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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,952 Member Member Posts: 1,952 Member
    Long day at work so I’ll just give my stats for the day:
    Exercise ✅ - I had a 30 minutes walk after dinner, by myself
    Under ✅
    Veggies ❌
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
    Good job, Gabi getting a walk in after dinner( but now I know it’s your FIFTH walk of the day!)

    Stepped on the scale this morning and was up 2 pounds. Not sure if some of it is high sodium meal. But did I scale back today...NO! I ate almost every one of my exercise calories back! Can’t seem to get control of my desire for lots of food lately.
    Not only that, I made homemade Chinese for dinner tonight. Cashew chicken with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, water chestnuts, and lo mein. High sodium content again.

    Under:✅ (barely)
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
    It was 30 degrees when I went for my jog this morning with a “feels like” of 24. Once I got out there, the snow flurries started, not the big flakes that don’t bother you but the tiny ones that get you right in the face. And it was just 2 days ago that I took off my light jacket while I was jogging. Amazing how different the weather can be in 48 hours!


    I hope everyone is doing well!
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member
    Hope you had a good birthday, Gabi!

    As you might have guessed from the silence, I temporarily went off the rails again. I was worried about something, it affected my sleep, I got into a weird sleep cycle, my appetite got messed up, and, yeah... that's it, really.

    Back on track today (so far!), but slightly concerned by how little it took to completely mess me up. I am learning a lot about my relationship with food. I wouldn't even have registered this as a problem last year.

    Anyway, in better news, I passed a professional exam that I wasn't feeling very sure about. I mean, I thought I'd passed it, but I passed it well, and I've signed up for some more exams off the back of it. I'm going to have to be quite rigid with my timetabling to get through these exams (I know, more stress - what I need, right?) but it's also going to help me build a routine. I've not been doing well without a routine.

    If I do lots of studying at the evening and weekends over the next few months, I'm going to need a good sleep routine and a good food routine. I can do nothing until I have to do something, then I do lots of things really well, so even though this doesn't sound like the best idea, I do think it might give me the focus I need.

    I keep seeing that Barb has gone out for a jog - I'm really impressed by how you manage to stick to this, Barb! I guess it comes back to my point about routines and habits. If we spend the time trying to create them, yes, sometimes we have a bit less flexibility than we might like, but overall, they can do us a world of good. You have to keep sticking with something to form that habit.

    Barb - you asked about Covid. Things are starting to get quite tense on the Continent, but there's not really that much change here in the UK. People have been angry with our Prime Minister for a while, and that's not really changed. There's talk of Scotland pushing to break away from the UK, and I think they're the closest to independence that they've been in a long time. The Scots have been furious since Brexit (they didn't vote for it) and the handling of Covid (the Prime Minister's party has never done well in Scotland anyway, plus he has genuinely handled this shambolically), so this could be the beginning of the end.

    It feels like England is cutting more and more of its ties with every day. I miss being European and I'm going to feel very funny if Scotland and England break up. Won't be anytime soon, but if it happens, it will be in my lifetime. I expect Wales will stick with us, but Northern Ireland might break up with us too if Scotland does first. The world is getting smaller and smaller!

    In good news, I do know people starting to get vaccines. My poorly dad, my friend with severe breathing difficulties who works in healthcare, my friend who had cancer last year and two of my 75+ friends. It will be a long time until my group (the non-priority) group gets vaccinated, but it's less of a worry to know that the more vulnerable people in my life are getting their jabs. They should all hopefully get their second dose by March.

    Forecast here is currently that I'll get my first jab in July and my second jab in October. It's only an estimate, but it's before the end of the year, so you never know, I might get to see family for Christmas this year. Maybe not, but it's too early to rule out, so there's hope.
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,952 Member Member Posts: 1,952 Member
    Missed reporting here yesterday; figure that, on the day when I squeezed in green marks all across...
    I don’t do good with compliments so patting myself on the shoulder, is not easy.

    Barb, if the temperature feels like 20, than it is 20, regardless of how much is in a shielded area. I’m saying this because I just ran to drop mail for work and stopped for groceries. The wind was howling bad and in about 3 steps I could not feel my fingers on the bags and was so grateful for the mask protecting my face. You ran an hour in this? Every single day? My oh my, you are definitely the bravest person I know!
    Good homemade Chinese food it’s worth a day of water retention, just saying 😁. Gonna try my luck with that one today, because I got this Pompano fish that is delicious grilled or baked, with some aioli smeared on top.

    Catherine, I did everything you said, the bad news, the stress, the lack of sleep and the erratic eating all just this month. The only difference from “before” being that now I’m trying to copy Barb and be more present and more accountable here. You think you can give that a try?
    Congrats on taking classes and certifications and trust that once you are in the process, routine will follow. This is such exciting news!
    With the vaccine I’m in the opposite bag, my work gave it already, while my very high risk elder father has to wait almost 2 more months, because of shortages there. Not an option, but I would have traded if I could.

    I hope you get yours before July, because if things go well, I’ll have to fly to Europe and I only have 2 options for flight change: Munich or London. Never chose London before because is an 11h layover. How’s that for changing the subject?
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member
    Anything is improved with aioli. I love garlic so much - my mum really hates it. Whenever I see her in person (it's been more than a year) I have to make sure I stop eating it a few days beforehand. She has such a sensitive sense of smell and such a strong aversion!

    I'm not doing the exercise one because I'll only hit that twice a month, but I can join with the other three check boxes. Need to figure out when is the best time for me to note them down... Maybe when I get back into a routine it will make sense!

