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    Speaking of sore arms post shots, I recently completed a 6 month course of Lupron, where I had one shot per month, preferably in different parts of the body. I had the first in my arm, the second in my thigh, and the rest in my glutes, because THERE WAS NO SORENESS WHATSOEVER IN MY GLUTE.

    When I got my latest COVID booster last month I requested it in the glute and she said she could not do that. This was not due to privacy concerns, as we were in a little room. Also, apparently when it comes to giving injections, the glutes are much higher than I thought. Probably I was thinking of Gluteus Maximus and they are injecting in the higher Gluteus Medius.

    So now I am going to try to get my flu shot at my doctor's office so I can get this in my glute.

    You definitely can't get a rabies vaccine in the glutes, the antibody response is lessened. I don't know about other vaccines but I imagine it would be similar.

    Does Lupron trigger an antibody response, or is it something different? If not maybe that is why the glute is an acceptable spot for it.

    Typically they don't want to give vaccines in the glutes because there is a major nerve trunk running through and it's pretty easy to hit something like the sciatic nerve and mess you up pretty good.

    With the rabies vaccine it's because of the risk of vaccine failure. It's well documented that the antibody response is lower. (And if there is one vaccine you don't want to fail it's rabies - believe me I have had it :smile: )

    ETA: I have had the vaccine, not rabies. :smiley:

    Yep, I had the serious too. Wasn't actually exposed afterall... turns out the cat likely licked a mushroom or toad it shouldn't have and was acting normal again before I even left the ER lol but I'm up to date on my rabies shots!
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    I'm very sorry your sleep cycle is really off. I hope in other ways you are feeling easier.

    I've recently read, it can be possible to reset your sleep cycle, though yours is more than a couple of hours adrift from the majority of us. Its a matter of letting the body know when its supposed to be awake, when you wish to be starting your day.

    Three things, take 15 deep as you can manage deep breaths on waking. Doing this will start different systems into action.
    Drink 15 oz of room temperature water, could be stood over night. do this over half of to and hour, this counteracts the effects of nighttime dehydration.
    Now get into the morning light, preferably be out in sunlight for 15 minutes as early as you can manage. I'm up before the sun for the time being. I did the school run, walking part without my glasses this morning when the sun was up.

    Good luck.
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    GIVE ME 10 DAYS – ROUND 212

    Round 212
    January 22 – February 1, 2023

    Round 212. Simple goal. To stay thoughtful in my actions the whole round.

    Round 126 153.0 equivalent 9/14/20
    Round 127 149.2 9/24/20
    Round 128 147.2 10/4/20
    Round 129 145.8 10/14/20
    Round 130 144.4 10/24/20
    Round 131 142.2 11/3/20
    Round 132 139.4 11/13/20
    Round 133 137.2 11/23/20
    Round 134 136.4 12/3/20
    Round 135 132.6 12/13/20
    Round 136 132.0 12/23/20
    Round 137 132.0 1/2/21
    Round 138 131.0 1/12/21
    Round 139 128.2 1/22/21
    Round 176 138.2 1/26/22 Harry 10 lb 14 oz Han Solo 11 lb 13 oz
    Round 177 134.8 2/5/22
    Round 178 137.0 2/15/22 Harry 10 lb 15.5 oz Han Solo 11 lb 11 oz
    Round 181 138.2 3/17/22 Harry 10 lb 14 oz Han Solo 11 lb 10.5 oz
    Round 182 137.8 3/27/22 Harry 10 lb 14.5oz Han Solo 11 lb 12.5 oz
    Round 183 133.4 4/6/22 Harry 11 lb .5 oz Han Solo 11 lb 13 oz
    Round 184 136.0 4/16/22 Harry 10 lb 15.5 oz Han Solo 11lb 12.5 oz
    Round 185 136.8 4/26/22 Harry 10 lb 15.5 oz Han Solo 11lb 13 oz
    Round 186 136.0 5/6/22 Harry 10 lb 14.5 oz Han Solo 11 lb 12.5 oz
    Round 187 137.8 5/16/22 Harry 10 lb 14.0 oz Han Solo 11lb 11.5 oz
    Round 188 135.8 5/26/22 Harry 10 lb 10.5 oz Han Solo 11 lb 12 oz
    Round 210 146.6 1/02/23 Harry 10 lb 15.5 oz Han Solo 11 lb 12 oz
    Round 211 144.4 1/12/23
    Round 212 147.2 1/22/23 Harry 10 lb 14 oz Han Solo 11 lb 11 oz

    SW: 146.8


    1/22 – 147.2 So round 210 was on target, 211 started great, then distractions came in again. I have to figure out how to not swing extremes. This morning was more up from yesterday, but DH and I went out to eat last night and I made choices without regard to calories (cocktail, pad thai, and half a huge dessert). But I am back here today. Round 212. Thoughtful breakfast choices and will plan out my day as I will be “out” for most of the day and will need to face one meal out of the house.

