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Search and edit/view recipes in same device (web vs phone app)

KellyNBradyKellyNBrady Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I'm continually irritated that on the phone I can search for a recipe, but on the web I can't. However, I can edit a recipe or view its ingredients on the web, but not on the phone. This is a problem for me because I cook constantly. I rarely eat out and virtually never eat packaged foods. I also tailor each recipe to on-hand ingredients, so I need to review and possibly alter the recipe for each (or every several times) I log the same recipe.

For example, today I made my Muesli recipe, which will make several servings, and I may have made it different than the last time. I can locate the recipe on my phone, but I cannot edit or view it. If I could find it on the web version of the myfitnesspal website, I could view/edit it there, but I cannot search for it there. I have probably got a couple hundred recipes in myfitnesspal, so scrolling through them isn't feasible or efficient.

This is maddening. It is one of the reasons I have had a hard time staying on the program of using the site for long periods of time. I "fall off the wagon" when the myfitnesspal becomes hard to use.

Please, please, please, add both the search and edit recipe functions to the same version of myfitnesspal!


  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Posts: 22,029Member Member Posts: 22,029Member Member
    Are you using Android or iPhone? I have no trouble searching for recipes in the app and then editing them or viewing the ingredients. I use Android.
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