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    @beshamama - Congratulations! Everything sounds great and I can feel your positive energy. And, I need it!! Work has been stressful so I haven’t posted much but mid-week should be a bit better. For now, I’m going to take some of your good vibes and see if I can ride out the next couple of days. Thanks for sharing an update.

    P.S. Are there chips that aren’t good? 😉
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    @PatriceFitnessPal i spoke too soon...ended up having my another beer....but we took the dogs on a hike today so I had the calories.

    As for the chips I don’t like these salt and pepper chips unless I’m eating them with something like a sandwich by themselves 😝 I once bought some terra chips that were unsalted by accident and those were also nasty 🤪
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    I'd like an accountability pal. I see some others also asking for that but I don't see how to set that up. Any help is welcome?
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    @mcalla2000 Hi! This group is great. We just post what each of us is comfortable with(weight, goals, etc) and cheer each other on and offer insights. I recently made my food diary public and that had made me reconsider eating/drinking certain things cause everyone can see it!
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    @mcalla2000 - Yes ... I echo what @beshamama wrote above. I have an open diary, too, but I’m no role model for eating perfectly!! I don’t think too much about what other’s think of my meals but I ate a slice of pizza for breakfast and thought, “I’ll log it as ‘lunch’ and then eat my usual breakfast of egg and toast for lunch and log it as ‘breakfast’ so people don’t think I’m too odd ... until lunch rolled around - and I was pressed for time - so it was just easier to eat pizza again! 😂🤣😂 ... which, of course, was left over from last night! 🤪 It’s gone now so you won’t have to see that item again. The good news is that I stayed under my calorie target today (but not yesterday) ... 🤫

    Anyway, feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your goal(s) - or not - and then check in again to let us know how you’re doing. Feel free to send a friend request, too. I do my best to regularly support MFP friends but I don’t post daily so my comments ‘ebb and flow’ there. I book marked this group (using the star icon above) so I can post goals every Thursday and then report my status about halfway through the week and weigh in on Wednesday. BUT, there are no rules here ... just check in as it works for you.

    So, that’s the long way of saying ... WELCOME! ... We’re glad you’re here. Do you have a short-term, manageable goal or habit you’re working on this week? Best wishes on your journey to a better you!
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    @PatriceFitnessPal @mcalla2000 @beshamama YAH! I love all of your posts this year. I too will make my diary public, it will help me out on my accountability for sure. I have been very good with logging my food but have been making not so good choices a few times a week. For the most part I have been back on track since re-joining MFP.

    I am also doing IF and it really helps a lot with not snacking late at night, even if I am awake late. I am working hard at getting in my 10K steps a day and walking at lunch everyday as well as trying to get on my treadmill in the mornings for 15-30 minutes depending on how busy my morning is.

    I have been using "Pockets of Time" here and there to meal prep things each week so I am less stressed when it comes to feeding my family of 5 (especially with 3 kids home doing virtual school) I felt prepared for the week and dinner was ready to be cooked today, but the kids had dentist appointments that ran super long and we didn't leave until 6pm so we stopped at picked up pizza. I could have eaten something that was premade in the fridge, but nooooo I ate the stuffed crust pizza and I felt sick afterwards but too late.

    I have learned to tell myself there are not foods that are off limits, rather there are "sometimes foods" and there are "anytime foods" this makes it so I am not so hard on myself when I make a choice that isn't the best. This is part of my new approach to being "My own best friend" If we don't degrade our BFF's when they make a mistake or bad choice but instead we tend to be supportive and encouraging, then why can't we do the same for ourselves. AT LEAST I'm trying.

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    @mtumale - 🤩 Your strategies are so insightful ... and inspiring! I wanted to select all the positive emojis above ...

    👍🏼 ♥️ 💡🤩

    ... because you’re working to build some great life-long habits and self-talk. The strategies you’re modeling for your children will enhance their lives tremendously.

    👏 👏 👏

    Keep at it and let us know if there are any specific goals you have for this week. It’s good to have you here!
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    Not making any weight progress but think I’m feeling better. Getting 5km on treadmill 5 days a week along with some squats and abs. Need to up my strength workouts and cut out a lot of the booze on the weekends. Eating is alright.
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    Love this. Yes, I need accountability as well. Been a very difficult year for me...
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    The weather where I live(Wisconsin) is getting warmer! As much as I love the snow and cold weather I am getting excited about the warm weather! It means we can do outside hangouts with friends and family much more comfortably and I can go on bike rides longer than to just the grocery store again. Also we are members of a CSA and our weekly veggies will be a great health boost. I always seem to eat lighter in the summer too. I hate being hot and make lots of salads and cold soups(savory smoothies as my 11 year old calls them 🤣). New puppy loves going on walks so I foresee lots of walks and hikes this summer.

