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    My name is Donna
    Challenge Starting Weight ~ 200.8
    Challenge Goal Weight ~ 164.8 (Oh my!!!!) But I really would like to pace at about 6 pounds per month!!!!!

    March 19, 2020 (First day of Spring) to
    September 21, 2020 (Last day of Summer)
    •Challenge begins~March 19th•

    March 19 200.8 Great video Tish. Feeling more informed on the difference in symptoms really does help to keep things calm. Thanks for the research and for sharing.

    3/26 203.2 Now that is just downright laziness and stupidity. I wouldn’t even call it self-sabotage this time. Just laziness. I burned a TON of extra calories yesterday raking and hauling. What could it have been without the extra exercise? I SHUDDER to think of THAT!!!! Aiming for a better April 2nd weigh-in. Continual improvement is the name of the game! Welcome to all the Newbies. We are so glad that you are here!

    April 2 203.2 I am dealing with some glucose drops again. They rear their ugly heads everytime I try to reduce calories or carbs. I’ve been here before. I’ll get through it. But I must say, it is not easy, and the survival instinct of humans is pretty strong. I know there is a rainbow at the end of this.

    4/9 203.9 Up & Down all week and its all my fault. My diet is unsteady. My exercise is unsteady. Therefore, my weight is unsteady. The only good thing about eating too much is that my sugar does not drop. But on the flipside, sometimes it is running too high. Clearly self-sabotage.

    4/16 202.4 Trying some new things (again) but feeling pretty good about it. Today I feel 100% motivated and on Fire to lose this weight and prepare for summer. Just don’t let me near a pizza or a donut Dear God!

    4/21 204.7 I went out of town for supplies yesterday and this is what restaurant food (even carry out eaten in the car) looks like on me. Not stylish at all! Back at it today. All healthy choices.

    04/23 204.5 A little better. I am trying to stick to plan but its been tough. I am trying an old exercise machine that I haven’t used in years for both myself and my son. I’m working hard to make sure it doesn’t become a coat rack as it is taking up valuable real estate in my small living room.

    4/30 207.9 This weight reflects 3 days of travel in the past week. Not much movement and plenty of extra restaurant calories. Working on the water weight.

    May 7 208.8 I don’t know how I missed a post but here it is. This was immediately following another long travel day. Lots of car sitting and one restaurant that I did try to stay reasonable in. I hope next week will be better!

    5/14 205.0 Much better!

    5/21 204.3 I like the progress. The steps/movement/exercise is going well. There is still room for improvement on the diet. Working on it!

    5/28 204.8 Up, down, then stalled this week. Lots of hard work going on around here but I’ve GOT TO WATCH WHAT I PUT IN MY MOUTH. I won’t lie….There has been a little late-night stress eating which shows up on the scale about 4 hours later when I weigh in (I usually only sleep 4 hours so my late-night snacks affect my weigh-ins big-time!). Gotta plan for the snacks too, not just the meals. That will make all the difference!

    June 4

    6/11 somehow I missed the date above this on the 4th. New weight 211.0 after several days of travel in the past 2 weeks. For the last few days the scale has not budged either way. I’ll try to shake it up today.

    6/18 208.4 creeping back down but blood sugar issues are affecting my ability to stay exactly on plan. I’ve GOT TO get this weight down. A lower weight helps way more than just the medication.

    6/25 208.5 No time to chat but I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

    July 2 208.0 Better I suppose.

    7/9 208.4 I feel pretty stuck. Working hard but maybe the choices are more wrong than I realize?

    7/16 210.1 Going thru some sketchy things right now in home and in business. I still feel inspired but I must get some things in my life in order and it’s going to take the rest of the year (hopefully not longer). I am hanging in here, not being very consistent, but staying very inspired. I appreciate your patience with me. You guys are the best!

    7/23 210.0

    7/30 209.2 I’m overcome with sadness over the loss of a dear pet I had for 20 years. I’ve got to work hard to get my head back in the game! Still, yet, much much more to contend with on top of it all. It’s going to be a rough next few months but I’ve got to stay inspired, even if there is no success in the near future.

    August 6 209.8

    8/13 209.6 This is a fluctuation, not so much an improvement as I know where my diet and exercise stands. However, in trying times, maintenance has it’s worth.

    8/20 209.5 Getting nowhere fast! I have a long road ahead.

    8/27 210.2 Disappointed in myself but life is in the way. Staying accountable, even in my failures.

    September 3 211.2 A perfect example of the failures I mentioned in the post above from last week. Still struggling for consistency.

    9/10 211. 4

    9/17 210.8 better!

    9/21 ~ Last day challenge update 210.8 I gained a solid 10 pounds and it was all my own fault. However, I never give up and I never get in so I’ll just keep trying!