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    Just wanna throw this spanner into the works….

    They are thinning the herd every morning and every evening around here so they may clear out the ones that's diseased and eat them.
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    I got the J&J so I have an appt this Friday with the health dept to get my booster. I'm getting Pfizer because it is the most available here in central Virginia for some reason.

    Just listened to the last couple of TWIV clinical updates with Dr Griffin and figured I'd report some random points that stuck with me.

    He reiterated that none of the currently available antibody tests should be used as a measure of immunity, and is disappointed some sources are doing so. There is no data to suggest that antibody level is indicative of immunity level. Immunity is a complicated process and goes beyond simple antibody levels.

    He mentioned that initial studies suggested that long covid incidence is reduced by more than 50% in vaccinated covid infections, and that anecdotally front-line clinicians report almost no long covid cases in vaccinated people with break through infections. Since they still don't know what the root cause of long covid is, this is fabulous news if it holds up!

    He also mentioned there's been more clinical attention paid to lingering brain fog in covid cases. There is mounting evidence that this isn't just a subjective "feeling" but it is legit cognitive deficit. It looks like it's more prevalent among young to middle-aged women (who not coincidentally tend to have hard to pin down symptoms like this down played by doctors).

    In general, the TWIV virologists are still unconvinced immunity is "waning" and think it's quite possible continuing spikes and the low levels of recorded breakthrough cases come down to the fact that there are still too many unvaccinated hosts keeping covid-19 particles circulating easily in communities. Specifically in the US, not even the leading states in vaxx rates are high enough (esp when you factor in children) to be anywhere near herd immunity or whatever weird hybrid level of immunity we will eventually stumble into.

    Thank you for this post. I was wondering this morning what the current TWIV discussion about boosters is in light of the anticipated change in booster recommendation this weekend. Do they seem to think boosters are a good idea for healthy people under 65?

    ETA: In every discussion I have seen, virologists stress vaccinating the unvaccinated would have a much greater impact on public health than boosting the vaccinated, and hence that is where efforts should be placed. I get that. Roger. I'm just asking as a 50-something vaccinated person, not the director of public health resources. When I get the booster is solidly decoupled from any unvaccinated person changing their mind.
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    Thank you, @kimny72! :flowerforyou:
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    I was in touch with a parent of our local school this afternoon; in her dd's 3rd grade class 50% of her classmates are out after having tested positive. :# It feels like 1 or both of her dds are home every other week being quarantined. I cannot imagine being a parent right now of young ones in school.

    My sister's friends who have Covid this week had antibody infusions. They're in their 80's and hadn't gotten vaccinated. They've been pretty sick but think the infusions are helping; though they're feeling terribly weak. :(

    Thankfully, my sister's been fully vaccinated and tested negative after her exposure to them. The other 3 women who were exposed at the same time, have all been vaccinated and also tested negative.

    That's pretty nuts. We really haven't had much issue here. My 4th grader's school has only had one or two cases since school started. My 6th grader's school had a small outbreak of five I believe, but that was on the high school side of campus and upper school went remote for a week while middle school remained in person. And it wasn't even really a week, it was a Monday and Tuesday as the school went into fall break Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday which is why I think they just decided to remote those couple of days. Two others at his school, but they were both in administration.

    We were pretty worried about it at the beginning of school, but so far things are going pretty well all things considered.
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    Thank you. hug
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    Probably this younger person has been caught because so many older persons have been vaccinated, making them less likely to contract the virus as badly as otherwise. Vaccinations for those in younger age groups were not available for quite a while. Once youth was a protection but as the virus is set to be with us for years protection for all needs to be taken where ever we can find it, in vaccinations and boosters. Boosters are still not freely available in my neck of the woods. Here in the UK the highest numbers of cases are in school age and older young people. Its so sad. I hope the person you know will break this thing and make a full recovery.