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  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 415 Member Member Posts: 415 Member
    @carriestrine and @droverto - Welcome!

    You’ve made great progress in a short time, @carriestine! Keep up the good work!

    @droverto I’m trying to restart my former habit of walking each morning. I hope to get out each morning for 45 minutes to an hour but even 30 minutes will be a good start. I’ve become more sedentary during the stay-at-home phase of the COVID-19 crisis but I’ll walk the dog each morning starting tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and best wishes on achieving your goals!
  • Mercyg40Mercyg40 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    Anyone still looking for an accountability buddy? :)
  • Diane_1812Diane_1812 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    @PatriceFitnessPal and @kiay131982 Thank you for the welcome! It's so nice to find a supportive and friendly group!

    @Mercyg40 I would love an accountability buddy! Sending you a friend request...
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 213 Member Member Posts: 213 Member
    Happy Sunday all!!!

    So yesterday kinda went off plan with going to pick up my son. I knew it was unlikely I would get my run in, so that was expected... But we also ended up with pizza for dinner as a welcome home dinner so I went WAY over calories.

    HOWEVER. This is a long term journey and I dont want to never eat treats so its ok! Ive made a note of how many calories i overate, and plan on clawing back that excess through the week (without ever going below healthy calorie limits) to see if its possible. I upped todays run from 5k to 10k to make a start on making up for it!!!

    Hows your Sunday?
  • carriestrinecarriestrine Member Posts: 214 Member Member Posts: 214 Member
    @kiay131982 this happened to me on Friday, but also every time I don't cook at home its pretty much impossible to stay within my calorie range. Ive got to figure out a sustainable way to manage it from time to time, because I cant eat at home or pack 100% of the time. I love your idea of a bit more exercise today.
  • kstpierre52020kstpierre52020 Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    Kiay - your attitude is inspiring and this seems like the right way to manage those days- if we are in this for life, then life is going to happen. It’s not a fail, it’s just something to manage. Great job!

    Scale is down again today. Yay! Officially back to my pre-Covid weight. 5 lbs to go to target! Then maintenance..... no finish line! Keep running the race!
  • kmccromkmccrom Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    Happy Monday everyone! Here’s to a
    Great week!

    This weekend I got off track.
    First on Saturday I was emotionally upset and I binged on... ‘plant-based ice cream!’ I just think that is kind of hilarious. Anyway, I was eating mindlessly and really overeating for the first time since starting mfp. So darn.

    Then the next day we had not one but two
    celebratory dinners and I overindulged. That was a joyful occasion so I just wanted to go for it. I didn’t go over too much but I know that I can’t eat that way regularly.

    So I just wanted to confess this and move forward. I know that this is just how life is. Emotional eating and using food as a
    Reward are part of why I’m not at my goal weight. So, I need to hash this stuff out and build better habits. Part of that is showing up here and being honest. Thanks for being here to help me grow in this. If anyone has any tips for dealing with emotional eating, I would love to hear them.

    @kiay131982 and @kstpierre52020, I appreciate your comments about life happening. Life
    Happened this weekend and in so many ways I’m lucky that it did.
  • bfromm25bfromm25 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I need a partner bad 😬. Let me know if you want to support each other.
  • kstpierre52020kstpierre52020 Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    We got my 8yo daughter a kitten yesterday. He meowed much of the night and I’m going on 2 hours of sleep today. My goal- I will mindfully eat and find time to sleep. I will report back here tomorrow. Knowing I need to report back will help today. Good luck everyone.
  • renaegryrenaegry Member, Premium Posts: 1,188 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,188 Member
    Good morning all. Didn’t have time to get caught up on posts. Been here just not in community. Was having such issues with it.

    Been getting my steps in and have just about for my weight back down just in time for the weekend (which will consist of lots of booze) man it’s a visious circle. Won’t be doing much today. Working then daughter has gymnastics then need to cut the grass (which takes an hour). Definitely going to try to at least get a set of bench presses in.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Will try to check in daily.
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 213 Member Member Posts: 213 Member
    @kstpierre52020 awww cute!! Shame about the lack of sleep, hopefully that will improve quickly! Our puppy is now 14 weeks old and luckily hes never been a bother over night... But I think thats because he sleeps in with our older dog.

    @EmilyShaw91 welcome :) im also macro tracking, you can do this! What are your goals?

    @renaegry hi! Something exciting planned for the weekend? :)

    Its our anniversary coming up, we got married on the 13th in a registry office and then had a handfasting on the 16th... So we are planning Thai food for the 13th as that was what we did after our ceremony. We were hoping going back to the restaurant would become tradition but this year itll have to be takeout. :)

  • kstpierre52020kstpierre52020 Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    Survived yesterday. No crazy eating but not tight control either - Id say I survived. Had a great nights sleep because my sons helped my daughter with the kitten and gave me a break, which was amazing. Back on track today....
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 415 Member Member Posts: 415 Member
    @kstpierre52020 - Good for you making it through a difficult day. When I see your comments about the ‘kitten,’ I keep thinking MFP is censoring you for cursing 🤬😂🤬😂
  • kmccromkmccrom Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    Hi everyone, just checking in on a Friday morning! What is macro tracking? Forgive my ignorance...

