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What are your thoughts on Keto?



  • barefootbridgeybarefootbridgey Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    I tried it for a time after watching several coworkers have success with it. For me, it was totally not worth it. I, for whatever reason, did not find that it was helpful in managing my appetite at all and I would be well over my allotted calories for the day REALLY quickly, but was still feeling hungry.
  • mmapagsmmapags Member Posts: 8,953 Member Member Posts: 8,953 Member
    If keto is a way you enjoy eating and it helps you stay on plan in a sustainable way, great. But is has no metabolic advantage over any other form of calorie restriction if protein and calories and the same.

    One benefit that some report is that it blunts hunger and cravings and that can be a real help if someone struggles with those. Personally, I found it too restrictive for me. But I have found eating lower carb, 100 to 150 grams per day, helps with hunger signalling and makes it easier to stay on plan for me. Others have reported the same experiences. YMMV
  • digestibleplasticdigestibleplastic Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    ozonezoe wrote: »
    Love hearing people’s opinions and experience with different life style changes! Let me know what you think of keto and if it was beneficial for your life!

    When I was 200+ lbs and borderline diabetic it was the only diet that balanced my hormones enough to allow me to lose weight. I was actually put on it by a Doctor who said this isn't for life, but just to heal my body to the point that I could get to a healthy weight *eventually* and introduce back other foods. It wasn't used for weight loss in my situation.

    It worked amazingly for that reason. I am no longer keto, but my blood sugars are self regulating now and so are many of my other hormones that were totally out of whack when I was much more obese.

    ETA: I'm still obese, so it's clearly not the extra fat alone that was affecting my hormones, myriad of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and inability to lose weight.
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