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What was the moment? When did you decide to take back control?



  • FABRICWOMANFABRICWOMAN Member, Premium Posts: 466 Member Member, Premium Posts: 466 Member
    @FABRICWOMAN A plant based blogger I follow had been told to lose 70# in order to get both knees replaced. Lost the weight (&more) and knees no longer hurt & didn’t need the surgery. There’s always hope!

    Thank you for posting back to me. I do appreciate your helpful information. What is the name of the plant based blogger. I am not 100% plant base eating, but I am doing more now. I feel that it is helping me to continue losing weight. (319 to 223 lbs. so far). My knees do feel much better. I have been doing knee strengthening exercises, and hopefully when I see my orthopedic surgeon in two weeks he will tell me surgery is not necessary now. Thanks for your reply.
  • sclady21sclady21 Member Posts: 32 Member Member Posts: 32 Member
    Germank106 wrote: »
    In November of last year I sat on the Computer and, without warning, started sweating profusely and getting incredible dizzy. Every time I so much as blinked it felt like the floor was rushing at me. DH called an Ambulance and several hours later I was released without a diagnosis.
    The doctor told me that he thought at first that I had a stroke, but now was not sure. My systolic blood pressure (the top number) was sky high (196) and he thought I needed to be treated at least for that. He also thought I have some heart issues and kindly gave me a script for a beta blocker (Metropolol).
    I have no insurance so following up with a regular doctor is out of the question. The clinic here is asking for $200 just to walk in the door and there is only one low-income clinic 20 miles away and they are not accepting new patients. The medicine took care of the dizziness and I let this go for a few months.
    Then something finally clicked in my brain and I knew I needed to do something other than to feel sorry for myself and complain about all the things I CAN'T do. Instead I started focusing on the things I CAN do.
    I started talking to friends and family to build a support system and then did a lot of research into different eating plans. One of our friends had bariatric surgery last year and he became my mentor. I can't have the surgery, but there is no way that I cannot eat as if I couldn't have it.
    I started with a clear liquid diet for three days, progressed to regular liquids for three and soft foods for two. That alone made me feel better, no more liver pain for me. It also made me much more aware of portion size. I'm continuing the bariatric diet with very high protein and small portions and lots of liquids. For the first month that means not much calories, but lots of nutrients. I don't get much exercise yet because it is still super painful to do, so I keep Calories low.
    It seems to be working for me. I am not hungry; I learned to drink first when I feel "empty", chances are the empty feeling goes away. I have regular meal times now instead of cooking/eating willy-nilly throughout the day. DH has been super supportive. Previously when I was on a "diet" he would bring home Pizza, Burgers, Tacos. Now he picks out recipes for me and with me and told me he was proud of me for doing this. I'm truly blessed. I'm down to six pounds (280 from 286) after 2 weeks and see no reason why my goal of losing 110 pounds by Christmas of 2021 is not attainable.

    I hope you are feeling better. I had those symptoms when I had afib.
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 930 Member Member Posts: 930 Member
    @FABRICWOMAN It is “Esther’s Nutritional Journey” on Facebook. She asks you to answer 2 questions & then you are in her group where she does a motivational word video each day & also shows pictures of exactly what she eats each day. My sis & bil are totally plant based, no oil, but I am not yet. Esther is very encouraging. She is totally WFPBNO.
  • NC_GirlNC_Girl Member Posts: 145 Member Member Posts: 145 Member
    I........ because sometimes you need someone to hold you when you get tipsy and cry about the honey bbq flavor twist Fritos you can't have because of the tomato lol

    Crack me up! Hahaha.... I can't eat just one... That's why I can't eat them and it makes me want to cry too!
  • PepeLPewPepeLPew Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
    bear2303 wrote: »
    Maybe it wasn't one exact moment for you but what were the things that led you to finally say enough is enough and to get serious about your health and try to lose the weight?

    For me, I was driving aimlessly looking for something to pick up for lunch.

    I thought mexican? Nah. I just had that the other day, Cheeseburgers nah, I had that last night, chicken nuggets? Nah going to have those for dinner. I realized in that moment that the even if I gave myself ZERO restrictions about what i could eat that still nothing sounded good because I ate all of those things with way too much regularity.

    Going out to lunch wasn't special, it was just what I did every day and I realized how unhealthy and how much of a pattern it had become. After that, I restarted using MFP and started to make better choices.

    What was your moment?

    The lockdown. I was crushing work daily in front of a computer teaching, then I realized my 15k steps was being reduced to 2-3k a day.

    I ordered a peloton, and once I actually turned it on and configured it, I've been on it daily.

    My biggest fear throughout this entire year of lockdown has been emerging from it later, looking back and realizing how much time elapsed and how little I've done.
  • ladyoftherocksladyoftherocks Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
    After learning my BMI after my doctor's appointment just about 2 weeks ago.

    I'd thought about losing weight for a long time and hated most photos of myself because I thought I looked too fat but I never actually thought I AM fat. I guess I thought either I'd be a little overweight or the high end of norm so I was shocked and embarrassed when my BMI was 28.2 :(
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