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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,128 Member Member Posts: 1,128 Member
    Thank you for the encouraging messages. Head still out of the game, but brought my eating down to more acceptable levels. I have to start walking again, even if it’s cold and windy.
    I’m going in the office today, 15 miles from Downtown, speaking of distractions from plan 😳
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member
    If you can't get yourself to stop overeating, overeating less is still very much a step in the right direction.

    Struggled to sleep last night - mainly because like a small child I didn't want to go back to school work - so made some apple and parsnip soup. I was too tired to do much for lunch, so it was really nice having a portion of soup ready to just heat up. If I could get into the swing of prepping food, it would be a gamechanger.

    I might bite the bullet and try making cauliflower soup next time. I don't think I've had it without cream before, but I reckon if I get my ratios right, the consistency should be reasonably creamy anyway.

    Those scenes from the Capitol were something else, Barb. At least Biden has been officially certified now - not much longer and the transition has to happen. Things should hopefully feel more stable soon.

    Time for a quick power nap... :)
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,128 Member Member Posts: 1,128 Member
    Today for some weird reasons I ended up with 2 restaurant meals in a day and so far I’m under calories 😁. The scale still hates me, but I feel better and I slept (almost) 6h for 2 nights now.
    Catherine your meals sound so good and tasty. You were right btw, with everything.
    Barb, Katrina- how is your 2021 going so far? On a non-political level I mean.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Catherine, how was your first day back at work? You seem to be really organized with your meals lately! I’m so impressed! All those nourishing soups!
    I made a nice vegan chili for dinner( with cornbread and big beautiful salad). I used some Impossible Burger in it and my husband LOVED it even though he’s a meat eater. Inspired by you, Catherine, I bought some cubed butternut squash to add in to the chili. Of course by the time I got it all going, I completely forgot about the butternut squash. I can bake some and add to the leftovers. ( conversations with my Mom are SO distracting. Distracting is not the right word but you know what I mean.

    Catherine I was thinking about the Runuary. How about if you do intervals of fast walking in your walking routine? It’s supposed to be so much easier on the joints anyway.

    Gabi, you had 2 restaurant meals today and managed to stay under!?! I’d call that a HUGE win! Of course, restaurant meals tend to be very high sodium so don’t expect the scale to move too much overnight. Just drink extra water and see if you can flush some of the retained water out.
    Your struggle to get back on track after 4 days away is why vacations are so hard for me! Heck, just taking Christmas Day off made it hard to get back on track the next day. Of course, I didn’t have to do QUITE the frenzied eating I did on Christmas Day!
    I was eating like I was preparing for execution!

    Had a mammogram, ultrasound and dexascan today. All routine. Glad to have gotten it all done at once. But if men had to have their ‘jewels’ squeezed like we are squeezed having a mammogram, the process would be changed!

    I’ve been sleeping later lately. It’s funny, for YEARS I got up between 4:30 and 5 am. Until recently I was finished my jogs by sun up. Now that it’s not summer and I don’t have to limit my sun exposure, I realized there’s no reason to wake up so early. I STARTED my jog as the sun was coming up today. I am officially LAZY!
    I’m not working since we moved to TN. At first I was waiting to get a job until after we bought a house so I’d make sure my commute was short. Then the pandemic hit.
    Won’t even think about a job until it’s over.

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  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    Catherine I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. You just don't know how that stuff is going to affect an individual. She sounds like a fantastic individual and probably inspired many to step up and get involved in a cause. If nothing else she seems like she spread genuine kindness to everyone she met. Hope you had a good day back to work.

    Sorry, yesterday mat, his dad, and i met and looked at a house that just went on the market. This is the first one we went and looked at together. Unfortunately, we didn't have a preapproval letter in hand yet, and randomly after lots of people visited the house last night to look the sellers asked for highest and best offer at 830 pm. Well we couldn't get ahold of our financial guy so we couldn't enter a bid. Still haven't heard back from the guy so we probably lost out on that opportunity. This market is nuts. Things go within hours.

