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    @Athijade , I hope you feel better soon. 💐
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    Those who have had covid recently, how long did it last? My state just published the weekly numbers with 1400 new cases but only 1100 active cases.
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    800 new and 6 deaths. Hospital is full of tourists and longevity of their symptoms differs. I told my relatives about @Cogypsy's sense of smell clearing up with a sinus infection. Somebody needs to science that. There may be a cure in there somewhere. We have longhaulers who've lost their taste and smell, hearing, too.

    This thing lingers on like mono for many people. They're tired and worn out for weeks. I remember mono and many people had a case of strep throat with it. I armchaired sinus infections.

    This thing seems like a combo of many things. I'd like to see someone take it apart, piece by piece and obliterate it - off the face of the earth.
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    @COGypsy A little hair of the dog that bit cure you. We're still intrigued by it.
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    @COGypsy I really hope you get your sense of smell back over time. So weird about the sinus infection. DD had a chronic sinus infection one year and losing her sense of smell was really terrible for her, so you have all my sympathy on that.
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    I had my first booster almost a year ago and have been waiting for the updated boosters before getting the second. They are out and my CVS has them. (I did have to get into the scheduling process before I was able to confirm this.) I'm going tomorrow.

    Please select your vaccine(s)

    Make your appointment today for the updated COVID-19 bivalent booster, ages 12 and up.

    I noticed it just received Health Canada approval and supplies will be rolling out over the next few days, which means a few weeks before it hits my neck of the woods. That's kind of what I've been holding out on my second booster for. Although now that I have Covid, it looks like my provincial guidelines say to wait three months before getting the booster anyway.
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    I am as far from an anti-vaxxer as you can get...I was literally snuck in through a back door to get the initial vaccines before I was eligible. I have received one booster, and am not old enough to be eligible for the second.

    But, I think I'm going to wait a bit on the new boosters, even though everyone over 12 is eligible to get one. I don't doubt their safety...I'm sure they are perfectly safe. I just want to see what their efficacy numbers look like in human trials. So far, we just have animal trials. It's possible this one will also only provide temporary protection.

    My immune response from the last booster wasn't fun...high fever, chills, exhaustion. So, I'm just going to hang back a bit on this one. We usually get flu shots at work sometime in the fall. If they offer the new Covid booster at the same time, I'll probably get it. I'm just not going to run out and make it a priority right now.
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    Such an interesting discussion. Thanks to everyone for their perspective.

    I got my 4th shot of the same old formulation today. I have an international trip in 2 weeks, and today optimizes the short term antibody aspect. I have been waiting on my 4th shot hoping the new bivalent would be available in time. It’s close. Local news reported first doses would be arriving in town this weekend but no info on where or if any risk groups would have priority. Similar to @SuzySunshine99 , I decided to opt out of the initial wave of the new formulation.
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    I'm deeply sorry for the whole incident. I hope you all reported the incident, and the drunken guy was apprehended by your appropriate authorities. I dearly hope none of you will be laid low by this thing.

    I only half caught an item on our UK news this lunch time, our government seems to be saying, covid is over? If that's the true situation, why did my gd go down with it last week! Thankfully she is fine now and none of the family have come out with it as yet, thankfully. Will be retesting in a couple of days.
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    Not sure I totally agree that the pandemic is over but I guess if we close our eyes and do not report any #s we can pretend? I listen weekly at work to the case load and it blows my mind how pollyanna HR is when the cases tripled last week from the week before. I must just be one of "those" I guess.

    Hey on a different subject, has anyone gotten the Moderna updated vax yet? The only one I see available is Pfizer here in Tx just yet. Wondering what the delays are.