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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



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    Honestly, the number of Mutual Aid Groups that sprang up overnight is one of the best silver linings of this pandemic. There's a community hotline (run by volunteers) that matches up people who need help to people who can give that help, and where there's a financial element, it comes out of community donations and fundraising so the volunteer isn't out of pocket. There have been volunteers translating requests and publicity from English into other languages and it's made me feel proud to live where I do. People say Londoners are cold and don't talk to anyone - but they've really pulled together. One of my neighbours now regularly picks up a newspaper and milk for an elderly gentleman round the corner from her. She only found out he lived there and needed help after she randomly knocked on his door one day to ask. Warm fuzzy feelings!

    I'm so, so pleased to hear about your ultrasound results. There is nothing more important than your health, and it sounds like a real victory, Barb! Really impressed with your commitment to getting out and active too.

    The other day I volunteered to rescue a parcel for a neighbour who's out of town purely because I know when they come back this weekend I'm going to have to waddle over to their place to drop it off, and I need any excuse for some exercise! :lol: Every little counts... I'm trying to arrange a socially distanced walk with a friend I haven't seen a long time this weekend, too. I don't really want to trek over towards her part of town, and I don't really want to go out for that matter, but as the reward will be seeing a lovely friend, it should incentivise me to get up and get out. She would come here if I asked, but I'm the one who needs the extra steps - she's still running most days and is active enough.
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    Good morning, all. I read everything, every day, and if days go by with nothing from me is because I get into tied tongue periods. Never been the bubbly type, just (mostly) optimistic and recently realized that unnecessary and excessive drama (at work), negative people and lack of sleep, seriously drain me. Then my thoughts are just individual strings and somehow don’t seem to connect.

    Barb -so happy to hear your scan went so well and your nodules are gone! It’s enormous good news for you, and the fact that you don’t need to worry for how they might progress in the future, has to be a big relief.
    If baking makes you happy, go for it, but if it gives you anxiety and worries, postpone it until you get the good vibes.
    The way you describe running is how I feel about walking/hiking, but because of very long work days, husband’s long commute, no family nearby, I did not work on it, nor carve time for it for many years. Would have been nice, but others were more important then. I’m catching up now, slowly.

    Catherine- I am not sure if there is anything similar in my area for helping older or sick people. If it is, it’s not advertised well. Your stories of being helpful while getting some walking out off it, are funny. It’s how it always worked , but the exercise part seemed insignificant, or the 30 seconds talk with the neighbor, but now that we lost them, everything and everyone counts. It’s a good change, a very good one.
    My version of that is : I drive a minivan and I park in the back of parking lots so I don’t have to squeeze in my seat - front of the store people park at an angle, because they are in a hurry 😁. I get 100 more steps, and I used to scoff at that, but now I’m proud. Everyone has dogs in the neighborhood and the waves across the street with 2 sentences are now borderline philosophical.

    Katrina- two of my daughter’s friends are working towards becoming vets and I hear their stories (21 year olds) and I think, this is nothing, you should hear what my friend does - I don’t say that, mostly because is so much fun to hear what is a struggle for them, but also because they literally do not see me. To be that young!
    So take good care of yourself and keep telling us stories, sister. I forgot to ask, where are you with the apartment renovations and the sell/move plans?
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    Forgot to say how I’m doing- well ok I guess. I had some cold and windy days lately and they cut my walking drastically, but helped enormously on the Netflix end. Eating was adequate.
    My poor dog had 2 seizures in the last month (3 more since beginning of the year)- so I’m going to make an appointment to the vet. I feel so bad because he’s going to be tested and prodded and unless he needs surgery , the end will be to get the seizure medication. The last one it was in the middle of the night Thursday when he slept in my daughter’s room, and she stayed with him, afraid to come and tell us because he could have followed and injured himself on the stairs. She’s not that strong or mature, but she stayed for him. Next day she had a 4h nap.
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    Catherine, I just think it’s marvelous how organized the effort is to make sure everyone has what they need. I keep hearing about the things Willam and Kate are doing and it seems like they are leading by example! I love all of their checking in with people throughout this whole ordeal and putting such a positive spin on looking out for one’s mental health- no stigma attached. I feel like they are doing some good! And I guess they just started their train trip around the UK to check in with people and thank health care workers. Is the response over there positive, or am I just reading all the feel good stuff on

    I love how you are finding “excuses” to get in steps! Let us know if you get to connect with that friend for the walk this weekend! Sounds fun!

