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    lucky_mee love your poacher pics. the black lab kinda looks like my yogi. that was an old pup pic

    Thank you. They keep me entertained.

    Barbiecat your pups are adorable.
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    @SHARON i am not big on conspiracy theories either, but it stands to reason that as some entrepreneurs, artists, etc; will take advantage of the current(or any) situation, so too will some politicians.

    DRONES purchases for INTERNAL SURVEILLANCE is here at 1-2 min in the English language video in English language press for France.

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    Michele - JR has become afraid of the grass y dirt since he saw cat poop in it from the Ferrell cats. He hates to get dirty he hates being stinky. Daughter was the opposite she lived dirt! She was always jumping into a pond in her Sunday dress 👗, foot ball 🏈 covered in mud in her Sunday Best, in the hen house chasing them,rough housing with the dog 🐕 both muddy (baths were a constant she’d shake off the dog too back into the dirt they went),y she climbed trees so pants got holes regularly. JRs just not into that. I thought he would be but he isn’t. I’m not planting this year too much work getting the community okay for even our flag let alone plants. Their so picky. HOA nuts 🥜.

    Ordered a new curtain rod hubby showering so much the rods giving out the thin curtain liner just not scrubbing clean! Darn cheap thing last thing I need is my nice thick beautiful plain brown cloth shower curtain getting stains! I like plain curtains but lately their all hippie prints (Boho the kids call it). I like hippie prints on my shirt or scarf not my bathroom 🚽.

    More grocery links (had to make my total $35 for free shipping so got what’s needed for the following week)





    http://www.walmart.com/ip/12-Pitcher-Packs-Crystal-Light-Raspberry-Lemonade-Caffeine-Free-Powdered-Drink-Mix-1-8-oz-cans/193075372 thing!So ordering a less thin one that’s new with a new rod.

    Amber Tx
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    @SHARON DRONES purchases for INTERNAL SURVEILLANCE is not a conspiracy theory, it is already happening in Paris. Here is a very reliable press video in English : see from 1min to 2 min in video. You see drone use in Paris and police and people responding. I have not seen any thank god, but they are there.


    I don't think we have drones here yet, but definitely helicopters. They're doing most of their surveillance in the NW but will fly up and down beach areas on weekends, in particular.

    M in Oz
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    I like your book choices. ❤️I think that good books build skill and good minds.🌺
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    The Dark Crystal
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Monsters Inc.
    Beauty and the Beast
    Toy Story Movies
    101 Dalmations
    Pete's Dragon
    Shrek Movies
    Harry Potter Movies
    The Incredible Journey

    Love all these movies too

    Finally caught up so many pages. Loved all pics pets, plants and vistas.Made chicken soup in the soup maker it is ok will need a few tweaks next time

    No end to lockdown yet it’s definitely getting to me I flit from one thing to another jigsaw, knitting, crosswords.
    It is psychological I know because I don’t go out a lot in ‘normal’ times
    Need to get a grip and realise I am lucky I’m not on my own, have a garden, have my health and can go for walks unlike people who either can’t get because of disability or fear of CV

    Started watching CH4 news because BBC just giving us government line not always helpful

    Stay well and safe

    Kate UK ❤️
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    Can I add a link to YouTube video on here.

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    Kate I do it all the time. When you post the link, the video actually appears, so there isn't a link in your post.
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    Not sure if this works found it very interesting and thought provoking it is a bit long

    Kate UK

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    Kate Yep! It posted just fine.
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    Those guys might be worried about the bottom line of the urgent care they own…
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    Did anybody else read the Nat Geo article about face mites? I can't stop scratching now!

    Annie in Delaware