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  • carriestrine
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    Back to work today, and about 80% unpacked at the new house. Ready to make sure my routine and habits don't slip backwards! This weeks goals include:

    1- exercise 4 days (1 strength training), and maintaining some activity the other 3.
    2 - Cook all meals at home. I had enough takeout for a month last week.
  • mollziwollzi
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    Haven't posted for a while but I'm back!

    Last I checked in I was still hovering around the 143-145 mark, and on my last weight in finally managed to drop this down to 140. My short term goal is to get to 135, and ultimate goal to somewhere between 125-130.

    For the first time in my life I really feel like I've managed to find a balance without restricting or binging. I am mindful of what I eat but if I want to have a piece of cake then I am going to have a piece of cake. It's funny, I was stuck at around 145 for so long and it's only since allowing myself these small pleasures that I have seen the weight start to drop.

    @nazah_sakin this may be useless advice, and it somewhat similar to being told to eat a piece of fruit when you're desperately craving chocolate...but I highly recommend the toffee flavour drops from MyProtein if you want to stop adding sugar to your coffee! I find just a few drops makes the coffee nice and sweet, and may help you cut down from 1/2tbsp to 1 tsp!

    My goals for the rest of this week are to get an hour of exercise in every day around work, even if it is just a slow walk.
  • Naz_2020
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    @mollziwollzi thanks for your advice. I will try it.
  • highmaintnance
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    Hello! I am about to be 39 years old. About 12 years ago, i was my heaviest at right around 200 lbs (just had baby). I lost weight on my own to get down to around 160. I joined MFP and rocked it again, getting down to 135, which was a perfect weight and body fat % for me. Then I went back to school to finish my degree, started a new job, bought a house and my mom was diagnosed with cancer all around the same time. My regular workouts with my sisters stopped and turned into taking care of mom, my daughter, school work and all the things that come with a new house. I gained 20lbs back and have stayed steady at 155. My mom passed away just short of two years ago but my dad has dementia, so the caretaking switched from her to him. I did get my degree (woot!) and am doing really well in my new job. I am a hard and stubborn worker!

    My daughter has had some mental health issues and recently gained quite a few pounds herself. She is super picky so making two meals on the nights I have her have been a struggle. Heck, making supper on most nights is a struggle because I'm so tired. Anyway, I have found some really good meals that I love and now I'm trying to help my daughter with her struggle. I am currently doing a 100 day challenge with my sisters, where we have 10k steps 100 days in a row. I walk at lunch and get some strength exercises in when I can. I need accountability to continue to log my food every day! It has become unbearable to sit down and try to log every thing I eat and make sure it's the exact brand and amount. I love the barcode scanner, and I have a food scale, but it just feels like time I don't have. I did it before, though, so I know I can do it again. I hope to be a support for everyone here as well! I'm all about moderation, because I will never give up chocolate or ice cream, and exercise.
  • kiay131982
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    Evening all!
    Welcome to all the new people, looking forward to hearing all about your journeys :)
    Hit some Personal Bests with weights today which felt really good!!!
    This weeks aim is to try and incorporate yoga into my day too, for strength, flexibility and to help with mindfulness :)
  • Kelceybyers
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    I would love more friends to help me stay on track!! :)
  • kiay131982
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    @Kelceybyers welcome! Tell us about your journey, what are your goals? :)
    We tend to all post on here as and when we can and keep each other motivated :)
  • My problem is at 43 I am perimenopausal. My periods are wacky..i havent had a period in 2 months which is to be my losing weight is tough with the hormones etc. Im also caring for 2 kids AND helping my mom who is going through chemo..i love to walk but here in Tennessee we have the humidity along with its over 90 which is like 102 with humidity. Trying to find some indoor exercises. And for me my gym is out right now due to caution over COVID...uggghhh help...
  • beshamama wrote: »
    Ugh back up to 170 😬 what happened this weekend? Oh I know beer, chips, ice cream, take out. I just get burnt out cooking and eating healthy all week. The Covid cases are sky rocketing in my area again so I’m too afraid to go out.

    New week though. New goals!
    *try to stay in my calorie budget 4x this week
    *work out for 45mins at least 4x this week
    *no night snacking! Even if I have the calories!

    Yep cases are high here in Tn too
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @nazah_sakin - Those look like perfect goals. I’m too general in my goal setting but, for now, it’s working. I might have to get more specific as I get closer to my goal weight and weight loss gets a bit more stubborn. I’m inspired by your clear, realistic and manageable goals! 👍🏼

    @kstpierre52020 - I like the reframing of the ‘What are you committed to? question so we can see the value in our journey. I have a few things in mind for what I’m going to do as my fitness improves and I reach my goals: (1) Today, I practiced sculling (rowing with one person in the boat), which is a little different than rowing with 8 people like I usually do (3x per/wk in summer). If I lose weight and get stronger, my boat will move much faster (and it may not tip as easily when my weight shifts too much to one side of the boat)! I’m somewhat new to this sport but it would be fun to try a race in the future as a goal to motivate me. I’m going to turn 54 this week so maybe by the time I’m 70, I can win the Head of the Charles regatta in my hometown of Boston! 🤔 💭 ... and (2) I’ll wear my clothes more confidently and more comfortably! Thanks for the inspiration to set a fun goal!! 🏆

    @beshamama - Your post made me laugh 😂 ... I love the way you acknowledge what you learned and move on. How’s that new nighttime habit building going? Do you have a new self-care routine to help you resist snacking while still being good to yourself?

    I was pleasantly surprised to check in tonight and see TEN new messages posted! We’re all working on different goals - and taking slightly different approaches - but I really feel ‘in’ this with you all. The one common denominator is the wonderful encouragement (and helpful tips)! ... I’m sending peace, love and good wishes to you all on your journey!! ☮️ ❤️ 🙏🏼

    I appreciate the support in taking one step at a time along the path ahead. I’ll row again on Thursday and do an at-home workout with my son at least two days this week. I’ll also stay under my calorie count by adding a little protein and cutting my carbs. For now, I’ll try substituting one carb (rice or bread) with a protein (tuna over salad instead of bread, for example) at least 3 days. Go get those goals!!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    Wow! 🤩 I’m just seeing there’s lots to celebrate, too! @carriestrine Congratulations on getting through your move and balancing all you needed to do while maintaining your MFP commitment (and dodging extra calories from takeout food!) That’s not easy!!

    @mollziwollzi You’re really making progress, surpassing another 5 pound milestone 🎉; and @kiay131982, you’ve been hitting new personal bests, regularly. I’m sure it must fell great to be getting so strong!

    Welcome to all the new ‘Accountability Buddies’ ... the biggest celebration is really making the commitment to star and getting through the first few days of new habit building. So, even if every day hasn’t been perfect, it’s important to remember that the long-term changes are the real ‘difference maker.’ Be kind to yourself and keep coming back! We’re here for you @kelseybyers, @highmaintenance and other new friends!

    @micahandskylersmommy2 and @highmaintenance - The ‘sandwich generation’ years can be tough, when it feels we’re taking care of everyone but ourselves. Breathe deeply and try to carve out one time of day that feels just for you. Maybe you’ll need to schedule it on the calendar at first but I hope you can protect it. It’s difficult setting a boundary and building the habit with the people we love most, but they can make the adjustment and everyone will be happier in the end. Your parents and children are fortunate to have you in their lives, and I’m sure it can feel wonderful and rewarding to be there through illness, loss, mental health struggles and supporting wellness, but remember that you deserve your own love, too. Hang in there!
  • Naz_2020
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    @PatriceFitnessPal have a great week! Thanks for your support 😊😊😊
  • mollziwollzi
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    @PatriceFitnessPal feels so great to finally be moving in the right direction! Good luck with all your goals this week, can't wait to hear how you do!

    I am very excited for this coming week. Using this weight loss transformation to inspire other transformations...and donating all of my hair to Little Princess Trust! I really feel like the progress I have made in my fitness journey has given me a new-found confidence to embrace change and learn to love myself as I am. My hair has always been something to hide behind, going down past my bum! Really looking forward to shedding it all and learning to be confident without it. And hey, maybe it weighs a few pounds too ;)

    Hope everyone is having a great week and feeling strong, happy and healthy :)
  • balkanone
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    Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. I am looking for accountability friends on here, so feel free to add me!
  • kmccrom
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    Hi everyone! I’ve been feeling discouraged and disengaged for a few days. So glad I checked back in here because the positive energy is really encouraging! @Cerezez I checked out that Paul McKenna app and am not sure what I think about it.
    Thanks so much everyone for sharing their goals, their successes, and their struggles. I am still working on the late night snacking and have done better this week with that. I also want to focus on mindful eating. Good luck to all!
  • beshamama
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    @PatriceFitnessPal Animal Crossing has helped with night snacking. 🤣
  • Tinychick0206
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    Hey Add me I would be willing to do this :)
  • kiay131982
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    Evening all!

    @mollziwollzi donating your hair is such an amazing thing to do!! Maybe you could share some before and after pics???

    @kmccrom if late night snacking is a problem, maybe instead of curbing it, try planning it. So at 9pm (or whatever time) you have a healthy snack that you have already planned/weighed out and prepared. That way less likely to reach for something you shouldnt?

    As for me, well today wasnt great. We had a terrible nights sleep due to my puppy and my 4 year old tag teaming that they were Going to be awake most of the night. Hubby and I have been walking around like zombies all day. So I failed at getting anymore exercise than yoga in.... Didn't even make my steps and thats a rarity!!
    I did however do some snack prep and bake some healthy goodies to snack on this week... Plus reset my macro goals with my PT so I know roughly where Im aiming for again to boost weight loss... Still feeling positive! Xxx
  • beshamama
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    @kiay131982 inquiring minds want to know...what’d you bake?

    I baked bread today which I do quite a bit. But today did something different. My daughters and I made homemade butter. It was so fun/easy and it is delicious!
  • rmarlow65
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    I started this journey last week, and weighed in yesterday...down 8 pounds. I'm cautiously very happy, I say cautiously because I've done this before and eventually I stop. I pray daily that I keep my motivation do stick with it. Than you all for the inspiration you all give out to everyone!