    Anyways i was up way too late because of that whole deal and definitely had a couple cookies made by mats aunt yesterday, so I probably over did calories, didn't meet steps yesterday, etc.

    Today our fearless leader/bossman bought us pizza at the clinic. And then I ate apple cobbler with ice cream so... I'm not back on track either but it was under maintenance calories. Have had headaches yesterday and today which I think is combo of stress not enough sleep and having not had lunches mon and tuesday... eating the gas station breakfast this morning and pizza for lunch also doesn't help. Tried to at least limit the calories so its a step in the right direction yes. Happy Friday everyone. Have to work saturday again.

  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member
    Feel a bit out of sorts today - it's partly sleep-related but I think it's mostly TOM.

    I was so tired I decided to skip dinner last night in favour of a nap which turned into bedtime. :) I'd had a really large breakfast so it didn't make me short on calories or anything, and the scales rewarded me this morning with a little whoosh. The trick is to see if I can make it to the end of the weekend whilst continuing to be good.

    When I'm tired, I either want to eat and eat or go to sleep. One is definitely better for me than the other...

    Well done on getting more sleep, Gabi. Definitely something positive!

    First day back at work wasn't bad; just have another half day now and it's my weekend. Most people aren't back until Monday, so it'll get busier then.

    I want to try a veggie chilli tomorrow - I have some Quorn mince and I want to test out whether that's nice or horrible before doing another shop. I'm mainly interested because it has fewer calories than beef, and I'm always willing to make a compromise if there's a big enough calorie saving to be made. :)

    Glad the tests are out of the way, Barb. Mamograms sound really... well, clinical, cold (in all senses!) and undignified. I think there's an inbuilt assumption in the medical profession that by the time most women go for mammograms, they've had kids, and they're used to leaving their dignity at the door accordingly.

    Your definition of lazy is very different to mine... :lol:

    Buying a house is exciting stuff, Katrina! Well, exciting and frustrating. I remember how crazy the market was when I bought, but that was London pre-Covid. I'm amazed things are so busy right now!

    Definitely aim for some more sleep too - there's a sweet spot. Too much sleep = headaches. Too little sleep = headaches. Are you at least getting Sunday off and having a nice quiet day then?

    Time for a coffee, and to face the last half of my day... Have a good one!
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,128 Member Member Posts: 1,128 Member
    Katrina- house hunting IS very stressful and it can be instant or time consuming. Gather your full package and only bid on the houses you love, regardless of how fast they sell. If you get it , you don’t want to stay in a house that you hate or are indifferent about. In the moment it is disappointing to lose any offers, but when you tell the story in 10-20 years, it won’t matter the month you moved in, or how many times you tried. You’ll get the one that calls your name!
    Where I leave, house prices are absolutely insane right now, and sell within hours- I see the For Sale sign put up in the morning and by the afternoon it’s changed into Under Contract.

    Catherine- going back to work is never smooth, at least not to me and have to remind myself that I already got my time away and now I have to march on. If you can fall asleep when tired , sometimes or most of the times, go for it. You build some sleepless nights before so take full advantage when possible.

    Barb- there was never a time in my life when I considered waking up 1-2h earlier to exercise. You are doing great absolutely great and make me want to do better. As for job hunting, it is probably harder than house hunting, glad you can wait it out. There are so few positions out and the ones I see, are not very desirable.

