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    Good morning!

    My final word on masks (just kidding) :D
    SW WA State



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    Lisa I second what Barbara said. I love your work rants. You can always put it in a spoiler if it makes you feel better. :D
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    Morning Ladies~
    nothing new ...
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    Hello everyone.

    Late start due to early conference calls. I am so looking forward to the time off I scheduled this week. I had a nice conversation with my boss yesterday. They are still not sure when the office will be fully opened, but it will open in phases and with a rotating remote schedule.

    For what am I grateful for in this moment.
    • Awakening to another healthy day.
    • The sun shining in to my at home work area.
    • Friendships both old and new.

    Hugs to all and prayers for those in need.
    SuziQ - SFL
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    Machka & Bananas: A friend bought a drone as a toy, but he turned it into a profit-making item. One of the pot growers in town leased an old paper mill for their indoor farm. They hired our friend and his drone to monitor growing operations high up in the building’s structure. The toy became a tool and our friend is making some money with it. :smiley:

    Karen: I like your movie list, too. :bigsmile:

    Kate UK: Thank you for your post!!! This is the most sensible information I’ve seen. :star:

    Our governor recently visited CA and met with other governors. She seems to be ready to ease restrictions. That will be good. I hope my beautician will be able to open her doors and make a living once again. I hope the theater and restraunts can open soon, too. :star:

    In our household, I am healthy. My husband has a compromised immune system. He has diabetes and MS. I go and do, and he stays away from germs. I hope he will be able to go and do in the near future, too.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Karen your pups are so cute, I wish I could add a few, but our cry says three dogs to a home and my mother in law has a small dog and she lives with us full time.
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    Hormones relaxing my leg muscles so muscle pull in my left leg (my left leg has been broken y stuff a lot so it’s raining might be what I’m feeling too). So today exercising break! Got a nice leg brace I found in the store years ago someone abandoned washed it in bleach y detergent well can wear it now. Got my ankle brace from childhood I have weak ankles always have.

    Eating vegan spaghetti recipe so JR will eat it. I record it as the only sauce I found that had the correct calories so name in my journal 📓 here doesn’t match what I’m eating lol . It’s like my wryler lemonade wasn’t even in the search so oh well hit crystal light since I had it saved for when I make crystal light teas. Groceries on the way that I ordered. Rigged the shower rod to stay put JRs liner on Hubby’s shower. JR won’t eat snacks all of a sudden so more meals .

    Rainy day tv, got nice brownies now that I finally have a lot of ingredients. Running out of supplies off y on is turning my kitchen into a scientific experiment 🧪 🧫 . Lots of fails y successes y well aghh good enough lol 😂.

    Amber Tx

    JRs cuddling up a storm so a couch cuddle movie day sounds just right. It is funny how him y sissy are opposites, but love similar toys. He has his NASA shirt on y military camp shorts on he’s ready to be huggy. He saw a fly today ran off screaming Beeeeee 🐝 so had to get it out of the house. Daughter would have caught it stuck it in a jar to watch it.
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    Hey Glenda! ... welcome!

    I've been skimming through the pages ... love the humor and the photos ... must confess I'm glazing over on Coronavirus comments. Praying for those who have serious issues to deal with in the midst of all of this.

    Absolutely nothing new to add ...

    Beth near Buffalo
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    Perhaps there is some entertainment I am missing- do you all play games on your phones? I was thinking of downloading solitaire but there might be something better. What do you play?

    Annie in Delaware
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    Hoping Rori is ok. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx