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Less Alcohol - JUNE 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,210 Member Member Posts: 2,210 Member
    Thank you for the pics @Womona Glad that all 3 uploaded.
    Extremely cute dog : - )

    Hoping to see more dog pics in the July thread from everyone.
    Yes, less alcohol, more dogs : - )
    edited June 29
  • MissMayMissMay Member Posts: 1,574 Member Member Posts: 1,574 Member
    Oh @mainelylisa I love these photos. And look at the SIZE of Mr. Kitty, he is the size of a bobcat! The four of you look so comfy on that sofa. Hope your doing well with AF days.❤🐾
  • WomonaWomona Member Posts: 596 Member Member Posts: 596 Member
    17 drinks/27 days. Well I blew it with a bottle of cabernet Saturday night. And half a bag of chips. That was dinner. Can I blame my wild perimenopausal hormones on this one?

    Yes. Yes you can.

    Thanks for the compliment!

  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,210 Member Member Posts: 2,210 Member
    I am Dawn. Turning 60 in September.
    I live in SE BC, Canada.
    I started on this thread November 28.18 - at that time I was having drinks every day. That first AF day was very hard! I vowed to have 1AF day per week to start, then progressed to 2AF days per week etc.
    My goal now (that is working for me) is 16-20 AF days per month. I have been keeping within that since last October. I am comfortable and happy with that goal.
    I have never ever been able to exceed 3 drinks or I throw up. There is moderation for you : - P

