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownies to satisfy the chocolate monster and they are only 83 calories 😋😍
  • uyister
    uyister Posts: 154 Member
    edited June 2022
    What worked for me today was doing a walk/dance workout instead of the second HIIT workout I had planned since I was not feeling the first workout. :) This helped me complete my step goal for the day and feel happy as well. ;)
  • amyn73
    amyn73 Posts: 241 Member
    Eating something different than my “normal” menu. It helped me to have a bit more energy and I felt fuller. It was yummy and fit into my keto eating plan, too!!
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