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    I have been on maintenance for over a year after losing 75 pounds. Since being on maintenance I do have two meals per month ( every other Saturday night ) where I eat whatever I want, no calorie counting. This has worked very well for me.
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    aliaa209 wrote: »
    All your answers and responses were very insightful and encouraging.
    I'm following an intermittent fasting diet, with adherence to my calorie limit. And it helped me to contain my craves and hunger big time. But, during the lockdown it's become really hard to stay on track. I keep thinking about eating all my non-fasting hours. Also, my family have the greatest choices in food :smiley: There's always a Cinnabon roll available or a mighty burger sandwich in hand.
    I love the calorie-based diet that it helps me eat anything I want, but still with limits and after doing my math. But, sometimes, I just wish to go BANANAS :smiley:
    I really loved the calorie bank idea :like: ... I always eat below my calorie limit. And maybe I should exercise more, and add more calories to my bank account. and have a diet-free day every 2 weeks or 3 weeks, instead!

    Just a thought but could this be lockdown related I.e not going out, seeing people, talking to people as much as you were prior to lockdown has resulted in you feeling more ‘down’?
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