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    stats for the day:

    gave my legs a break

    Bike ride home 2 dome, sprinkles- 11.03min, 135mhr, 14amph, 2.58mi= 66c
    Apple Watch- 80c
    Bike ride puy 2 sumn sta- 15.18min, 14.1amph, 145mhr, 3.60mi= 139c
    apple watch- 142c
    jog sta 2 wrk- 5.25min, 165mhr, 10.13min mi, .53mi= 58c
    apple watch- 60c
    jog wrk 2 sta, windy- 4.26min, 147mhr, 9.41min mi, .45mi= 56c
    apple watch- 58c
    bike ride dome 2 home, 13mph winds!- 18.15min, 8.5amph, 146mhr, 2.58mi= 179c
    apple watch- 151c

    total cal 498
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    Rebecca - my daughter used an app for tracking water intake that even my Grandchildren use now. It has a daily plant and you have to drink and log your water for your plant to thrive.

    Flea - here in Canada there is a real fear on meat supply right now. The largest outbreak here is in a meat packaging plant which supplies 75% of the beef to all of Canada. The price of a 5lb pack of ground beef went up by about $10.00 last week, I am fearful what will happen next week when I go shopping.
    I have a theory on the yeast. Here locally we couldn’t find bread in the first week or two. I think us older people thought well I’ll just bake some, but the surprise to me is all of the young people I see making bread. I think a lot of the younger generation is getting a chance to be at home a bit and are using the opportunity to learn how to bake and try new things. I’m quite impressed by it all actually.

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    May thread is posted hop over guys
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