    My neighbor gave me a butter squash last week and we used it as a center piece, because I never ever had any, but now with your posts, I’m curious and will research some recipes later.
    I did mess up for a week and it showed later, but I should’ve been mentally prepared for the number. Or maybe my missing ToM makes me a big baby occasionally. Whatever the case, I’m getting back on schedule, slowly and I do feel better, have more energy and ultimately sleep better. Re-learned my lesson!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Katrina, I’m sorry that you apparently lost out on a nice house. Hopefully, that just means there’s a house for you that you’ll like even better! I know what that frustration is like. As you know, we’ve been looking for a house for nearly a year and a half. The houses that we think we might like are swooped up before we even get to see them! But that’s okay, I’m actually very patient with buying a house. I’d rather wait and get exactly what I want, or as close as possible. At least all my nonnegotiables- big bright kitchen, primary bedroom on first floor( I worry how long my husband will continue to be able to climb stairs, good sized covered back porch that can be screened in, good closets, no vinyl siding( it’s big here), a view of mountains or lake, and not too big!
    We had a contract on a new construction house that had all those( except it was too big, but nearly half the house was full basement so it didn’t seem like it was 3800 sq feet), but when we had it inspected, 6 trusses were broken in the roof. Didn’t see how it could possibly have structural integrity even after repair. Walked away from it.
    Had a contract on another house with lake and mountain views and it was situated on a golf course. But the monthly social dues were steep. My husband was okay with it, but I was concerned if things really took a bigger turn for the worse economically. I told him I’d always worry so we didn’t buy it.
    But in the meantime our apt is very nice, esp since we moved across the way to a 2 bedroom unit. I really can’t complain, being in an apt with granite countertops in kitchen and bathrooms and an island in the kitchen.
    (And gorgeous Mountain Views)It’s very cozy! But I do miss my treadmill!
    And the fitness center at the clubhouse. They are allowing workouts in there again, but I don’t feel safe doing that yet. But I do miss the elliptical there, the only kind I’ve ever enjoyed!
    Back to you, Katrina. Just that you are at the place in your life where you are looking to build a future with someone(Mat!) and buy a house together is so thrilling! I’m celebrating that today! It’s awesome and sweet! And it’s making me emotional just thinking about it!
    That’s another thing about perimenopause and menopause-everything makes me emotional! I can see someone do something kind for someone and it brings me to tears, happy tears! I was never a crier before really, unless a relative or pet died. It made it tough at school my last few years, trying to cover my tears in front of high schoolers when someone did something esp kind etc.

    It’s snowing here today and for whatever reason I want to snack. So I immediately logged my mini Luna bar( love the lemon ones!) I’ve decided I will log every snack BEFORE I eat it, because I can see things going south quickly!

    Catherine, do you all have Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers there? I find both do really well in chili’s and as just burgers. I’m actually going to make tacos with Beyond Meat next week.

    I do eat chicken and fish though. Just haven’t had beef or pork in years. Haven’t missed either. Didn’t eat chicken for a year once but it was very difficult. ( the only reason I did it was it was the ONLY thing my vegan daughter wanted for her birthday)I found myself overeating because I never really felt sated.
    So I threw chicken and fish back into the mix, once or twice a week. I don’t feel deprived at all.

    Catherine, you are right about the sweet spot with sleep! So far, I’ve not been able to get TOO much sleep, but until this past year, I’d never been able to sleep past 5:30 really, so all bets are off!

    Okay my missive is over!

    Have a great weekend Everyone!!

  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member
    Barb - we do have Beyond Meat, but it has coconut oil in it, so it's off my list. One of my friends used to have it quite regularly when we ate out (back in the pre-Covid days) whenever he was having a meat-free Monday. It's a shame, it sounds really nice, but that one little ingredient means I can't eat it!

    Made pasta for dinner tonight, using the last of the butternut squash soup as a sauce base. Worked really well. Now that I've used portioned soup as soup, a base for stew and a base for pasta, it's starting to feel quite versatile. (Mainly because soup freezes and defrosts quite well.)

    I'm almost moving towards a meal plan... I'm not there yet, but by the end of the year I think I'd like to be on a meal plan that works for me, so I can reduce cost/waste and still be happy with what I'm eating. Ultimately, I really love food, so for this to work out long term, I have to get into a system that I enjoy.