    Gabi, I know what you mean about negative people at work draining you! I quit eating lunch in the teachers’ lounge because the conversation was always so negative. It was almost like a contest to see who could complain the most. I started eating in the classroom and even managed to get a few things done in the process. Negativity is definitely contagious, but not something we want to catch!
    So you like hiking, too!?! I LOVE hiking! We have some really nice ridges around here to climb! Being out in nature really soothes the soul, doesn’t it?

    “Everyone has dogs in the neighborhood and the waves across the street with 2 sentences are now borderline philosophical.”
    That is SERIOUSLY funny!!! You should send that in to one of the late night comedy hosts!!

    My mom always did the same thing you do, park far away from the entrance of the store so she could get her steps in.

    So sorry to hear about your dog’s seizures. What kind is he? Let us know how he’s doing! Your daughter is very brave and devoted. I’m impressed! I’m sure she did need a major nap after that emotionally draining time and cutting into her sleep time as well!

    All of you, NEVER feel like you have to respond to every little thing, every day!! I do not want this to become a burden in any way! I just want us to share our ups and downs and encourage each other. It shouldn’t be one more thing that keeps you from getting to bed on time! I just want you to post ANYTHING at all every couple of days, so we know you are okay! I couldn’t care less if it’s weight or food related! Your weight is just a NUMBER- it’s not WHO you are!

    Katrina, I KNOW you are crazy busy with those animals! I can’t imagine that kind of responsibility! Luckily, teaching school, the kids’ health didn’t depend on me! ( except once when a kindergartener came to school sick on a Monday. I called his Mom at 10:30 and told her to come get him and take him to the dr. She said he had an appt the following Monday. I said that would be too late, take him anyway. She did and they admitted him to the hospital for a week of antibiotics thru a PICC line and then he came back to school with the line still in! Talk about pressure-making sure no one jostled him and the line got pulled out! Was glad when that year ended! So I couldn’t take the pressure of dealing with major issues every day!)

    My day:
    Exercise: ✅ ( so COLD jogging!)
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅ no biscuits today!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 827 Member Member Posts: 827 Member
    I sent an email today with all our email addresses. Check your spam if you didn’t get it.
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    Got the email. Was out at 630 today, stopped by the store thats actually on my way home to pick up asparagus whic was the only thing the other store yesterday didnt have. Ended up getting some other things i probably didn't need... ate too much today but with the calories burned from my day it wasnt awful. No i didn't walk sunday, i was sucked into a crochet project. Made a hat for mats mom and started working on a matching scarf. I still dont really feel like walking any sort of vigorously. Fine post flu shot, but just don't think i would feel good walking briskly yet. The cough is fading but still hanging on.

    Barb congrats on the thyroid improvement! My grandma had hers out due to cancer so i try to make sure i wear the thyroid guard when taking xrays now (used to forget a lot). My coworker had hers out too.

    Catherine its good to give yourself excuses to move. Hope you enjoy the visit with a friend.

    Gabi so sorry about your pup. Hope bloodwork is normal and meds work well for the pupper.

    Going to bed now. Did a healthy amount of just watching my fish tonight and relaxing, but i do need to get my hands in the tanks to trim plants etc. Perhaps tomorrow. Also have to cook some food in my fridge. Goodnight all!
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    Oh and yes there's a walmart i could pick up from but its 10 minutes opposite my work, and i dont really know when ill be done for the day... hard to schedule a time. I did try it once before i was locked down and sick, just sucks when they're out of what you order. Too far away to have any sort of delivery... my current town is tiny much like the one i grew up in back in Idaho, and also pretty rural. It honestly doesn't take too long to get my list and get out of the store cause I'm prepared usually. Plus that's my excuse for extra steps in a day, and i prefer to pick my own produce.
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    I’m no feeling too chatty today. Found out my daughter ( the one who is struggling with pandemic depression)has to put her cat to sleep tomorrow. Tears my heart out.
    He had osteo sarcoma about 5 years ago, had a leg amputated, and has done great until right after thanksgiving. No kidney function, no red blood cells, some sort of mass in his lungs. I will be driving to Raleigh in the morning. Hope I can keep it together!
    Katrina, I don’t know how you can stand it when you have to put an animal to sleep! I’d be a wreck! I AM a wreck!

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked; ✅
    Under: ✅

    It’s going to be tough not to eat my feelings the next several days!
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    Barb, so sorry you all have to go through that... sometimes knowing the stories makes it so tough to not bawl my eyes out with clients. Hardest ones are where the big tough father figure or grandfather figure is bawling... but what's worse for me is walking out knowing i have to put on a smile and go see the vaccine appointment next. No time to grieve with or for clients and have to focus on the next pet. Hard to do for some of those emotional euthanasias. My thoughts will be with you and your daughter. Sounds like the kitty was quite a trooper, but its the last kind thing you can do. Doesn't make it any easier sadly.

    We had a pile of food delivered by a kind soul... again. A pizza, fried chicken, french fries, chips, etc. So i ate a lot of junk but again if you count the calories i burned today its still within my calorie goals... still dont feel like walking (physically) so i relaxed and watched fish again. Ate some junk food at the clinic when i finished charts and left at 7 pm. But its almost 1030 and im going to sleep. So at least its not after 11.

    Goodnight all
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    Made it home before 7 pm! Still felt like a really long day. I finally called my dr today to ask when i should worry about this stupid residual cough. She said give it a week or two more and if its still hanging around to make an appointment. Gonna try to walk on the treadmill after I cook some dinner and see what I feel like. Not much else to say today, but didn't wanna update at 10 when I'm trying to go to sleep. Have to work Saturday this week, but just two more days...
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    Barb - sorry to hear about your daughter’s cat. Animals are great companions and for people with anxieties are mini miracles. See it every day in my girls.
    Katrina - it must be so relaxing to just watch the fish after a long , busy day and feel your problems disappearing. Wonderful.
    Catherine, you ok?

    Today went in the office, tuned out the unnecessary stuff and just did my work. Stopped at Costco on the way home , because last time we were locked , it was a pain, with lines outside and around the store. Surprisingly it was not bad at all, and after I got back, I had energy left to hop on the bike. What about that?

    I should probably mention that yesterday I had a scale drop, then went about 600 calories over, and this week had 3 very lazy days, already. I also did beat myself up, than retracted every word and now I’m back. So , yes, some gods days with mediocre days in between. Such is the journey!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 827 Member Member Posts: 827 Member
    Got through today. The only thing worse than saying good bye to a beloved pet is watching your daughter have her heart torn in 2! She’s 26. The last cat she had before Joey, died when she was in 7th grade and she cried EVERY day for a YEAR! So sad to see her go through this again.

    Katrina, I don’t know how you do what you do, I really don’t! I’d need to be committed after one week of being a vet and having to euthanize more than one pet!

    Gabi, Hoorah for getting in and out of Costco without a long wait! And you had the energy for a bike ride afterward!?! Unbelievable!
    Let’s not gloss over the fact you were able to tune out the unnecessary stuff at work! That’s something!
    Never beat yourself up for a lazy day! Just move right on!! It could be worse, you could be compulsive about it like me!

    Didn’t give into eating my feelings today. If I had, I’d still be eating! Can’t say I won’t give in tomorrow though.

    Exercise:✅ (did an extra workout before bed last night and then did a few weights this morning before my long drive. See what I mean about being compulsive!?!
    Under: ✅

    Catherine, how are things?
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    To be honest, I've felt a bit down this week - I had a really heavy course on fun things like how to deal with a potentially suicidal colleague, and then I heard the news that I'm not eligible for the Pfizer Covid vaccine as anyone with significant allergies is being skipped. I also couldn't get into the Christmas volunteering programme I wanted to as I only found out about it a day after the last mandatory training session finished. So annoying!

    I have, however, been logging everything I have overeaten, and today I've got back on track. I've arranged to meet my friend tomorrow afternoon, so I have to trek over there, trek around there and trek back. I did also get out of the flat for a couple of lunchtime wanders this week, which doubled up with me speaking to my family on handsfree. My dad is still very ill, but he is slowly recovering, and is starting to sound a bit better when he speaks.

    A friend of mine did give me a look (over video) when I mentioned the course I'd been on. I know I'm not in the perfect mental shape myself, given my sleep isn't good (it's not as bad as it was earlier in the summer) and I'm clearly developing some kind of anxiety towards travelling, but I've always been much better at looking after other people than myself, and I do genuinely enjoy helping others. The way I see it, I have my own issues, but I'm honest enough to admit to them, and it takes one to know one!

    TOM started today, which I think is also responsible for the low mood this week. Hormones, eh?

    Still here, just very much in a plodding part of the journey.

    I did get Barb's email with everyone's email addresses, btw.

    Barb - really sorry to hear about your daughter's cat. It sounded like she did all she could for her beloved pet - as Katrina said, sometimes that last trip to the vet's really is the kindest thing to do.

    Gabi - I hear you with the swings and roundabouts! I've had a very similar week with the scales. Down and up and back down again, back to the same starting place.

    Katrina - how did it feel walking on the treadmill?
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    Barb - years ago my coworker came in one morning with red nose and puffy eyes, and said she cried all evening because XX broke off with her daughter. And when I said that she didn’t even like XX , her answer was that she didn’t cry for him, she cried WITH her daughter. And that’s the truth, we do hurt if we see them hurt. So sorry for your daughter going through this.

    Catherine- sorry to hear it was a hard week, but ultra glad you’re back. The class is for dealing with suicidal colleagues, right? Tough. Info must be so intense, and pray you never need to apply it, but I admire you for choosing it.
    Prayers to your father to get stronger.

    I had to go at work today because of a crisis and it was so weird because we had the department Christmas lunch, with food from Mission Barbecue . I couldn’t eat anything they got, so I just went at my desk and worked on my issue. Half a year ago I would have been thinking about the food outside my door the entire time, smell it and getting obsessed with it. Now, nothing.
    I didn’t eat anything before going in, and at 3 when I left, I still wasn’t hungry so I stopped at a store and got my daughter more puzzles - this is our family obsession now, since the pandemic, and we were running out.

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    I'm looking for motivated "friends" to help support and encourage each other. Feel free to friend me if you want. I am a big proponent of starting with ONE thing and focusing on that. I think 10k steps is a great place to start!

    I am homeschooling my 7th grader, but that's a bit easier than little ones as I can, obviously, have him do some work on his own.

    There are probably some youtube exercise videos that you could use with your little ones to take breaks together and get in some steps. Also, I sit on a yoga ball instead of a chair when we're doing work together.

    Great job on getting started! I think the first 3 days are the hardest. Then it gets a little easier, IMHO.

  • StephanieStCStephanieStC Member, Premium Posts: 52 Member Member, Premium Posts: 52 Member
    You sound like you're doing really well.Its hard to diet when you're feeding kids all day.Been there,done it.I have also gained 20lbs since lockdown.I now weigh the same as last time I joined MFP in feb 2018 !! Would like to add u as a friend but don't know how ??
    Keep up the good work,you're doing great 😁

    To add someone as a friend, you click on their name, then click on their name again. Then you can send a friend request.

    Feel free to add me as a friend! :)
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    Catherine, I’m sorry to hear you’re not eligible for the vaccine. Will you all be getting the Moderna or any other Covid vaccines across the pond? I heard that the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine and another one are delayed until late 2021 because they aren’t doing well with the elderly population.
    Taking a class on dealing with a potentially suicidal colleague does sound heavy, esp for this time of year. Unfortunately this is the time of year people typically feel more alone and isolated. This year for sure!
    I’m sorry it’s been a downer of a week for you, but you’ve done a good job getting B’s j on track! Esp going back and logging food! That is sometimes an eye opener!(for me anyway)

    I agree with what you said about being able to help others. If my life is perfect and I’ve not had any challenges, how can I possibly relate to someone who does?

