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    @ifIwereatree - I hear you.... I'm stuck at 230, I want to get down to 200. I workout, 4-5 days a week... I know I need to eat, but I end up making bad choices on food.
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    Ugh Fri was my weigh in day and I’m up to 177. I know it’s the beer. This week I’m for real going to make an effort to minimize my intake.

    In other good news I got my 1st dose of the Covid vaccine on Sat. I’ll be so happy when I’m fully vaccinated and can hang out with friends again and go places without worrying about getting sick.

    My in-laws are in town now and it’s been rough. Just trying to breathe and think positive thoughts. They are definitely why I have been drinking more 🤦‍♀️

    I went for an hour bike ride today and feel so good. I really do enjoy outside exercise way more than inside.

    Goals for this week:
    *Cut back on the beer!!
    *Stay in my calorie range
    *Exercise every day
    *Don’t eat all the leftover Easter candy 🤣
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    Hey Ladies!

    I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend! It's beautiful and sunny in Vancouver right now, definitely feeling like spring time! I'm excited to get outside and get some steps in. Also plan on making a new recipe tonight, a vegetarian mexican skillet. Sounds pretty good!
    I'm down 1.6 pounds this week :) it took a week to get off that stupid salt weight. It's crazy how two days of higher sodium (still within calories) can make such a jump. Definitely going to pay more attention to my sodium
    So here's to a week of meal planning, spring cleaning and getting more organized. Hopefully another pound or too will come off!

    Enjoy your Monday!
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    @kiay131982 - Ouch! 😣 I’m so sorry to hear about your accidental burn. I hope the initial back soreness and the blisters are both healing well.

    @shawtytel - It’s wonderful to have the support of your sons! ... and a little motivation from your cousin might add some excitement to family gatherings! 😉

    @bumpbreakcar - It’s great to hear from you and learn how your hard work has paid off over the last few months. You’ve made tremendous progress in that short time. Does your health coach offer fitness and nutrition guidance? I’m interested in learning more about how it works.

    @beshamama - I went over my calorie target a few times already and the week just started!🤦‍♀️ I had mimosa at brunch and drank wine and more champagne with friends this weekend. I’m hoping I ate ‘maintenance level’ calories but it’s difficult to know the exact numbers. And, I think the leftover lemon scone put me over the top again today! I don’t have in-laws on my nerves but something unhealthy has definitely thrown me off kilter. Socializing outside on friends’ porches was nice and relaxing but led to some extra calories that I wouldn’t have missed if I had just said ‘no thanks’ to the second round of wine. Oh well, rowing and soccer start later this week so things might improve with a little wiggle room eating back exercise calories. I also prefer outdoor workouts! ... and there’s a social aspect to joining my groups again! 😃

    Congratulations on your continued success @ladychr0nic! I appreciate your energy and hope the spring weather is here to stay. Enjoy your new recipe. We sometimes use meatless crumbles to make vegetarian adaptations of traditional Mexican-style dinners and our family likes them.

    Welcome @ifIwereatree and @RandJ6280! I’m ready to start fresh on this journey, too. Every decision is a chance to make a better choice. So, let’s take it one step at a time together and it won’t feel as lonely and ominous as it can alone! Thanks for giving me a space to reset, Accountability buddies. I appreciate you all.
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    i'm really struggling to keep my motivation :/ any tips? i will do really well with food and working out for like a week and then if i take ONE day off, it's all ruined and i can't get back on it:/. today was a tough day, ate WAY more than i should have. feeling really gross about it now... i just hate the way that i look. i used to love the way that i look. i can't even look in the mirror anymore.
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    Does your health coach offer fitness and nutrition guidance? I’m interested in learning more about how it works.

    Yes, it’s mostly nutrition 80/20 kind of thing. Starts with a detox and then you phase things back in. I’m on phase two now, so I’ll keep you all posted but I think my biggest take away from all this so far is discipline... and applying that 80/20 rule to it right now because I’m trying to lose extra fat I have to be strict but it won’t be like this forever! Once I hit my goal the 80/20 will apply

    Also I’ve found out I’m sensitive to gluten and dairy so I cut those out... I haven’t had a burger in forever tho because I can’t imagine it without cheese... so I’m going to try some vegan options... any suggestions??

