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Accountability buddy



  • Sunshinfit
    Sunshinfit Posts: 218 Member
    I’m in!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    Great @Sunshinfit! Welcome! What are your goals?

    I’ve found MFP helpful in tracking my nutrition and exercise so I can learn more about appropriate portion sizes, balance my food choices better (e.g., carbs, protein, fat) and uncover patterns or habits that I need to improve.

    This space has been so good for reflecting on what we learn and supporting one another as we test out new strategies and build positive habits.

    Recently, I achieved my goal weight of 125 pounds but I realize it takes awhile to get used to the new behaviors to ensure consistency over time. Most people regain any lost weight so I’m planning to spend this year focusing on maintenance.

    I’m working on body recomposition now by slowly adding more body weight exercises - like planks and pull ups - while figuring out my long term approach. In the past, I’ve ‘ebbed and flowed’ with life changes and stressors so I don’t want to be detailed again. Things are going well so far.

    How is everyone else doing? Let us know what you’re learning through this experience when you get a chance. Enjoy the weekend!
  • Sunshinfit
    Sunshinfit Posts: 218 Member
    I’m focusing on making healthier food choices and toning. I have been bouncing between 140-150lb for ever and am fine with that. By eating less junk and more real foods I hope to look and feel healthier.
  • reemalaz
    reemalaz Posts: 4 Member
    edited October 2
    I need someone to help me. I have been on fitness pal for over 10 years. I have my success and times of set back. I need to lose 15 lb . I work out really good but emotion is taking over my eating habit 😓
    I need accountability friend 💚
  • kiay131982
    kiay131982 Posts: 217 Member
    Hi @Sunshinfit I bounce around those same 10lbs, it's frustrating but Im motivated for my surf holiday (covid allowing) over Xmas so I WILL get there!!!! :)

    Welcome @reemalaz we are here to be your accountability friends! :) what's your workout schedule at the moment? Emotional eating is , is there a hobby you can try to replace it with??

    @PatriceFitnessPal you've done so well in hitting your weight goal!!! :) Maintenance is the bit that's always been my stumbling block.
    .so we are here for you while you work on it this coming year!!! Xx

    My son is feeling pretty rubbish with covid. I feel awful for him as the rest of us (except my 6 year old) have been given the vaccine, but it hasn't got to his age group yet... so he's really suffering :( it means my days aren't going to plan at the moment, but it also means all our original plans have been scrapped and we have empty days this weekend, so time to refocus and replan! X
  • roz0810
    roz0810 Posts: 805 Member
    Aww sorry to hear your son is feeling rubbish @kiay131982 I hope he recovers quickly.

    As for me here's how it's looking so far 😁

    SW: 257
    UGW: 165

    Sept 24: 257
    Sept 30: 252.4

    Total loss: 4.6lbs

    Oct 1: 252
    Oct 2: 250.8
    Oct 7:
    Oct 14:
    Oct 21:
    Oct 28:

    Total loss: 1.6lbs

    NSV: I've lost 1 inch on my waist in 1 month 🥰 😁 and people have noticed I've lost weight. Yeay!!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    edited October 3
    Welcome @reemalaz! You seem to have a good sense of what works for you. What were the strategies or behaviors that led to your success in the past? How is everyone doing this weekend? Best wishes, Accountability buddies!
  • Sunshinfit
    Sunshinfit Posts: 218 Member
    This weekend is going well. I have been reaching my calories burned goals. This is harder on the weekends for me.
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    Weekends are more difficult for me, too, @Sunshinfit. I exercise more but also tend to exceed my calorie goals. My husband likes to go out and have a couple of beers, or wine with dinner, and it can throw off my nutrition balance. Generally, it evens out over the week, so I review my weekly progress and make adjustments based on what I learn from that information.

