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Home workouts?



  • bobbyjthomas1bobbyjthomas1 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Frankly I've been a little lost, :D So far as my gym has been closed. There's a couple people I follow on instagram that published a lot of body weight things or dumbbell variants for different muscle groups. When I've a opportunity that I have saved I'll share them later. They show you proper form too. It'll have to do for now although cable, or its squat rack, bench set up. :) I've only been operating out since I always have been. o:)
  • weatherking2019weatherking2019 Posts: 564Member Member Posts: 564Member Member
  • slessofmeslessofme Posts: 6,235Member Member Posts: 6,235Member Member
    I like two youtubers that have already been mentioned: Fitness Blender and Sydney Cummings

    My absolute favorite is Heather Robertson though. Just be aware that some of her older videos don't have a warm up or cool down.
  • miss211lbsmiss211lbs Posts: 18Member Member Posts: 18Member Member
    Hey if you are interested, i just started using the Fit On app and have also created a Facebook group "Fit On users unite" to support me and hopefully others who use this app. I am looking for members to start the April challenge with me or to do any if the workouts that appeal to you. Please check it out. It's free
  • jdhcm2006jdhcm2006 Posts: 2,270Member Member Posts: 2,270Member Member is offering 6 weeks free. You have to sign up by 3/31 to get the deal.

    Here are some YT videos I've been using:

  • PennyP312PennyP312 Posts: 159Member Member Posts: 159Member Member
    Nike training app is offering premium videos for free for now. Can filter based on what type of workout you want.
    Also someone mentioned pelonton. Free for a while and many other options on top of their spin classes.
    Fitbod is a free app you can filter for equipment you have or simply all body weight. They are not videos just a workout on the app if you like more simple breakdowns.
    Meg squats on insta has lots of free content.
  • barefootbridgeybarefootbridgey Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    I have done a lot of workouts on Popsugar (via YouTube). They have a lot of variety - both in terms of style of workout and fitness level. More recently, I've been doing Body Combat via Les Mills on Demand. I LOVE Body Combat - I've been doing cardio kickboxing stuff for several years, and Body Combat is (by far) my favorite. Les Mills has a 28 day (or something like that?) Body Combat intro that is free on YouTube - some of them are REALLy quit - just 10 mintues or so, but they have a few that are about 30 minutes and the longest is about 44 minutes, I believe. I think that they have something similar for some of their other formats as well. The app has tons of workouts - it's $120 for a year. I've been super happy with it so far. But definitely give youtube a shot first.
  • giangdang8giangdang8 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Home workout is a good choice during this pandemic, there are some app like this can help:
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