Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 107



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    Round 107 (my 39)
    Loss before joining challenge -22 382.0- 360.0
    Round 69 TL: -3.6 pounds 360- 356.4
    Round70 TL -3.6 pounds 356.4 - 352.8
    Round 71 -3.8 pounds 352.8-349
    Round 72 -1.8 pounds 349-347.2
    Round 73 -3.6 pounds 347.2-343.6
    Round 74 -4.4 pounds 343.6-339.2
    Round 75 -3.4 pounds 339.2-335.8
    Round 76 -0 pounds 335.8-335.8
    Round 77 -8.4 pounds 335.8- 327.4
    Round 78 +.4 pounds 327.4-327.8
    Round 79 -2.8 pounds 327.8-325.0
    Round 80 -1.4 pounds 325.0-323.6
    Round 81 -7.6 pounds 323.6-316.0
    Round 82 -4 pounds 316.0-312.0
    Round 83 -4.4 pounds 312.0-307.6
    Round 84 -4.2 pounds 307.6-303.4
    Round 85 -1.8 pounds 303.4-301.6
    Round 86 -4.4 pounds 301.6-297.2
    Round 87 +1.6 pounds 297.2-298.6 partial maintenance round
    Round 88 +1.0 pounds 298.6-299.6 full maintenance round
    Round 89 -5.8 pounds 2996.6-293.8
    Round 90 -2.4 pounds 293.8-291.4
    Round 91 -5.6 pounds 291.4-285.8
    Round 92 +2.2 pounds 285.8-288.0
    Round 93 -4.4 pounds 288.0-283.6
    Round 94 -6.4 pounds 283.6-277.2
    Round 95 -3.2 pounds 277.2-274.0
    Round 96 -3.6 pounds 274.0-270.4
    Round 97 -5.2 pounds 270.4-265.2
    Round 98 +1 pound 265.2-266.2 full maintenance round
    Round 99 +6.8 pounds 266.2-273.0 full maintenance round
    Round 100 -6.4 pounds 273-266.6 partial maintenance round
    Round 101 -.6 pounds 266-266.0
    Round 102 -4.4 pounds 266.0-261.6
    Round 103 -1.4 pounds 261.6-260.2
    Round 104 -2.4 pounds 260.2-257.8
    Round 105 +1.2 pounds 257.8-259.0
    Round 106 +4.8 pounds 259.0-263.8

    OSW 382.0
    RSW 263.8

    03/08 259.4 That was a lovely number to see this morning, I’m hopeful this is the start of a trend this round. It’s also nearly all of the gain from last round. I knew most of it had to be water.

    03/09 257.8 That’s all of the gain from the last two rounds now gone and I’m back to the weight from the end of round 104. I’m still up a few pounds from my last previous low, and I don’t know if I’ll see new lows this round, but it’s possible that I might in a round or two at worst. I’m just so happy to be back on track food wise.

    03/10 256.6 I wasn’t expecting the big drops to continue, but I’ll happily take it. I’m not that far from my previous low now and if I get another drop I might even reach it this round.

    03/11 257.0 There’s my body going wait I wanted some of that water. It’s okay I’m still very happy with where I am.

    03/12 256.2 Tom decided to arrive a week early. On the plus side I was so stir-crazy yesterday that I decided to join my husband on a walk. I had to use my cane, and I didn’t walk quickly, but my knee tolerated it for the most part. I don’t think I’m up for more than one of those in a day yet, but it’s a start and a sign that the knee is healing up nicely. I just need to be careful not to push it too fast.

    03/13 255.8 I walked a little more yesterday, okay a lot more yesterday. I might have slightly over pushed, but I am so happy to be moving again because it really got me down to be sedentary over the last couple of weeks. It’s really weird thinking back because I used to hate even walking so much and now I hate just sitting around.

    03/14 256.6 Not surprised I had a high calorie, high carb, high activity day. It’s going to be an up and down weekend because I have my mil’s birthday tomorrow.

    03/15 255.2 That’s the bounce up plus a little more. I knew that it was just water from the carbs and activity. I’m certain tomorrow will be another bounce up as I’m planning a near maintenance day today so that I can enjoy a little cake and pizza for my mil’s birthday.

    03/16 256.2 Pizza and treats, so I should be back down in a day maybe two. It’s okay though there are no more birthdays until August, and we don’t go overboard for the summer holidays so I should be in a good on track stretch.

    03/17 256.4 I got into the last of the treats, but I didn’t overdo it so I’m not worried. I am still on track for my overall loss this year so I’m really happy about that all things considered. I tried to use my exercise bike yesterday, but my knee started screaming at me, so that’s still off the table for awhile longer.

    TRL -7.4
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    Any word on @GrandmaJackie and Round 108? I'm worried
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    edited March 2020
    So, my Son says~
    Carroll County (county he lives in) just sent an email out that shows you school's not coming back. They worked out a partnership with Comcast to get people $10 a month internet service no installation fee and an option to buy a refurbished desktop or laptop for $150.

    *To be sure, coming to all States soon. Then total lockdown. SMH

    @CamandJarvis, Jackie has been updating her diary every day. She's probably okay. It's a lot going on in the world right now. I'm sure she'll post RD 108 by this evening.

    ●MARYLAND Primary postponed until June just now. We have a Special Election that will be mail in. Preakness postponed until September. Public transportation limited. So much! Will post later after watching again. Gov. Hogan is Live on YouTube right now.

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    Went to visit family missed the last few days, but got on the scale today down to 213.7. Which is a 1.8 pound drop!