    On Saturday, we invited a friend’s daughter and her roommates to attend a local festival with us. She recently moved to the area so we call whenever there’s something interesting happening. We walked a good distance during the festival on Saturday and I didn’t indulge in any of the delicious international food. Instead, we ate at my favorite local Indian food restaurant in the evening. Sunday was also a good day, with plenty of exercise. I rowed early in the morning, then volunteered with the juniors program to help them practice. I also had a soccer game in the evening but only played as a sub for about 30 minutes so the better players could compete against the best team in the league.

    Our team manager is really easygoing, but he seemed to want to win this particular game. He was carefully assigning the best four women to play and one of them scored. There are not many women in the league so I’m happy whenever the female opponents do well, too — Yeah, girl power! - and I think she is the leading goal scorer for our team! It was funny because the other team didn’t have enough players so our team manager ended up playing for the other team … and scored a goal against us! The final score was 2-2 and their other goal was a penalty kick.

    The penalty kick seemed unnecessary to us because the ball just hit one of our team members in the arm, and didn’t seem to interfere with the play at all, but I’m not competitive in this type of ‘old people’ league so the end result was fine for me. It was one women’s birthday and she joked that she’d only play if we promised to win the game so there was lots of joking that the manager would have to buy her dinner or a round of drinks to make up for scoring a goal to tie the score.

    After a healthy weekend, yesterday was a tough day for me. I ate about 400 extra calories. The left over Indian food was delicious and reasonably healthy but I ate too many snacks. I had planned to take a yoga class but felt really tired, so I skipped it. At the end of the day, I managed to drag myself to the gym for a Pilates class for 45 minutes. The class wasn’t great (e.g., boring music, uninspiring teacher who directed but didn’t model the exercises) but it moved me out of my funk. I finally started reading a book by a colleague that I’ve had next to my bed for a couple of weeks. The subject matter is heavy because it’s about the death of her son (but it’s intended to be uplifting) and it felt good to read instead of wasting time on my phone. I went to sleep by about 10pm, which is good for me). Maybe I was just tired because I stayed up very late on Sunday night (12:40?) … Anyway, my outlook is better this morning!

    How are things going for you, Accountability buddies?
  • hildie58
    hildie58 Posts: 2 Member
    I've been with MFP for some time now and looking at my graph under reports it is clear I need some accountability support. Got on the scale this morning after ignoring it for a couple of weeks and it went up again. Although not surprised it was very disheartening. I don't know what is worse, seeing a high number on the scale and feeling disgusted or the disappointment in oneself. I'll be 63 in December and would like to lose plus/minus 100lbs before I retire at 65. I'm hoping that if I add myself here I will be more mindful and motivated to stay in gear in the efforts of losing those 100lbs. The first step is journaling. The step following is to stop night grazing and the step following that to report here once a week. Hope I don't forget.
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    Welcome @hildie58!

    Congratulations on sticking with your efforts to improve your health. You’ve already faced that first weigh in, and you made the decision to join an Accountability buddy group for support. So, good for you. I hope you can look forward and leave your disappointment in the past. My father always said guilt is a wasted emotion; it takes our attention away from learning and making adjustments to improve. Think about the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you look back on your recent scale number and compare that to a future number that shows a downward slope toward your goal.

    As long as you have more days of healthy choices, you’ll get to that ultimate goal eventually. Tracking your calories - or journaling - is a wonderful step to help reflect on what’s going well or needs to change. I’ve found it useful to set weekly goals and reflect on my progress here. Are you aiming to journal a certain number of days per week or everyday?

    You can do it!

    I’m 55 and it took me a year and a half to reach my goal. I’ve lost about 40-45 pounds and just recently started focusing on maintenance. I still need to build better nutrition habits and want to build muscle strength, cardio endurance, and flexibility.

    My diet is also far from perfect. I’d like to reduce my sugar intake except for natural sugar from fruit. I don’t think I can eliminate all processed foods but I’d like to reduce as many as possible. We all set different goals for ourselves but, little-by-little - with incremental changes - we’re able to build better habits.
  • drollings2019
    drollings2019 Posts: 73 Member
    I've been gone for way too long...and I can feel it, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have gotten out of all my healthy habits. I need routine in my life, and it has just been so busy and changes from week to week that I just can't seem to establish something that works. I've also used my knee issue as an excuse, why, I have no idea. Good news, it was not a torn meniscus, but they really don't know what is wrong. There is swelling and fluid, but unsure as to why. I am currently in physical therapy but the pain is still there.