    Gabi, that’s amazing you resisted barbecue! Just smelling it would’ve had me salivating. I don’t eat beef or pork, but I would’ve been salivating just the same! And you actually waited to eat until you got home! Wow! I definitely like the puzzle idea! It’s hard to eat while working a puzzle, unlike watching TV!
    Great family fun, it sounds like!

    @StephanieStc Welcome! This is a great group of friends encouraging each other through ups and downs. What are your goals?

    My day:
    Tracked: ✅
    Exercise: ✅
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    Gabi - all kinds of mental health problems, but the session on suicide was the toughest one. It took more out of me than I expected. Still, I do feel better equipped and it was worthwhile doing.

    Smelling delicious food and not eating all the delicious food takes some serious willpower! Go you! :)

    Barb - no idea. It's a bit of a stupid thing to be sad about, because I'm so far down the UK's priority list there may not be any left of that particular vaccine when my group gets called up. As a country, we've bought a few different types and it's a long wait until my turn. However, I guess I didn't realise how much hope I'd been pinning to a vaccine to magically make life 'normal' again.

    I've always been quite well-behaved on the grounds that it won't be forever, and it struck me all at once that I might never get a vaccine and if that's true, it makes me so vulnerable. Work still want us to come back in January (they clearly haven't read the guidance that working from home is recommended until April at least), but we're about to enter a worse level in my city, and I'm expecting another proper lockdown after Christmas. Whatever they're planning will get pushed back, I'm sure.

    The higher ups hate remote working, and it's got me thinking, would I quit if they forced the point? I don't think I'll get to a 'come in or resign' standoff until the summer, but there is a moment coming. It might be time to start researching which companies are more open to permanent home working, and to get a back up plan lined up. If I have to rely on herd immunity rather than getting vaccinated, I don't want my old commute back.

    There is also the possibility of doing something else for a pay cut, if it enables me to work from home or work more locally. It is something I could manage, especially given I'm no longer blowing a chunk of my disposable salary on takeout. However... if I have a drop in salary, it makes sending money to my sister harder, and she's still out of work.

    Lots to mull over as we enter a New Year!

    @StephanieStC Welcome!

    Have you been homeschooling throughout? Here in the UK, the kids have been back at school for a while now, although they do keep getting sent home as their 'bubbles' keep bursting.

    What are your weight/health goals and how long have you been on this journey? Are you just getting started, or have you been doing this for a while now?
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    Hi ladies, seriously messed up day calorie wise for me, today.
    Wanted to write that down, so I can let it go and move on. I’m working on ways to skip the guilting part.
    Back in business, tomorrow!!!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 827 Member Member Posts: 827 Member

    I understand your frustration with the vaccine situation. It is so disappointing when we think we see the light at the end of the tunnel and it turns out it was not light after all. At least I think by late spring things will be looking up. Where I am we have greatly increasing number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, setting new records, sometimes several times in a week. Not something we want to be setting records in. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t go in a grocery or anywhere in public without wearing my N95, which fits very snuggly all around.
    So now anyone who’s had a severe allergic reaction to anything shouldn’t receive the new vaccine. That means both my daughters would not be able to get it. They’ve both required epinephrine due to allergic reactions. One of them has asthma. Hopefully the Moderna vaccine will be approved soon and that will be an option.
    I agree, it’s hard to stay optimistic at times during all this! What’s hard for me is knowing we are doing our part and then seeing people ignore the mask mandate, gather in large groups etc. They go on business as usual and the virus keeps spreading. If we could’ve ALL done our part, we could’ve gotten things under control a LONG time ago!

    You have a lot to think about and consider for your job situation. I hear some companies are embracing the whole work from home scenario as it actually cuts down on their overhead. You are an amazing sister, giving her money while she’s out of work.

    Did you get to take that walk with a friend?

    Gabi, You messed up calorie wise for one day, not a big deal. The fact that you owned it, but are determined just to move on without the whole guilt thing shows you are truly making progress! That’s AWESOME!

    Katrina, How are you doing?

    I didn’t go over on calories today, but definitely indulged in too many treats! Had a socially distanced birthday celebration with my sister. We got take out and ate in a nearby park, with our chairs about 15 feet apart( my sister, my daughter, and me). We shared a lot of laughs as well as the treats. Laughter goes a long way during this unsettling time!

    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅

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