    I turned my heat off for the 1st time in months yesterday and even had the windows open for a bit in the afternoon 💕

    Hope you all are finding joy in any way you can today 💕💕💕
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    Hey all! Short one from me....I stupidly cut the end of my thumb (nothing serious) but its bandaged....and I have discovered that you really need your thumbs for typing on a touchscreen!!!! :D

    I've been being really mindful of how much I move this last week or so, getting in some exercise every single day, and now that my youngest is back at school I have a school run to walk each day too!!!!

    I have however been less mindful of food, currently waiting on a takeaway (slaps hand!)... its been harder getting back to normality than expected, we just need to get back into the flow of it!!!! Xx

    Welcome to all the new people!!! Xxx
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    Yesterday was my weigh in day and I was up one pound but I hadn’t really established myself at 132 so I don’t think I’m off track. Here are my stats and weekly goal updates:

    Female: 5’4” Age 54 and 133 pounds or 162.5 cm and 60.3 kilograms ... age is the same 😉

    My nutrition was on target this week and the balance of macronutrients was about the same as usual. BTW, I reversed the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in last week’s notice and I still don’t really have a very good sense of what that means, except they are both still a bit over the target. The good news is that I rarely have a problem with the trans fats. My stressful work week and deadlines interfered with some exercise plans, but I still made it to my physical therapy and personal trainer appointments so that meets my minimum maintenance level for workouts.

    As you noted, @kiay131982, we’ll just need to keep at it until we can get back into the flow. I hope your thumb feels better soon. You made me laugh about the visual ‘hand slap’ for ordering take away but it sounds as though you deserve a break from the food preparation. There’s nothing worse than a wet bandage or trying to chop with a wrapped up thumb! Take care and congratulations on building the new exercise and literal ‘school run’ routine. There’s nothing better than finding a way to naturally fit in a workout. For me, I’d probably end up running to avoid being late 🏃‍♀️ but you’re definitely more positive and deliberate in your approach. Nice work!

    I’ll respond with new goals and more detailed lessons learned about the past month soon but, for now, it’s back to work! Keep up the great work, everyone ... and a warm virtual hug and welcome to you, @AerosmithRocks1978. You’re on the path forward now so let us know how we can help keep you moving one step at a time in the right direction. I’m sure you’ve learned and grown despite the pain, and hope you find a safe and rewarding space here, even if it feels like an incremental crawl. Go get those goals, no matter how small ... momentum is momentum!

    Best wishes for the coming week!
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    Happy Friday to you all! Today was my weigh in day and I lost about 2lbs! Cutting back on the booze and exercising everyday is slowly starting to pay off....who would of thunk it? 😉

    I stuck to my goals of drinking less and no night snacking...last night I tried to have some popcorn as a reward for finishing knitting this really complicated sock and I burned the popcorn in the microwave 😭

    My state announced yesterday that people 16-65 with certain medical conditions would be eligible for the next of Covid vaccines. Apparently having a BMI greater than 25 qualifies and I’m at 28 so there you go. Don’t know if I should be happy about this or not. I texted it to my lil sis and my mom and they are both overweight too and my sis is excited to get our shots so we hug for the 1st time in a year. Not gonna lie this made me cry...we are such a lovey family and it was awful not getting to hug my mom and sis. I doubt I’ll be able to lose enough weight o get my BMI down to 25 by the time I get an appointment to get the shot but it is giving me pause....should I continue to try to lose the weight? Or hold off till I get the shot? Obviously I’m going to continue it is a habit now and I really don’t want to throw all this hard work down the drain. Just a silly thought I had.

    Goals for the weekend
    *Exercise both days
    *Log food
    *Don’t over do it with the booze
    *Go and on long bike ride, walk, or hike
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    Hey all!! My thumb cut has now healed :)

    I didn't do well at tracking food last week at all, getting back into routines with school runs and work ramping up, but it's okay, Saturdays weigh in was still a loss, so straight back at it today!!! I need to start refocusing on macros and not just calories. It'll come! :)

    @beshamama I don't think you should pause your weight loss for the vaccine....both are good for you, and the vaccine will come at some point anyway....weight loss is a much longer journey so don't stumble on it for something that is definitely coming soon regardless xxxxxx
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    @beshamama - I completely agree with @kiay131982 and I’ve heard from people in multiple states that nobody asks you for evidence of an underlying condition when you show up for your appointment. Since you are honest - and have good intentions - I guarantee that no health care worker is going to say you should have halted healthy behavior so you could still qualify for the vaccine. You are honest at registration about your status so you’ll be fine. I read an article in the newspaper that people are feeling mixed emotions when qualifying because of their BMI. They are happy they can access the shot but want to have better overall health that would make them ineligible. You could have the ‘best of both worlds’ so I’d encourage you to actually set a goal and envision yourself NOT meeting the requirements by the time you get your vaccine ... and take pride in reporting it to the health care provider administering it to you! 😂💗😂
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    Thanks for the kind words. I’m not pausing my weight loss it was really just a funny thought I had 🤣