    I don't miss bacon, but I do miss char siu pork buns, sweet and sour pork and crispy shredded beef. I've never found a (calorie counted) supermarket version that tastes decent, takeaway versions are full of unknown calories and salt, and they are not simple recipes to adapt and cook at home. Once the ingredient list gets to a certain length, a recipe becomes a nice story to read rather than a list of instructions to one day try to follow! I'm such a lazy cook...

    I still have plain chow mein on my list of things I want to learn to cook (in a calorie conscious way). I think if I get the portion size right, that should be doable. Maybe with some grilled pineapple rather than sweet and sour sauce anything - actual pineapple is pretty low calorie.

    Buying a place with someone is a milestone worth celebrating, you're right, Barb, even if the perfect home hasn't yet been found. The fact that you're ready to do it, Katrina, is the win!

    Gabi, butternut squash (actually, pumpkin too) is one of those veggies that I didn't care for as a child but love as an an adult. You can do a lot with it, and of course, it's a nice colour. The worst thing about all those healthy smoothie type drinks with kale and such like is the green. No one ever wants to drink a green coloured drink; they do it under protest, I'm sure of it!

    Have to do a little bit of work at the weekend, but only a couple of hours, which is nothing compared to my December. For now, time for a lazy evening curled up with Netflix. :)
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Catherine, grilled pineapple is delicious! Now I want some but I’ll have to wait on that.
    I’ve been experimenting with recipes as well. I’ve made a couple of different Chinese recipes lately. They turned out delicious. But I tried a simple crock pot recipe for chicken Marsala this week that was almost inedible! Quite a disappointment. But then I had to remember all the other recipes I’ve tried over the years and I can’t complain about one or two failures. What are you watching on Netflix, Catherine? We are trying to get thru Homeland on Hulu.

    Katrina, I’m so impressed how you can still stay under maintenance with all you’ve had going on.

    Gabi, I’m glad you are sleeping a little better. Makes a big difference. Makes it a little easier to get back on track and/or stay on track!

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  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member
    I stayed up far too late, went for a two-hour walk with my friend, and had a really long nap afterwards. Partly because I was tired from not sleeping enough, partly because I was tired from all the walking and partly because I was so cold!

    Did over 14k steps today (a real shock to the system) and was very grateful for having soup ready to just heat up, as I was too tired to cook anything when I got in. One of the biggest tips I've learnt from lockdown living is to do stuff when you have the energy, because you never know when you really won't have any left, and when you'll be grateful to that past you!

    Monday was maintenance, Tuesday was a real binge, Wednesday was a little over maintenance, Thursday was good, Friday was good and today was reasonably good when factoring in additional activity. All in all, I feel like I'm getting the appetite back on track, and I've had more veggies and protein this week too.

    Next week is going to be even more tiring as it's my first full week at work, so I need to pre-empt that and do some food prep tomorrow.

    Barb, it always upsets me a little when something I invent is not edible, but you have to take risks sometimes. Shame about the chicken marsala, but I'm sure you'll have another victory soon!

    Just finished How To Get Away With Murder (it's a Shondaland production - so same creator as Grey's Anatomy), Back To Life (that's a very quirky British comedy, only one short season) and the Final Table (a cooking competition - funnily enough, I can watch cookery shows without getting hungry). Been rewatching old episodes of Masterchef to drift off to sleep. The UK version is very sedate compared to the Canadian version, where there's so much product placement and the presenters shout so much that the contestants keep cutting themselves and shouting for a medic. I think there's definitely a visible cultural difference when you take one show and redo it in a different country!

    Hope you're all having a good weekend and that your Saturday working hasn't been overly hectic, Katrina.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Catherine, I’m so glad you got to take a walk with your friend. That had to be good for your mental health as well as physical! And a long walk at that! Well done!
    And look at you having soup all ready for when you were too tired to prepare anything! Victory! Keep that in mind as you food prep tomorrow.
    Is How to Get Away with Murder good? It may be too scary for me to watch by myself. I can watch scary shows with my husband, but definitely not alone! I’ve only watched one cooking show really. Couldn’t quite get interested.