    I am working with physical therapy on what exercises I can do, but they said walking or biking is good. I am going to try and get back to at least my two short walking breaks and one other walk per day if I can handle it. I feel so much better when I am getting those walks in. I've also been working a lot from home due to being short handed at work. I am going to try to give as much of that up as I can (we are looking for help, but it is just so hard to find!). I have to get back to focusing on myself.

    The rest of this week, I am going to first focus on my water intake, that has been lacking. I am also going to work on my routine. If I can find that routine, everything else seems to fall in place.
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    edited October 10
    @drollings2019 - When it comes to maintain a healthier lifestyle, I really benefit from a routine, too. So, I definitely relate to the difficulties you face because of all the changes you are dealing with these days — injury, work staffing shortages, and the varying schedules related to school and other children’s activities, especially through the unpredictable adjustments needed due to COVID!

    I’m glad to hear you are focusing on making time for your walks because it sounds as though that activity helps physically and mentally. With the extra work you have been doing, I hope you can protect certain times of the day for walking. I also need to increase my water intake so I’ll be thinking of you as I try to improve in this area @drollings2019!

    I’m maintaining my goal weight between 125-130 these days. My weigh in day is Thursday (123.9) and today I’m at 124.5. My daily goals for this week are:

    -Sleep 7-8 hours
    -Drink at least 65 ounces of water
    -Complete 30 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of abdominal exercise and at least 5 pull ups to strengthen my back
    -Stay within nutrition target and review macro balance

    I’m trying to improve my awareness of foods with refined sugar. Eventually, I’d like to eliminate added sugar. For example, I often snack on fruit, which is fine, but I’d like to gradually reduce the amount of bread I eat. My goal is to reduce my intake of processed food, artificial ingredients and refined sugar. However, right now I’m just reading labels and increasing my awareness. This week, I’m trying to add more protein by including more beans and vegetables with high-protein content in my meals while I become more conscious of added sugar. Best wishes for the coming week, Accountability buddies!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    edited October 16
    I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been 100 percent consistent with my daily abdominal workouts and pull-ups but I’ve been able to get at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise each day.

    I had my annual physical and all my tests were normal. I weighed about 123 (21.5 BMI) and my doctor wrote an order/referral for a DEXA scan so I’m happy I’ll be able to get some baseline information before I start to work on building muscle strength. Here’s my weekly update:

    -Sleep 7-8 hours: ✅ (except one night, I think)
    -Drink at least 65 ounces of water: ✅
    -Complete 30 minutes of cardio ✅, 10 minutes of abdominal exercise ❎ and at least 5 pull ups to strengthen my back ✅
    -Stay within nutrition target and review macro balance ✅ (except one day when celebrating a friend’s birthday)

    I’m getting better at pull ups but haven’t done more than 5 in a row so I’ll keep practicing. This week, I want to make sure I also increase the number of days I do my abdominal workout and also ease into more stretching/ yoga.

    How are you all doing?
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    edited October 28
    I think this ‘Accountability buddies’ support thread has lost its active core of participants, but I want to let you all know how much I appreciate the insights and encouragement you shared!

    I started posting weekly goals and reporting my progress in April 2020. Over that 18 month period, I learned a lot from all of you; and, this space provided me with an opportunity to reflect on what was working or needed adjustment. Here are my stats:

    55 year old female, 5 feet 3 and 3/4 inches tall (~162cm)
    Starting weight = 168
    Current weight = 123
    Total weight loss = 45 pounds
    Summery: Moved from an overweight BMI to ‘normal’ with healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

    In September 2021, I reached my goal weight and I’m now concentrating on maintenance, while taking a couple of months to plan new goals. My doctor referred my for a bone density scan so I’ll also learn baseline information about my body fat content and muscle mass. Once I receive that data, I’ll set my strength building goals for 2022.

