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    ahoy_m8 wrote: »
    I don't understand why the vaccine rollout is so terrible. Sounds like some places have extra doses while other places don't have enough. I feel like the phased approach is holding things back in places with extra doses. Those places where they have enough vaccine, but can't give it to anyone because they haven't been told to go on to the next phase yet. Someone needs to take inventory and just get these shots to people. Maybe deploy the national guards and train them to give injections. 100K soildiers working 12 hrs per day would have these vaccines done much sooner. Only question is supply to do that.

    Kind of makes one wonder.... who is coordinating supply for the second doses in 3 or 4 weeks (depending on brand)? Will second dose patients be competing with first dose patients?

    Yes. That's why the original plan was to hold on to half the doses so people could be fully immunized on schedule. Now they have switched to giving more people the first half and worrying about the second dose later. Unfortunately, a lot of people may decide not to go back for the second dose given long lines and limited supply.
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    lokihen wrote: »
    kushiel1 wrote: »
    I'm not sure there is a solution honestly - there are no good solutions with Covid. But there's more going on than just Covid because of Covid restrictions and guidelines. Kids are falling behind in school, mental health issues are on the rise, violence seems to be on the rise (though that probably can't be completely laid at the feet of Covid) etc. Maybe we need to isolate our most at risk and then try easing restrictions and see what happens - certainly don't want anyone to die, but suicides are on the rise so...

    And are you really saying that because I say something others don't like and I can't offer a concrete solution to the problem that I deserve people being mean to me? That's just wrong and emblematic of the issues of our current society.

    No, I'm saying that people aren't being mean to you--they disagree with you as you disagree with them. I don't think you're mean, but you go round and round in circles--kids in school, mental health, violence...... You admit that there's no good solution. So, I take it you think vunerable people should isolate themselves and everyone else just pretends COVID doesn't exist? Is that correct?

    And what counts as a vulnerable person? I know someone who is 50, only health issue was acid reflux, he just got out of 3 weeks in hospital with covid. Now he is home on oxygen, has to use a walker and lots of new medications for his heart problem. Native Americans are getting hit hard with this; should they all have to isolate?

    Another person lost their sense of smell. The FIRST thing they did was run to Walgreens for vitamins...while symptomatic with a highly contagious disease. Is it any wonder this isn't controlled?

    Regarding California: I wonder how wide-spread the UK variant is there and if that is contributing to the surge in cases?

    Hope your friend gets better.

    I'm a bit confused with your post though. You say your friend's only health issue was acid reflux. Now he has a lot of new medications for his heart problem. Did he develop a heart problem while he was in the hospital with Covid? It sounds like he had a heart problem before Covid which by definition would be a comorbidity that from your post he was on medication for prior to contracting Covid. Now on additional meds.
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    For a bit of good news, our dear friends down the street, who are 77, got their first shot today.

    Just one more item about the economy and it being shut down for Covid -- people are mostly assuming jobs are being lost due to restrictions to prevent Covid. Many I'm talking to (as a recruiter) are losing jobs because Covid is out of control.

    My daughter lost her job -- she sold cyber security to hospitals in Ohio, whose budgets are shot now with the Covid onslaught. They are losing money because they can't do the more profitable elective surgeries. My son, on the other hand, lost his job because he couldn't sell solar door to door in CA any longer. I also just placed a woman in Chicago this week that worked for a non-profit healthcare group that had to lay off 200 employees because of the Covid surge there (not because of restrictions). Just as many, or I'd say more, of the layoffs are happening because we failed to contain it, not because of overreaching restrictions.

    Fortunately, I guess out of necessity, there have also been jobs created because of Covid -- Peloton, Zoom, Home Depot, Krogers, Amazon for instance, all have excelled during it. Not that I think that's a good thing, but everything shouldn't be blamed on restrictions to prevent it.

    I think hospitals losing money/laying people off is a combination of BOTH those things. Back in spring when this first started the large hospital chain I work for stopped elective procedures because there was a fear of overloading the system and not having space or staff for Covid patients. Then...they didn't get that huge influx of patients they were expecting. For instance my chain usually had anywhere from 1000 to 1200 people IP at a time (over many hospitals) but in covid we were often at half that. That hit them hard that they couldn't do all those elective procedures that really pay the bills and instead were left with hospital censuses that didn't come near what was expected leading to far less money coming in. And now of course there has been an increase in hospitalizations (both those that are customary this time of year and Covid) and they are having to delay those elective procedures that really pay the bills again because they need to save some space for just in case. The restrictions at the begining put a money crunch on many hospitals and that's being exacerbated now leading to some tough choices to be made.
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