    Today was a lazy day!

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    2+veggies❌ Like I said a lazy day!
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member Member, Premium Posts: 474 Member
    Back at 170lb today - my new settling point, it seems. I think the next challenge is to get to 165lb (haven't quite managed that yet) and stay under 165lb. Setting mini-goals in 5lb chunks seems doable. That's 5 mini-goals this year. Psychologically, 5 sets of 5 feel smaller than 25lb.

    HTGAW isn't scary in the sense that it has jump scenes (it doesn't), but there are a few quite graphic scenes, lots of tension and plenty of murder. It doesn't have a linear narrative, which works best in season one. You essentially get the start and end of a story and try to piece together how and why they are linked, which I quite like as a plot device.

    Have you seen The Good Place or My Crazy Ex Girlfriend? They're both a lot lighter. Again, both good watches but the first season of each is the best one. My Crazy Ex Girlfriend is actually a musical comedy - it takes a little time to get into it, but it gets progressively cleverer and more layered.
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,128 Member Member Posts: 1,128 Member
    Hello all, and Happy Sunday!
    Catherine- you are right, soups are the best after a long walk in the cold. Some people say tea, but I vote for soup. You did a weekly meal plan before? That is amazing to me, because I am only capable to plan and follow through on 10 minutes increments, not 7 days 😁.
    My long walk is planned for later today, when my husband wakes up- will see how it goes.
    Boy, do I relate to the depleted energy issue! I have days with 5h cleaning sessions, and days with 4000 steps.
    Hurray for getting back on the scale, and for conquering the eating habits.
    Barb- I have vegetation around, but not lakes or mountain views. If there are the stakes for you, then of course you are waiting for this frenzy to stop/calm down- my neighborhood is 200k over the prices 2y ago. Build in 1970, serious no big deal or extra cute anything, just easy to commute to DC, MD or VA. Too much in my opinion.

    Did not cook that butter squash yet, but made a vegetable soup yesterday and had bowl after bowl 😁 and that kept me under maintenance. It meant nothing on the scale as I had another 2lb finding me this morning, but I decided to ignore and just trust the process.

    Shows I absolutely love as non violent, no gore : Lie to Me (Hulu), The Kominsky Method , Doc Martin, and I just got into 1000 Little Things.
    That being said, I watched without much blinking lots of police/medical/crime including yours Catherine.
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    Saturday was nuts, super busy. I sat down when we closed at 1 finally to write in the stack of charts. Finally left at 3. Extra stressful "maybes" happening at work. A former employee that struggled with drug use last year is asking for her job back. 3 drs would be nice but depends on if she's changed at all. Sounds like she's been in a program getting help etc. Little wary of her sweet talking the boss man into a job when none of us really wants her back. He doesn't even work in our clinic so he wouldn't have to work with her. I can't judge her though cause i didn't work with her and don't really know her, but i know she has lied to my coworkers many times and its gonna be tough to earn a second go at their trust. Not under my control but just an extra background stressor.

    I think yesterday's calories were probably ok but I was too tired to log them. Passed out after dinner on the couch til mat retrieved me for bed at midnight. Despite wanting to make steps a goal I've not hit that goal once this week. Good news is the scale is finally trending down again. 177.8 this stuck point had been 179-180 for a bit.

    Perspective is everything with regards to the house buying. I fully expect to have another few places slip away, and it is frustrating, but like you said I am ready to start a home and life with someone and that is exciting! I was excited just to go look and be discussing a home with mat. The place was a good deal for sure but hopefully something better pops up this spring. We've been looking this last year but just not many places with the acreage we want and in the location we want pop up. Slim pickings and they go fast.

    I have watched the good place and enjoyed it but haven't seen the most recent season. Watching dexter too (somewhere in the middle of that show). Haven't been watching much for shows, but mat has caught up to where I left off in game of thrones so I might have to pick that one back up. We did watch xmen the dark phoenix the other day on HBO Max and I want to watch the new wonder woman 1984.