    During the coming year, I plan to add yoga classes to my daily routine so I can also increase my flexibility. My outdoor rowing season ends in early November so I’ll have more time to build the habit of attending yoga. My rowing group members are putting together a plan for winter conditioning. Once that plan is in place, I’ll have a better sense of what I need to incorporate for weight training that will complement the off-season program.

    If anyone is interested in continuing this thread, let me know and I can post an update about my goals for the new year. If the thread has ‘run its course’ - and there is no interest in continuing - no worries!

    Thanks to the MFP community for helping me achieve my goals! Best wishes to all my Accountability buddies. Go get those goals!!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    edited October 28
    By the way, I’ve been getting more active in this group, which I recommend to others looking for support and accountability:

    Fat2Fit Group;
  • kiay131982
    kiay131982 Posts: 217 Member
    Awww I'm sorry, I am still here @PatriceFitnessPal !

    I lost a bit of motivation because our Xmas family holiday just got cancelled for the second year running due to covid :( I've turned into a bit of a negative ninny and I didn't want to put that on people... but I will pick myself up and get back on it!
  • HickGurl73
    HickGurl73 Posts: 31 Member
    I accept FR from "serious" people that want support/give it as well!

  • bumpbreakcar
    bumpbreakcar Posts: 138 Member

    Hi All, & Good morning,

    I hope the thread is still live!!

    It's but rough times. I fell off because of crazy times and not taking care of myself really, but I'm back and I feel good about it. I feel like while I was away, I went through bit of depression even though I'm not clinically diagnose but it was just a low I've never felt before. It's hard to explain. I remember that when I was actually trying to do well with my health and fitness I did feel better, not always 100% but better. (but who really feels 100% all of the time, right?)

    Anyways, I used to make these unrealistic goals like I want to lose 10lbs in a month or go on an all juice diet or just something extreme but this time I'm trying a new a approach... something more sustainable.

    I'm looking to lose .5 - 1lb a week. I plan to measure myself and hop on the scale every Thursday. I forgot to record my measurements last week but I did get on the scale and I've lost 1.5lbs. So, I'm really happy with these result today ...YAY!

    The goal is to be out of the 140's by the end of November.

    Happy Thursday to all :)

    @PatriceFitnessPal Congratulations on hitting your goal! you are so inspiring!!! Thank you. I'm also in the Fit2Fat group now, the weight no more group. which group are you in?


  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 451 Member
    @kiay131982 and @bumpbreakcar - I was so glad to see your updates! … and welcome, @HickGurl73!

    @kiay131982 - Please don’t worry about bringing negative ‘ninny’ emotions here. If you can’t dump some stress on your virtual, anonymous, support group then where are you supposed to leave it behind? I think many of us thought we would move into a safer phase of the pandemic once vaccination rates increased, but there is still so much uncertainty. I’m sorry your holiday was upended again!

    @bumpbreakcar, your experience of feeling more deeply depressed than you have ever felt is almost too understandable and relatable these days. We have to give ourselves grace and time to come through the low thoughts. I’m so glad to hear you’re taking a healthy and more sustainable approach to your nutrition and fitness. We’re building lifelong habits so it’s not important if we reach our goal today or next year as long as we can maintain balanced health for the decades to come. Congratulations on gaining such valuable insights and perspective. Your progress - and ability to reflect through difficult and dark times - reminds me of a quote about courage.

    “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”―Mary Anne Radmacher

    Let’s just keep trying together again tomorrow!

    I’m still in flux with my exercise routine but the nutrition and logging habits seem to be on track. Our rowing group got together for our end-of-season party tonight and the weather was beautiful. There was heavy rain earlier so I’m glad it cleared up. I’m always a little slow to get going to social events but, once I connect with others, I’m usually glad I went. I have to remind myself of the latter feeling when I’m trying to muster the energy to drag myself out. Enjoy the weekend, Accountability buddies!