  • kiay131982
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    Morning all!!

    Just realised this thread is just a little over a year old now...and coming up to my anniversary of joining! :)@PatriceFitnessPal you've been here since the start and still a fantastic, regular support!! Thankyou!!!

    @drollings2019 I understand those feels, I am also using a previous, lower weight as motivation and inspiration...I know I can do it!!!

    @ifIwereatree welcome!!!! :) definitely don't starve yourself!! Really doesn't help :) do you have set calorie goals at the moment?

    @beshamama why not work out what beer intake you ARE happy with this week, and pop it in the fridge. That way you can see it, but you can also see it going as you drink it and know that's all you've got for the week.... you may find it easier to leave it there until a set day....rather than having some on multiple days?

    @PatriceFitnessPal we have also had a couple of socialising sessions in gardens this week...leading to food I probably wouldn't have eaten at home...but hey, I haven't seen these people in a year and I am going to enjoy it! (In moderation!)

    @sheakatherine23 what are you calorie goals? Are you tracking? I find if I set my goals too low then its hard to stick to and I blow out instead!!! How can we help?

    After taking the weekend off of workouts I got straight back on it yesterday with a short HIIT session, and today is strength class on zoom. Next week it moves to outdoors and I'm really pumped for that!!!
    I need to do better with my water intake, I definitely the thing I forget most!!
    Looking back through my diary on here I lost 7lb in April last I am going to push myself to get close to that again this year :) x
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    Good morning @kiay131982 Glad you got your workouts back in. Good job. I use to struggle getting my water intake in too but now I use 200ml cups and drink about 8-10 a day, I like to drink 1 before each meal and then a few during my meal. It's such a small cup that I do end up drinking a lot very quickly which I find is good.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • bellfamily6109
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    I’ve hit 198 and seem to hit a wall. Any advice?
  • kiay131982
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    @roz0810 oooh... I usually fill my water bottle twice, but maybe a smaller vessel more times is a better way to go!! Thankyou! :)

    @bellfamily6109 Hi! How long have you been at your wall?? Firstly, don't give up! If you do then you will never find the door to go through:)
    What does your day look like right now? Are you tracking food? Do you workout? Drinking lots of water? Tell us what's going on then we can try and help! Xxx
  • renaegry
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    I really need the motivation and commitment to get back at it. Have a good 15 lbs I would love to lose by summer.
  • kiay131982
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    Hey @renaegry!!!! You can do this!!! Plenty of time to lose that weight by summer if you start now! Do you have a plan? Xxx
  • RandJ6280
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    @renaegry You can do this! I myself want to lose 37 be Oct 1st... so I too need some motivation. I don't know you, but if you're here and saying it... then I believe in you and that you can do it!

  • RandJ6280
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    @bellfamily6109 Plateaus happen. Maybe change up your workout, have a free meal day, then get back on track.
    I can't wait to get under 200. I have 27 lbs to go.
  • bumpbreakcar
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    @renaegry lets do it together!!!

    Do you have fitbit?
  • lrw327
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    @renaegry There’s plenty of time to get there before Summer. I’m in the same boat... looking to drop 12-15 by summer. We can do it!

    Do you have a plan in place?
  • ladychr0nic
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    I wanna lose 15 pounds by the summer time too! LETS DO THIS LADIES!!!
  • WellWishesSandy
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    Count me in too. I'm in need of accountability and have about 15 lb to lose. Have been struggling with this for more than a year now and ready to get serious.
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    Whew! What a day! My in-laws were planning on coming over for dinner so I of course had to clean the house. My father in law had hinted he wanted to go on the “lake loop”(we live like a block away from a lake and there is a bike ride you can go on called the lake loop. It’s 12 miles round trip). I wasn’t 100% sure he was really going to want to do it...he can sometimes be flaky so I took my dogs on a really big walk just in case he flaked. He ended up wanting to do the bike ride so I did that too. I’m beat now which is good since I oftentimes have trouble falling asleep at night.

    Also took @kiay131982 advice and have my allotted beers in the fridge and purposely didn’t buy another 6 pack when I went grocery shopping. I’m going to have one every other day or share one with hubby.