    I log in here every day with a running calendar/journal of the month at a glance. It helps me.
    Monday June 01.20 - AF
    Tuesday June 02.20 - AF - Very long, very stupid day, my first back working for a company that I loathe. This is why i always designated Tuesdays as my drinks days in the past. However, I am coming toward the end of a 100 day weight challenge thread, and that is my motivation to stay "dry" for at least the next 5 days. In the previous round of it I lost 1.7 pounds in 100 days. Hoping to lose 2 pounds this time. (I know, painfully slow, but better than gaining, and it really does get more difficult to lose weight with aging.)
    Wednesday June 03.20 - AF - Really wanted drinks after working hard in my yard. Didn't.
    Thursday June 04.20 - AF - Ditto to yesterday, really really wanted a couple of drinks. I hate being back to work, and thought a couple of drinks tonight would relax me. Hanging tough to hopefully lose another 0.02 pounds over the next few days.
    Friday June 05.20 - Having a couple of drinks. My last half hour digging and planting seeds was raining. I decided there and then that I would have a few drinks tonight. My weight was up 2 pounds today for no reason, so sacrificing having drinks really didn't appeal to me today. I have had my half a drink from my freezer lol, and have just poured a second. It is nice for me. Watching "Caribbean Life" on HGTV where they are always having yummy looking cocktails, and I am happy to not be white knuckling it resisting having some drinks today. All good : - )
    Saturday June 06.20 - Hadn't planned on a drinks day, started out at a friend's place (who is a wine drinker) with water, and then caved. First time to have 2 drinks days in a row since the beginning of the pandemic. I will get back on track.
    Sunday June 07.20 - AF - Feeling back on track, I think that I just wanted to be self-indulgent for a couple of days. Next planned drinks day is Wednesday or Thursday.
    Monday June 08.20 - AF - Browsing holiday trips for my 60th, could be a pipe dream, who knows if travel will be possible in September. Watching too much HGTV (Caribbean Life, Bahamas Life, Mexico Life, Mediterranean Life, Beach Hunters etc.) and getting wanderlust.
    Tuesday June 09.20 - AF - Had a horrible workday, as in every Tuesday now that I am working again for that one company (still layed off from the others at this point). This is why Tuesday were always my designated drinks day. Toughing it out, I will have drinks on a happier day...this week.
    Wednesday June 10.20 - AF - Had an N/A beer on the porch, really did not do the trick. Had a good scale victory this morning though, so I am Half way to my 16. No Mojito girl parties at my place just yet.
    Thursday June 11.20 - 3 drinks - Started out on my porch. Very nice. Now to string together some more AF days.
    Friday June 12.20 - AF - Got the lawn cut and more work done in the yard before the forecasted couple of days of rain. The sky was getting pretty dark by 6pm. Felt like having a drink after working hard, just didn't.
    Saturday June 13.20 - 3 drinks. Not a planned drinks day. Brilliantly sunny with the threat of thunderstorms for 2 days in this region. At about 3pm the sun disappeared and the winds kicked up like crazy. I felt like having drinks on my covered front porch to watch it, but got dressed and went out in my car instead to do some shopping since it was no longer bathing suit weather. I delayed another 5 times after getting back home, but finally caved. I did not accomplish my 2 days in a row AF which I like to keep as my rule. Can't say that I didn't love having a Brandy on my porch with the wind howling and the skies swirling. That was hours ago. I should drink some water so that I feel okay tomorrow. Nothing important happening tomorrow except for some of my favourite shows on the radio and more forecasted storms. I am going to savour my morning coffee in my jammies : - ) (If the neighbours don't like seeing me on the porch in my jammies they can look away)
    Sunday June 14 - AF - I had company this afternoon, coffee drinkers. Nice to know at least a few people who don't drink!
    Monday June 15 - AF - My Tuesday jobs have now been cancelled for the remainder of June and July, I only will need to contend with working for that company on Thursdays now, still layed off from my other companies. Intending to work out lots, play in my garden lots. Perhaps I will have drinks Thursday night, we'll see. No plans to have drinks before that.
    Tuesday June 16 - AF - Begrudgingly. I made up a litre of Crystal lite "mojito" and drank the whole thing in frosted glasses, that only made me want "real" cocktails more. I ended the night with an NA beer. Really would have rathered to have drinks.
    Wednesday June 17 - AF - Delayed and delayed, had an NA beer on the porch.
    Thursday June 18 - AF - Planning on drinks tomorrow, so as much as I felt like having a couple tonight after a long gruelling day, I didn't. I can wait a day.
    Friday June 19 - 3 drinks. I made my first Mojito of the year with my own mint. I only put 1/3 of an ounce into it because I think that my tolerance for alcohol is lower now. It was delish. I use Organic Agave, fresh lime, mint, and white rum, I shake it and let it sit for 20 minutes in the ice and strain it into a glass that I put in the freezer. Very yummy. If I can find some rum extract that doesn't taste like dark rum I will try that. It really doesn't taste as good without the white rum flavour.
    Had an awesome day today, very happy, productive and fulfilling. My guitar player came over, we jammed a whole bunch of tunes, drank parsley water and coffee, then he left. I then indulged a little, a few drinks, a samosa, and a chimichanga. Lol, I am chicken breast with veggies every single day, working out like crazy, and rarely losing a pound. Nice to have a day a tiny bit off of the rails (in happiness, not stress). Back to chicken breast, veggies, water, and no alcohol tomorrow : - )
    Saturday June 20 - 3 drinks. I had the best intention for staying AF today, but I caved. I went for a visit with 2 of my women friends - socially distancing and mostly outside. They were drinking wine, I was drinking water. This lasted about an hour, and then I caved, willpower gave up. I think that it is hard for me to be around my friends that drink and not to drink myself. Not all of my friends drink. Some who do I create outside activities such as hiking where drinks are not an option. Not able to resist all of the time if it is a situation where everyone is drinking except me. I will dust myself off. Tomorrow is another day.
    Sunday June 21 - AF - After drinks 2 days in a row it would have been very easy to have drinks again today. Need to rack up some more AF days!
    Monday June 22 - AF - Yay, hit the 16AF days mark with days to spare. I wanted cocktails both yesterday and today.
    Tuesday June 23 - AF - Another hot day, I was out painting the shed a bit, weeding, and generally farting around the backyard getting a tan while I sweated. Really felt like a nice cool cocktail after that, but instead I gathered a big bowl of mixed greens from the garden for dinner. Booze doesn't taste good with salad and salad doesn't taste good with booze.
    Wednesday June 24 - AF - We had some boomers and some rain here today. A cocktail would have been nice to watch it on my covered porch, but I have a hellish long day tomorrow for work, so decided against it.
    Thursday June 25 - 2 drinks. Kind of started out as a bit of stress relief after a hellish day (used to be Tuesdays, is now Thursdays). I was feeling pretty good, I didn't even consider the 3rd drink which is my norm to have. I know that my tolerance has declined, 2 was just the right amount.
    Friday June 26 - AF - I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I really wanted a cool cocktail after working out in my yard in the blazing sun all day. I know that alcohol is counter productive to weight loss, so managed to stay AF.
    Saturday June 27 - AF - Almost a ditto to yesterday, thought that it was going to rain so was going hard in the yard in the heat to get as much done as possible before the rain...then it was 5:30. So badly wanted a Cosmopolitan. I am a really good Cocktail maker lol. We get motivation to not drink from wherever we can find it. I am in a 12 week weight challenge with Monday being the last weigh in. That is what kept me away from a nice cool cocktail today (and tomorrow). Going to say that Monday will be my drinks day.
    Sunday June 28 - AF - Rainy day, which would have been good with a warming cocktail. Didn't. Revising the thought of drinks for Monday, I have band practice on Tuesday and don't want to be all bloated and stuff.
    Monday June 29 - AF - I may have a beer with "the boys" while we jam Tuesday. 3rd or 4th month in a row to hit 22 AF days. I am very pleased, and found reasons not to drink here and there.
    Tuesday June 30 - 3 drinks. Had an awesome day. See you all over on the July thread.

    22AF days out of 30 days.
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,210 Member Member Posts: 2,210 Member
    Glad that you are joining us, and perfect timing that your profile pic is a dog : - )
    Hope to see you in the July thread.
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