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    June 16, 2020 1:44AM
    Hi everybody :D
    First time joining a challenge, On my weight loss journey for health reasons:
    June start Weight:61.2KG
    June Goal Weight:59kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight:50KG

    Yay nice to see another weighing in with kgs😉
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    sunabove wrote: »
    June start Weight: 65.8kg
    June Goal Weight: 64 kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight:

    June 1 : 65.8kg
    June 8: 64.6
    June 15: 64.9kg
    June 22: 64.6kg. Why is it every weigh in day my weight is heavier. Yesterday I was 63.9kg😧

    I would encourage you to check out a weight trending resource like HappyScale. I use TrendWeight because I like the graphics. You need a Fitbit account to enter data. I also use WeightGrapher. You enter your data there. One thing I like about that site is it also has a trend line for your weight a month ago.

    What all of these do is take a series of weigh-ins to give a more realistic number that kicks out the random (or not so random) fluctuations that happen for many reasons day-to-day. They use an algorithm that's slightly more complex than just an arithmetic average; they use a weighted moving average. They recognize that your weight today is more indicatave of your true weight than your weight ten days ago, but that number from ten days ago is still important. Your weight yesterday was a little less weighted than today, but still more than ten days ago.

    If you can IGNORE the day-to-day readings and focus on the TREND, you'll be better informed, and you might be happier. If you're curious to read more about this, check out The Hackers' Diet, especially the part about signal and noise.

    A personal example from Weight Grapher is my last three months:
    Note the crazy fluctuations? Yeah. The two-week, four-week, and three-month graphs also give you a projection of where your weight will likely go based on where it's been. This has helped me when my scale has been up one or two days in a row, but my trend is still losing. Check it out.

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    Hi everyone.#mtaratoot thankyou for your help, I will look into it. Please how does one tag in these posts, it seems hash tag doesn't work nor copy n paste?
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    Original Start weight: 180
    June start Weight: 147.8
    June Goal Weight: 143
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130

    June 1 : 147.8
    June 8: 146.8
    June 15: 146.4
    June 22: 146.8
    June 29:
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    May start weight: 177lbs
    May end Weight: 164lbs
    June Goal Weight: 157lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145lbs

    June 1 :164
    June 8:161
    June 15:161
    June 22:161
    June 29:
    June 30:

    Im getting discouraged by my plateau but trying to focus on other goals, like step counts. Im still hoping the get into the 150s before this challenge ends!
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    June start Weight: 203lbs
    June Goal Weight: 197lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 146 lbs

    June 01 : 203lbs
    June 08: 200lbs
    June 15: 197lbs
    June 22: 198lbs - two days off track and that's what happens. Am getting back on it though 😁
    June 29:
    June 30:
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    June Start Weight: 178 lbs
    June Goal Weight: 168 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight:148 lbs

    June 1 : 178
    June 8: 174
    June 15: 170
    June 22: 168.5
    June 29:
    June 30:

    Jun 22- My scale often gives me readings that fluctuate 2lbs within seconds of weigh-ins. I take the lower weight reading. :neutral: But still makes me wonder how accurate my weight is on this flip flopping scale. Anyways, I changed it up a little this past week and ate a bit more (also broke my fasting time in order to fit in the additional calories and work with my activities). Overall, I guess things are on the right track, but I'm feeling a bit worn out by the constant monitoring and negotiating. In some ways, I'm more food obsessed now than before.

    Jun 15- Always thrilled to see progress. But I also think I am tracking the calories incorrectly and could be under-eating. May get that food scale and explore zigzag diet/refeeding so as not to mess up the metabolism. Anyone have experience with that?

    Jun 8-First time posting on MFP!

    My weight loss journey started 14 months ago, resulting in a loss of 60lbs. During the quarantine, I upped my physical activity and started intermittent fasting. While still eating clean, I was not tracking total consumed calories because I've always been adverse to calorie/food tracking and wanted to just be "intuitive" about my eating. But these past few weeks, it was immensely discouraging to see no weight loss despite all the hard work I've been putting myself through. Anyways, I've decided to change it up for June, joined MFP, and have start tracking those damn calories for the first time ever.

    Lo and behold, after the first week of tracking, the scale finally budged: -4lbs. So, groan, what everyone has always been saying is true: track your food. I still want to resist, but I'm committing for June.
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    @msapplek I also used to be wary of tracking calories. When my mother tracked calories in the 1980’s, it looked like tedious process, and she always seemed like she was miserable and starving. So I thought that calorie counting = tedious, unpleasant restriction.

    But I was mistaken! It’s actually quite freeing... weight loss is simply math. If we eat fewer calories than we burn, we lose weight. And we don’t have to go starving ourselves or feeling hungry!

    I don’t know anything about zig-zag/refeeds but the phrase “mess up the metabolism” raises a red flag for me... I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to “mess up our metabolism” via any certain diet. However under-eating is very very unhealthy. There’s a lot of info on these kinds of things in the forums and the stickies here on MFP— very helpful, educational stuff.

    You are doing fabulously!!! Congrats!!!
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    June start Weight: 171.2
    June Goal Weight: 166
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145

    June 1 :
    June 8:
    June 15:171.2
    June 22: 171 hey at least that pesky .2 is gone 🤣
    June 29:
    June 30: