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Covid-19....... are you eating out less because of it?

just_Tomekjust_Tomek Member Posts: 9,116 Member Member Posts: 9,116 Member
Thoughts? Why yes or why not?

Myself...... I dont remember last time I ate out, I just dont like eating out and not knowing who is prepping my food or who puts what into my food, and I dont even want to know about if they follow proper personal hygiene. so for me covid or not, I dont and wont be eating out.


  • bmeadows380bmeadows380 Member Posts: 2,391 Member Member Posts: 2,391 Member
    I've made an effort in the last month or two to scale back on the eating out as I was slipping into a mode where I was stopping more often than I should have and it was causing problems sticking to my deficit. I still grab a small snack or a salad or something a few times a week, though. right now, there are no reported cases in my state, but I figure its a matter of time. While I haven't changed my habits based on this virus, I have found myself being more aware of the very real potential for any disease to spread in public places. I'm not scared and other than being more vigilant in hand washing, I haven't changed my personal habits a whole lot, but I've found myself being more attentive to the areas around me and thus realizing just how easy it is to spread these sorts of things, especially if a restaurant is extremely busy, say during the lunch rush.
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Member Posts: 3,754 Member Member Posts: 3,754 Member
    Business as usual. One confirmed case in Oklahoma. About 100 miles from me.
  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Member Posts: 5,741 Member Member Posts: 5,741 Member
    The same amount for me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • cmriversidecmriverside Member Posts: 29,984 Member Member Posts: 29,984 Member
    I worked in restaurants for 20 years.

    I live five minutes from the current deadly outbreak in Kirkland, WA.

    I was obese and now I'm not because I control my food by cooking for myself.

    So, no. I'm not eating out, but then I haven't really eaten out in years other than in an emergency.
  • comptonelizabethcomptonelizabeth Member Posts: 1,693 Member Member Posts: 1,693 Member
    I don't think it is spread via food ? Happy to be corrected though.
    I am high risk for various reasons so I am avoiding crowded places and public transport
    I've been wondering how many people are avoiding the gym, which is probably a breeding ground for viruses generally.
  • SlayLikeAWarriorSlayLikeAWarrior Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    Only eat out once in a while. I cook and eat most of my meals at home.
  • bubjoedadbubjoedad Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    I just had this conversation with my wife. We are going to drastically cut down on eating out. At least until we feel it's somewhat safer to do so. We actually like eating at home and cooking together. It's comfortable, safe and wayyy less expensive!
  • redversustheblueredversustheblue Member Posts: 1,216 Member Member Posts: 1,216 Member
    Well, I am planning on getting Chipotle for dinner tonight. I live in NM where there haven't been any confirmed cases yet, so I haven't changed much of my routine. But I do usually pick it up and eat at home, I probably would avoid sitting in an overly crowded, small restaurant right now.
  • sammidelvecchiosammidelvecchio Member Posts: 791 Member Member Posts: 791 Member
    steveko89 wrote: »
    We don't eat out much by default but after reading some of the issues Asian restaurants are having with lost business due to racism I want to make a concerted effort that if we do eat out/get take out it's supporting local businesses that would be hardest hit. We've yet to have cases in my immediate area (SW OH/Northern KY) so there's not visible panic like some places, though precautions are definitely being taken by local organizations; universities cancelling classes, etc.

    I'm in this same area and no local cases yet. I am acting about the same in terms of eating out/getting coffee etc but I have been avoiding grocery stores because well...they've been quite chaotic.
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,241 Member Member Posts: 2,241 Member
    Baby 👶 3rd Birthday 🎁 we originally before all this was going to go to McDonald’s y Chuckie cheese 🧀 for it plus a nice sit down restaurant with my elderly Dad (Had me late in life I have adult kids so very elderly).

    She now none of those! Bought a new Hulu ,redid out Netflix,y paid the tv subscription there’s our entertainment out Daughters too (Navy stuck on base not allowed to leave at all). Downloaded the free app Tubi for TV movies too we don’t mind the ads on it.
    Downloaded new app games to the devices. Luckily bought birthday gifts in October along with last years Christmas it’s stored ready to go. So new toys to play with.

    My Dads coming Saturday we’re planning on staying indoors watch a movie 🎥, maybe home cooking,or delivery or a not crowded restaurant in low customer periods. Not sure yet I voted at home only! Hubby a never busy restaurant! (If it’s never busy then yeah the foods not worth it they need chef Gordon before the Coronavirus can’t imagine it now). Dad pizza 🍕 guy ! Lol not asking baby 👶 he’d vote “Tickets 🎫 “ which is baby babble for Chuckie cheese that’s not happening at all! Of course eating ours hard for me I have to wear a mask during flu seasons since birth which makes eating out harder for me than others (picture watching others eat taking yours home since birth). Not fun for me until spring-fall months. We have been limiting exposure a bunch.

    I can’t have the flu shot 💉 I stop breathing from it. Anaphylactic so severe allergy.Hubby gets his to protect me.

    Our city has lots of Coronovirus cases already that’s why I’m voting stay home I cook!
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  • puffbratpuffbrat Member Posts: 2,803 Member Member Posts: 2,803 Member
    Well, I am planning on getting Chipotle for dinner tonight. I live in NM where there haven't been any confirmed cases yet, so I haven't changed much of my routine. But I do usually pick it up and eat at home, I probably would avoid sitting in an overly crowded, small restaurant right now.

    There are now three confirmed cases as of this morning. Two in Socorro County and one in Santa Fe County. All three are in self-quarantine.

    To answer the original question - same as usual for me. Take out Friday nights and ~4 lunches in a month. Since I have a toddler in school, I basically expect every virus known to man and several that aren't to pass through our house. My concern is less about my husband, our toddler or I getting it but about potentially passing it to others who are higher risk. We're still trying to figure out how we want to manage that risk.
    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    I'm business as usual.

    I wish more people would actually take the flu as seriously as this and go get vaccinated and follow basic hygiene guidelines. Some 650,000 people die from the flu every year and there is a vaccine, and you still have people not getting the vaccine without a thought or care in the world.

    Wife and I have a date planned for Saturday...Escape to Margaritaville show at Pope Joy and then some fine dining at Bien Shur later that evening.

    That sounds like a lovely evening!
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