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Web Site Access Issues

NarfadanNarfadan Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I have not been able to properly access the MFP calorie counter site for several days. Sometimes I am told the site is undergoing maintenance, other times I am told the request cannot be processed, and occasionally the site fails to do anything with the request (Firefox says the site is "not responding"). Are there tech issues that must be resolved and, if so, what time frame should we expect? I am having no such issues with any other web sites I routinely access.


  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member Posts: 22,759 Member Member Posts: 22,759 Member
    This is a forum for users of MFP, employees rarely respond here. You may want to contact Technical Support if you'd like an answer from MFP.
  • Strudders67Strudders67 Member Posts: 399 Member Member Posts: 399 Member
    Try clearing the cache on your laptop / PC as well. That sometimes helps. With any of these messages, I usually find that refreshing the page helps - but when that stops, it's time to clear cache.
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