    My oven’s heating element broke yesterday. I am so bummed about this. Our new one so be here till next week. I’m trying to figure out what I can cook on the stovetop till then. Usually wouldn’t be a problem but since I can’t bake all I want to do is bake 🤣

    Goals for this week:
    *Continue to go easy on the booze. Went shopping today and bought ingredients to make alcohol free drinks. Also have started making ice tea again...I had forgotten how much I love iced tea. I have been using herbal tea blends so I don’t have to add sugar and they are so nice.
    *Keep exercising every day! I have been doing a 21 day toned arm and an ab challenge and have been actually sticking with it! Also been doing stationary bike. 💪
    *Really want to get outside more. Think I will attempt to go for a walk or bike ride outside at least 3x this week.
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    Hey everyone! I'm new to this thread, but am looking for some accountability. I've been on and off MFP for many years, and I just recently decided that if I want to lose weight and keep it off I better get used to tracking everything forever. I think as soon as I lose weight I can just go back to normal and not track anymore. That just never works. So here I am, back at it.
    I just recently got a new puppy so I've been getting out and exercising every day and getting my steps in. I have been tracking everyday, but sometimes late at night I'll have snacks without tracking them and its a bad habit. My boyfriend is a HUGE snacker and I find it hard to stay motivated when there is always snacks and treats around. But hopefully this thread and finding some accountability will help keep me on track!

    Anyone is free to add me as a friend :)

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    Hi @ladychr0nic ! I also recently got a new puppy. I see lots of long walks in our future 😊

    Wooo I missed my daily workout. I figured my bike ride to the grocery store and my couple of little walks in the snow would cut it. But my Apple Watch wasn’t buying any of it as exercise 🤨 so I am doing a little one now. This is big for me...usually I’d just say meh. I’m proud of me!
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    @beshamama - Great job! You should be proud of yourself. 🤩🎉🤩🎉

    The Apple Watch needs to be a little more flexible and develop more willingness to negotiate 🤨 but good for you, digging deep and rallying for an extra workout. Maybe it’s better for us to give in rather than try to negotiate with ‘Big Brother Apple Watch’ 🤷‍♀️.

    WELCOME @ladychr0nic!! You’re back on the path so it should be easier than trying to navigate the rough and uncharted terrain 👍🏼 You’re so right about the need to build regular habits for the long term instead of thinking about the change as a (short term) diet or temporary fitness goal. We usually post one or two habits we’re working to build and then report back on the status. I report back weekly but you can decide what level of accountability you want to set up for yourself.

    You might want to bookmark this thread - by clicking the star image ⭐️ at the top of the page - so it’s easy to find again. It’s good to have you here!
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    Happy Friday, Everyone! I started to post my status report a few times yesterday but got interrupted by life outside of MFP. Not much has changed since my last update except my son came home during his university break so I was thrilled to see him! 😍

    My ‘data analysis’ day is Wednesday when I look at my weight, measurements and the weekly MFP setting for calories, nutrition and macronutrients in the app. I’m 6-7 pounds from my goal weight but I would definitely be satisfied to stay at this level of health and fitness; so, as long as the trend is going down or remaining steady, I don’t worry about small fluctuations. I’m at 132 now and my goal is 125-130 for maintenance. A couple of days, I was at 131, but I don’t log the ‘progress’ until I see at least three days at that level. My fat intake was 5% higher than my goal so I need to watch that piece. I don’t remember eating anything worse than usual this week so I’ll have to pay more attention. When my son came home, I bought some avocados because I like to eat them sometimes but my husband isn’t a fan, so I don’t usually buy them. The problem was, it’s my older son who likes them and not the younger one who’s visiting. Maybe the avocado is my extra fat culprit. Well, if so, at least it’s ‘healthy fat.’ But, there was some saturated fat, which is unusual, so we’ll see 🤔

    Work has been ridiculously busy so I haven’t been able to accomplish much beyond taking care of my health, enjoying my son’s visit, helping my older son through some school hurdles, and trying to collect all the tax and bill information for two very new businesses. That’s been a sharp learning curve, especially for my husband who hired our sons to do his administrative work, edit reports, etc. He retired in February and the project funding for my work in early childhood development and learning was cut during the last U.S. administration. So, I was essentially laid off since my organization used that money to pay me and my staff. Fortunately, the states I worked with decided to contract directly with me when the federal funds were eliminated. I quickly helped the other staff find kids and set up a business - and my husband did, too - just before the widespread pandemic shutdowns!

    I also work with state and local education agencies in charge of school-age learning. They are partnering with other groups to improve access to services that support mental health and wellbeing so our world changed when everything moved online for distance learning and Telehealth. Anyway, now we’re transitioning back, practice is changing substantially, again, and states have reports due to the federal government, etc. I also have new work with family groups that is exciting but requires start-up attention. I’m so grateful to have meaningful work during such difficult times and hope the suffering leads to widespread reflection and improvements to our overall health as individuals, a nation ... and global community. Best wishes in meeting your goals this week, Accountability buddies. Take care of your health and go get those goals!