    1/23 – 146.2 yesterday went well enough. Spent the day at my parents’ assisted living apartment. I worked through cleaning the place up. They collect things and also seem to not be able to put things away. Tracked well, but no exercise.

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    Cleaning is exercise. You are moving as you do it, you could be reaching up for cobwebs, reaching down for something dropped, moving your arms when cleaning windows or a dusting, moving items about, anything from a pencil to a pile of laundry, it all takes more effort than sitting watching the tv. Its varied and true you could say done with "light effort" or something but if you are doing things for two or three hours, it all builds up. Alternatively have you thought of counting your steps, there are gadgets to do it for you. Is it 12000 which is said to be a number to aim for. I can't remember the average step count of the average UK post delivery person its probably a little higher. Its not necessarily as repetitive as a gym session some would say its more effective for all that.
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    @SModa61 and @Fuzzipeg

    Me thinks that somebody is confused (maybe I am...) Is this the COVID discussion or the exercise and goals discussion? :/
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    True I responded to SModa61.

    Chronic conditions are related to long covid, long covid shares much of the symptoms found in CF and other long term depleting conditions, different people's symptoms are expressed differently. I felt accrediting "work within the home" as one way of taking exercise was essential, even if as SModal61 was doing in a parents, assisted living apartment, sheltered housing, in the UK.

    If the only exercise you have energy or time to do is "house work", probably seen as menial therefore seemingly dismissed by many overtly healthy folks, being active to your personal level has to be better than being confined to you bed. By choosing "house work", for those with limited mobility in my view would show, they have an interest in their quality of life, they are not giving in to what ails them.

    Please SModa61, I am not inferring you are deplete in any way, you like many have much to do. I took the opportunity to say, "house work", any activity has it benefits for those who's health is very poor or who's time is restricted. I'm sure you were intending to be read as restricted choosing to help parents over going to the gym. I wonder if you cross/miss posted. I wish everyone health, without health we are nothing, from my experience.

    Long covid has many similarities to those found by CF suffers, and those with other similar disabilities. Understanding on the medical functioning of the immune system is strongly suggesting having a stronger immune system by consuming many and various veg and to some extent fruits, even in supplement form to provide the body with the quality of minerals and vitamins at levels to support, as well as restore the immune function to the persons personal usual level of immunity can reduce the severity of the long covid or other severely depleting conditions such as CF. This paragraph is a much simplified version.

    Please do your own research, keep to accredited medics, even check their qualifications. Always do what is best/right for you. By this I mean, your understanding of the information you find chimes with your inner feelings and everything you feel internally, to help you achieve better health at any age, "go for it". Please don't miss out on the chance of feeling better and getting your life back.

    Best Wishes to all.

    Then live well. Be well and enjoy everyday.
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    Gisel2015 wrote: »
    @SModa61 and @Fuzzipeg

    Me thinks that somebody is confused (maybe I am...) Is this the COVID discussion or the exercise and goals discussion? :/

    Oops. I wondered where that post went.........
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    I'm sorry lockdown was so triggering for you. Are you in therapy? I started in April 2020. It's been 100% virtual, which I love.

    Yes I've been in therapy since October 2021 and mine is all virtual too. I also have a psychiatrist and take medication although it hasn't been going well. It just feels like things are never going to get better. I feel dead inside and like nothing is real and nothing matters, and I think I am probably stuck that way forever.
    I would answer your "what was the point" question but I fear you might feel invalidated by that and since I don't want to diminish your difficult experience, I won't.

    Well that's a better reaction than all the people who called me a "murderer" and a "N*zi" for questioning lockdowns (even though I followed all the lockdown rules despite disagreeing with them, and a lot of the people trashing me broke the rules). Now I see the NY Times saying some of the same stuff I was saying back in March 2020, so what does that make them?
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    @siberiantarragon My parents made it all the way to this past October without getting it. Then the bivalent shot came out and their assisted living set up a clinic. Everyone wanted it, so everyone shoved themselves together waiting to get the shot. 27 out of the 75 residents ended up getting COVID, directly or indirectly from that day......

    Wow. That's...ironic.

    Were they ok?
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    Wow. That's...ironic.

    Were they ok?

    Ironically, if it were not for the test, I doubt they would have known they had anything other than a cold. They were very fortunate!! From rumors I have heard, not everyone at the facility faired as well. But I am hoping that was wrong.