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ashtonscogginsashtonscoggins Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
Hello! I have been on MFP for nearly 10 years! While not always active or logging, I would always come on to read, get ideas and just keep a place to log my weight and measurements through the years. The older Ive gotten the more I see, it isnt just about what I eat there is also a mental aspect to my journey that I desperately need help with. Insert NOOM.

Im sure weve all see the vague advertisments for Noom. The comment section raving about how wonderful Noom is. All while never really telling you WHAT Noom is about.

I went ahead and joined Noom for the "free trial" (Its not free) and after the two week mark I knew Noom was not for me. Everything I needed Noom for did not deliver. No REAL goal specialist, its a BOT or heavily scripted responses. And the logging food is NEVER correct in their data base. I really loved the short little articles they gave, a lot to take in in a short period but educational nonetheless. I went ahead and asked to cancel my trial. I was then offered a heavy discount to stay Monthly. So I have.

Here I am week Five, and just as frustrated as day one. I DO NOT GET IT!!! I started wondering at first if maybe I was just doing something incorrectly. My coach aka BOT was zero help. And week five and I have yet to be assigned to a group. It just says they are working on it. So the support I needed is not there. I SWEAR not one NOT ONE single item I have logged on there was correct. To the point Im coming back here to log! So I keep seeing all their posts and comments on social media how wonderful Noom is, I started clicking on the profiles commenting and hmm its some sort of influencer or wanna be influencer! I think posted on one of their posts that I had some issues with the app and couldnt get support to get back to me. They responded to my comment THEN DELETED IT!

I am now 100% convinced that app is a "scam". As in, they have the best intentions, and Im sure it works for some BUT from my experience, they do not offer what they say they do, they charge outrageous subscription amounts, have a BBB rating of 2 because of them charging canceled subscribers, they delete negative reviews, and have tons of influencers posting positive reviews, they never come out and tell you exactly what they help with, the calorie tracker is bogus. I have heard from some actual users who liked Noom but no one that had used it longer then Three months. I however have enjoyed the little articles theyve given daily. And will be sad not to have that but I just dont know if the price is worth ten minutes of daily reading.

What do you think? Is Noom where its at or just another weightloss app?


  • mlrtrimlrtri Member Posts: 193 Member Member Posts: 193 Member
    I have been using Noom for a month. I had some health money I had to use from my job and thought I would give it a try. I almost didn’t because I read a lot of negative reviews- most having to do with billing. But I decided to go for it. I have been pleased. It isn’t a personal nutritionist or dietician or anything like it. If that’s what you want you will be disappointed. But it does give you some great research based info which has helped me a lot. For example, today I learned about hormones that affect our feeling of hunger and satiety. It also talked about what you can do to keep them in check so they aren’t working against you. I am learning how to eat in a way that I feel full even though I am eating less calories than I am burning. Can you do that without Noom? Absolutely. But it has helped me. My previous weight loss attempts I went around feeling hungry all of the time and couldn’t keep it up. I guess different things work for different people. It may not be for everyone. But it has helped me lose almost 9 lbs in 4 weeks. I have learned a lot and I feel more confident than I ever have that I am making a lifestyle change I can do long term and not some crazy diet that I will quit and and regain what I lost.

    Is it where it’s at? No. It’s just a tool that that may help some people. Weight loss is different for everyone and the supports and tools we need are not always the same.
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  • staceypunkstaceypunk Member Posts: 935 Member Member Posts: 935 Member
    I literally just started week 3 today (first day of paid subsciption). I have been on and off of MFP since 2013. Right now I am not hurting for money so I will keep it but the price is too high in my opinion. Knowing you can cancel and get a lower price is helpful! Right now I am so focused and I already know how to be successful at losing weight. For me its planning meals a day ahead, measuring food, staying in calories and exercising. That said, I am learning new things and I especially like the green yellow red analysis of food. Right now I am logging in both MFP and noom. Their database does not seem too far off. Just like mfp, i usually check more than one option of the same (new) food before logging to make sure its to accurately. Also, the color coding method is helping me refine what I plan. On mfp ( from everything i read years ago) what you eat does not necessarily matter as long as you stay within calories. In noom, the goal is to fill your day with the least calorie dense food possible (green category). I will see what the group is like. The coach does seem pretty automated.
  • debrakgooginsdebrakgoogins Member, Premium Posts: 1,945 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,945 Member
    I’ve been using NOOM for a while. I’m a data driven person so I like the articles. I thought my coach was a bot too at first because she kept giving me scripted responses and posts. I called her out on it and she broke from the prewritten scripts. We get along fine now. Like any other weight loss program, it works if you use it. I don’t like that everything has to be done on the app. Wish there was a way to read the articles on a laptop. I’m satisfied with it and with my progress.
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