40 pound goal, anyone in.



  • dmholweger
    dmholweger Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone! I moved across the state the end of Sept 2019. Beginning of Dec 2019, I busted my ankle and had to get surgery for a plate and 7 screws/pins. Didn't walk/work for 4 months. Ive been back at work for a few months now full time! I spend 8 hours on my feet (a lot of times bolting around like a madman), 5 days a week. I got approved by my surgeon to start doing the gym daily for recovery the same week everything shut down.

    So... Havent exercised much in almost a year. I'm 32, 202.5lbs on a good day lol and 5'4". I'm not sure exactly how much weight I want to lose. I want to be and feel healthy! I would say that getting to 175lbs would be my first goal! After I hit that I'd like to re-assess and choose a new goal.

    Since gyms aren't open still I'm trying to exercise at home. I LOVE cooking and am open to new food ideas and sharing ones I like. I'd love support and people to swap ideas with!!

  • _canadianbakin_
    _canadianbakin_ Posts: 413 Member
    I’d like to lose 40 but first goal is 30:D
  • msbrownieman
    msbrownieman Posts: 2 Member
    A little late to the party but I could use some friends to help out. I'm 54, 5' 5" and 180. First step on the goal path is 5 pounds by end of July. I have always eaten pretty healthy, just eat a LOT.

    I'm in Alberta, Canada.
  • Sidneysider
    Sidneysider Posts: 27 Member
    Hi everyone, I need to lose 40lbs.
  • phoenixwilldie
    phoenixwilldie Posts: 6 Member
    Trying to lose 25-30 lbs been doing pretty well maintaining my calorie intake but not so much exercising. Anyone feel free to message or friend me for support.
  • Iamtheoracle
    Iamtheoracle Posts: 6 Member
    Count me in. I have about 60 to lose but 40 is a good start.
  • mssue18
    mssue18 Posts: 117 Member
    How is everyone doing. I posted back in May and now I want to lose 35 lbs. I made a good start. I’m looking for more friends for support. Please add me.
  • elmusho1989
    elmusho1989 Posts: 321 Member
    Hey I'm in if this is still going on?
  • cocoloca7890
    cocoloca7890 Posts: 5 Member
    @mssue18 & @elmusho1989
    Same here! Please add me as well.
  • amyrose942
    amyrose942 Posts: 6 Member
    Count me in too, need some motivational friends to help me shift 4 stone so about 56 pounds x
  • sandhillsmom
    sandhillsmom Posts: 319 Member
    I could use some more accountability friends. I restarted my weight loss at the end of October, I'm now down 18 pounds and have 50 more to go. I'm 63.
  • hilariouslbc
    hilariouslbc Posts: 61 Member
    I have about 65 lbs to lose to get back to my college weight and would love some community (40 to be in the healthy range) and would love some community and support.

    I’m 5’2 and a half, 36 years and a teacher. I just finished my doctorate and between that, ivf treatments and gym closures, it’s been a challenging year. I’m ready for a new start
  • IWTBF67
    IWTBF67 Posts: 68 Member
  • 59 years old, and 59 pounds to my goal weight (I've lost 12 pounds since 12/15/2020). Got down to 195 a few years ago, then life got crazy and I gained 75 pounds back. New goal is 200 pounds, maybe more.
  • _wild_phoenix_
    _wild_phoenix_ Posts: 31 Member
    Definitely want to lose 50 but 60 is ultimate goal
  • FunTasha
    FunTasha Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone! I’d love to join this group. I am 30 and currently 198 pounds. I just want to be a healthy weight most importantly. But I do have my wedding in July and I’d love to look my best for that and start my married life in the best place possible. I want to develop life long habits and I am tired of regaining weight.
  • mssue18
    mssue18 Posts: 117 Member
    I am well on my way to reaching my goal. Tonight I feel I can do this. I lost 2.4 lbs. this week which is the most I ever lost in one week. I now have 34 lbs. to go. I am doing the best I can. Anyone who wants to can do this. I believe that. You just have to start. See your results, and don’t give up. I’m glad I’m on this journey.
  • areigle1
    areigle1 Posts: 4 Member
    My goal is 50 pounds would love to have some motivational help from others because when I see the scale move SLOW I fall off EVERY TIME 😭
  • VeganTrashGoblin
    VeganTrashGoblin Posts: 19 Member
    Hello! I'm looking to lose about 30lbs ☺ feel free to add!
  • Caketinm
    Caketinm Posts: 4 Member
    Hi, I've got over 60lbs to lose (that feels very daunting to write down!). Don't know anyone on here so would love some friends to keep me inspired and motivated. Feel free to add me.