    Those meals i made earlier in the week really saved my bacon as far as overeating goes. I didn't really log much after Tuesday but having meals preportioned and ready to grab at least limited how much I ate. The extra pizza and leftover cobbler stuff didn't help, but i minimized it so win I guess. Scale is still down since last week so I can't complain. Gotta come up with meals for this week too. Doing the cajun shrimp and sausage with veggies stir fry thingy again, got a london broil beef steak that I want to treat myself to dinner with one or two nights. Got green beans and some yukon gold potatoes to make for sides. Excited for that, but not looking forward to slugging through monday and then using what energy I have left to cook monday night. I'm currently at mats for the weekend and food is at my place in the fridge.
    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Catherine, I like your 5 pound goals, much more manageable and less overwhelming than say 25 pounds.

    I only saw a couple of episodes of The Good Place and none of My Crazy Exgirlfriend( at least that I can recall!).

    Gabi, you live in a very pricy part of the country. Where I live is not that expensive, but prices have really gone up here the past couple of years too. I don’t get it. But apparently TN is one of the main places New Yorkers are escaping to after beginning of pandemic. No state income tax.
    Good for you for making some nourishing veggie soup. Could the scale change be due to extra sodium in the soup? If so, it will flush right out in a day or two with extra water.

    I enjoyed Lie to Me. And A Million little Things as well. I like New Amsterdam, the Resident, S.W.A.T., Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and more recently Transplant. So I guess I like cop and medical shows.

    Katrina, I’m impressed the scale is going down for you without meeting your steps goal. That must mean you are very aware of the number of calories you’re consuming even if you’re not logging them. Either that or you have a sixth sense about it!
    I’m glad you’ve got some meals planned for this next week. ( now I’m wanting to buy green beans too!) Have you considered doing some meals in the crock pot, so they’re ready when you get back home? Mine has a warm feature, where it automatically turns itself to warm when the time is up. That way the food doesn’t overcook if I’m not back home when it’s set to be done. Love walking in the door and being greeted by the smell of dinner ready and waiting.
    So how much acreage are you looking for? I grew up on a 112 acre farm. My Dad was a contractor( had his own construction co) but wanted a farm because he grew up in NY. It really was an ideal way to grow up. We kids had lots of responsibility and earned every penny we ever spent.
    We are at the stage of our lives that we want only a small lot, the less maintenance the better.

    Hope Everyone has a great start to the new work week!

    Exercise: ✅
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    2+veggies❌ I’ve got to get back on it tomorrow!

  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Snow flurries in the morning. Rain all afternoon.
    Mom got her first dose of Covid vaccine this morning. Next dose in 28 days. She’s excited. I’m happy for her.

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  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,128 Member Member Posts: 1,128 Member
    Today I found about 2 deaths- one is my boss’ aunt: sudden with no warning, and the second is a 50 yo strong and very health oriented, guy from work: after battling Covid for couple weeks.
    I didn’t know him well, but he was a very nice person, and to me it comes as an enormous shock because frankly I thought, outside of the risk demographic . Most of my colleagues are young to middle aged, very fit and had been fit all their lives. If anything, I thought they are safe. Not that it would matter, but it gave me a sense of peace, that I’m in this closed cocoon of healthy and strong people.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    Gabi, I’m so sorry to hear about your work friend. I’m sure it did come as a shock since he had been so healthy and fit, and relatively young. This stupid virus affects different people in different ways though. It seems doubly sad those that are dying now when the vaccine is here but bring slowly distributed. Right now they are finishing health care workers and congregate living as well as those 75 and older. 65 and older in some locations.
    Again, I am so sad for your news! Did he have a wife and kids? I am sure this is messing with your head a little so be kind to yourself this week, Gabi!
    Be patient. Progress, not perfection.

    What do you do Gabi, that most of your colleagues are fit? When I was teaching, it was such a mix, very fit, so/so or completely given up on being fit( or so it appeared).
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
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