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  • ythannahythannah Member Posts: 3,915 Member Member Posts: 3,915 Member
    PAV8888 wrote: »
    *kitten* *kittens*
    Alberta provincewide July 19 to July 25 1.48 confidence interval: 1.38-1.59
    Alberta provincewide July 5 to July 11 0.84 confidence interval: 0.74-0.94
    Alberta provincewide June 21 to June 27 0.75 confidence interval: 0.69-0.82

    So R values doubling in a month... must be VERY good... so good in fact that it is "time for Stage 3 open for the summer"!

    And what does that mean? Why that "all other public health measures have been lifted. This includes all restrictions on social gatherings – there are no longer capacity limits on either indoor or outdoor gatherings!" Woohoo!

    Let's "bring COVID-19 measures in line with those used for (other) respiratory viruses! Starting August 16 The 10-day isolation period following a positive test result will no longer be mandatory

    Hey: and about the pesky R value? I have a solution! Indirectly recommended by all those who recognize that you can't have increasing R values if you don't test anyone! Simplez -- right? So we can DO this, now worries! "Testing will no longer be recommended for those with mild symptoms for whom a result will not change their treatment." Well, let's not be unreasonable here, some, testing will be available __with symptoms__,**when it is needed to help direct patient care decisions**

    And let's not forget, this is right on the heels of Kenney wanting to give Alberta nurses a pay cut.
  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Member Posts: 2,500 Member Member Posts: 2,500 Member
    Question for the community: Anyone have first hand anecdote of someone having covid in 2020, then a vaccine, then contracting covid again?
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 7,567 Member Member Posts: 7,567 Member
    Delta is exploding here in my county. I feel a little angry that I have to "ask" but I just sent a note in to my manager requesting to work remote until the "uncontrolled community spread" is over here. It's probably worse now than at any time during the 15 months I was remote. And with the efficacy of the vaccine being possibly less than 50% I hope they approve this request.

    I doubt it's worse now. I live in a place where we've had a pretty bad experience, and the highest deaths were 238 (for my city) in Dec, with the second worse 191 on May 13, 2020. Current deaths are at 1. I think the media isn't accurately reporting what is really going on.
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