    Lots of work to do this week, so I focus a lot on that and momentarily lose my focus and motivation for mfp and paying attention. Going to the mountains for a few days and I’ll have time for some contemplation and hiking.

    Also... Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds! I had a bunch last night before bed so I didn’t sleep well. I’m annoyed with myself for doing that...

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 213 Member Member Posts: 213 Member
    @kmccrom macro tracking is about carba, fats and protein... I know to hit my protein macro i need at least 100g of protein a day... So i focus on that being the goal instead of just calories... (i do keep a track of those too!!).

    Really Good day here... Did an outdoor gym class this morning and a cheeky weigh this morning showed ive lost a stone since Lockdown :) feeling good!!
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 415 Member Member Posts: 415 Member
    @kmccrom - I love those chocolate covered almonds! It can be difficult to limit the amount but, lately, I’ve had success with eating one or two bite-sized chocolate mint(s) or a set number of chocolate covered nuts or raisins. The hiking sounds nice and you’ll burn that chocolate in no time! Enjoy your trip to the mountains! ...

    @Kiay131983 - You seem to be making fantastic progress. I’m at the point where I need to focus on the nutrition balance through macro tracking, and I also need to be more meticulous about my portions, because I hit a plateau for about a month!

    I finally got the psychological boost I was looking for now that my scale weight is under 150. I’ve weighed in at 149 pounds the past few days after fluctuating slightly above and below the 150 mark last week. I also moved a bit more so it’s no coincidence the scale moved, too. I did some abdominal workouts, light weightlifting, and other toning exercises.

    The lifting of some restrictions is also lifting my spirits, I think. The public parks opened late Friday so my son and I played tennis yesterday and I was able to sign up for a weekend sculling class (somewhat nearby) at another boathouse, even though our rowing program is still on hold. A fellow rower in our program signed up, and she spread the word about the July 4th (long weekend) class, so I’m guessing I’ll see some familiar faces there. It’s only a short time but it’s encouraging!

    Work is still busy so I’m continuing to keep my goals small for the next couple of weeks. I’ll work in more exercise and continue to drink more water throughout the day. I’ll also try to eat more protein (in place of carbs) to even out my macros. Thanks for your help with motivation and accountability. I feel as though I’m slowly making my way out of a dark tunnel so thanks for showing me some light!
    edited June 2020
  • jvando74jvando74 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    Hi all, it’s been a while. @PatriceFitnessPal your attitude is always so calm an encouraging. Congratulations on getting under 150 — a great accomplishment! I’ve been doing pretty well. Very well with running and exercise, decent with nutrition. Clothes are all noticeably looser, so I’m happy about that. The bad news is that yesterday right at the end of mile 1 of my run I popped my hamstring. Pretty badly, I’m afraid. I was able to walk the remaining 3 miles and then I iced every hour until bedtime, but I am freaking out. I haven’t tried to walk or run yet today, but I can feel the soreness. I don’t have the time to walk for an hour+ on weekdays, so I don’t know what I’m going to do for the calorie burn/cardio I need. I’m super upset about the potential derailment of my fitness goals, but also really freaked that my headspace is going to get nuts without the buffer of my daily run. Thanks for letting me vent! Any interim cardio suggestions are much appreciated!
  • arameniarameni Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    Hey, y'all! Just checking back in. I'm officially over my freakout :#

    @kiay131982 and @kmccrom thank you for your advice and helping me to look at my struggle in a bit of a different light! I'm back and logging again. Setbacks can be overcome, and building good habits is part of playing the long game. Just gotta remind myself to breathe and get grounded again. Yeah, I really can't imagine telling all the crap I say to myself to another person and walking away in one piece lol

    Based on my behaviors around my hiccup, I've definitely put about two-four pounds back on. Nothing too drastic.

    I took a break from socializing this week. Suddenly everyone and their best friends want to chat via Skype or zoom or whatever on a weekly basis and I was absolutely drained.

    I used to do weekly trivia at a bar with two friends and that was all my socializing for a week, with an occasional night of crazy fun thrown in. Now it's suddenly several meetups online with more people than ever and no excuses to miss. I felt a little guilty skipping, but I feel more satisfied and relaxed.

    Food-wise, I ate a lot of bread this week. I bought croissants and biscuits from grocery store bakeries. There was a cafe nearby that had croissants with "creme fraiche" and jam that were really good. So I bought a tin of creme fraiche but it turned out to be a lot more than I thought, so I kept buying more croissants and biscuits. I finally finished the last of the bread and creme today, but now I've got a bunch of jam and no plan. I'm trying to stick to soups for dinner and had lentil soup every night for the past week and a half. I need to figure out if the recipe from Hurry the Food Up freezes well.

    I learned two jump rope tricks this week! I can do running in place and skipping while jumping now! Still can't make it to 100 jumps in one go, but I'm working toward side hops and boxer step soon! :) the tricks make it way more fun!

    Glad to see all y'all checking in! Our continued efforts will pay off!
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