    I've only ever been to Berlin, not Munich, but I obviously love London a lot and am incredibly biased. :) Things are likely to still be restricted when you come, but assuming you change via Heathrow (which would be more popular for international layovers), it's not a bad airport to kill time in, as far as airports go. It's a shame you're unlikely to be allowed to travel into central London and/or see anyone.

    London is an amazing city, and it pains me how many people keep passing through who aren't getting the full experience. If you do stop via London, I hope you stop by again when the city is back to normal!
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member

  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,952 Member Member Posts: 1,952 Member
    Exercise ✅ indoor bike 30 min
    Under ✅ with wine too
    Veggies ✅
    Today I tried a new fruit (to me) pomelo. A citrus, kinda like oranges, but even less calories. Harder to peel, so you get a workout too 😁
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member
    Pomelo is like pomegranate, in that I will happily eat if it someone else prepares it. Otherwise, you're right, it is a workout! ;)
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
    Catherine, congratulations on doing so well on your exam. It’s great you’ve decided to study for and take a few more! Will that allow you more responsibility at work?

    You’re right about once you’ve made a habit, you just do it. With exercise, I don’t have to make the decision to do it- it’s just not an option. The only time I really was unable to exercise was when I was pregnant with my first. I went from major swimming and biking to absolutely nothing seemingly overnight. The pregnancy gave me hypoglycemia and just walking through a parking lot was enough to make me pass out. It was so strange for me. When they did the testing, they said I would be hypoglycemic for life but it reversed itself after the baby was born. That was a relief because I had to give up driving during that time.
    When I got plantar fasciitis so bad, I just biked instead. I wear clip ons on both my spin bike and road bike so I had to pull up versus push down on the pedals.

    So the exercise is not a problem but the eating is. I struggle almost every single day with wanting to eat more, and it’s not that I’m hungry because I’m not. BTW, I don’t jog every day; I alternate with biking on my spin bike.

    Yes, it’s very unsettling what is happening in UK as well. Change is scary and it’s definitely not always for the best.

    Catherine, I LOVE your check marks! I love that I’m not the only one doing them now! Gabi, it’s never about patting myself on the back; it’s about holding my butt accountable!!

    Gabi, I’m salivating reading about your fish grilled with aioli. Sounds delicious! And look at your check marks, even with wine! Impressive! I’ve never heard of pomelo. Do you buy that at the regular grocery? I’ll share a tip for peeling any citrus. Roll it around on the counter first; that loosens the peel from the fruit.
    Gabi, do you have your own indoor bike? Do you listen to music or watch something? Or take a virtual spin class?

    Well I did something I’ve been meaning to do. I went and picked up 3 13 gallon bags of trash from by the road. I noticed it the other day and told myself I’d pick it up when I had time. I had time today but it was cold! I made myself do it anyway so I could forget about it. Littering is one of my pet peeves.
    Just don’t understand it. Most of it is from the students who are leaving the community college next door I’m sure. They have trash cans prominently displayed around every single parking lot there. Makes no sense why the kids toss it by the road. Oh well.

    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅ ( barely with pizza)
    2+veggies❌ I had mixed veggies but not 2+ servings.
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 153 Member Member Posts: 153 Member
    Stayed up too late last night because I was watching a netflix documentary (Prosecuting Evil) and learning of an amazing man named Ben Ferencz (not sure if i spelled it right). As a young man he was a prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials and I really enjoyed the documentary. Slept in til 7 am, but unable to go back to sleep. Was a busy week again and I've felt pretty blah all week since last Saturday's horrific migraine. Thankfully did not wake with one today. Lots I want to catch up on with fish tanks and house work.

    Catherine congrats on passing your test! Also, congrats on hitting 30 lb lost according to mfp. I'm 2 lb behind you as the scale is moving now that my TOM is passed.

    Gabi I sometimes have that issue where I've checked all the boxes, but too tired to log on and post it. In fact I've clearly been doing ok calorie wise cause the scale is moving, but I haven't been logging well because I'm worn out this week. Also haven't been updating here as often for the same reason.

    Finally coming out of my period and migraine fog after a week of feeling crampy gassy and unable to focus well. Hoping to be back on track this week, but gotta figure out meals as i have run out of leftovers. Plantar fasciitis is all better so I'm glad I switched shoes and caught it early. Hope you all have a good weekend :-)
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member
    The exams I've done so far under lockdown really are for my own academic amusement, Barb - I could have done them much earlier in my career when they would have mattered.

    The ones I've just signed up for aren't essential in my current role, but some other employers would much prefer someone with those exams. So, I guess if I manage to pass them, I'm giving future me more options for if she gets truly fed up and seriously looks for another job!

    Had some mystery soup for lunch, to help with the veggie green tick challenge I appear to now be participating in. ;) I was really hoping for parsnip from the colour, but it turned out to be cauliflower. Stirred in some pecorino and adjusted the seasoning and it wasn't bad. Only 120 calories for the bowl, even with the extra cheese.

    I'm coming back down from the massive binge spike. Need to stick at it, and also get below the damn settling point. January is up and down and up and down to overall no net change. Maybe February will be my month.

    I understand what causes my binges, but what I haven't cracked yet is stopping them when they happen. I'm not even hungry when they do. I guess I just switch off my brain and the 'so what?' takes over. Fatigue has got to be a large part of that. Maybe I'll try forcing myself to have a nap next time...

    Well done on clearing all that litter, Barb - I bet you some people will have noticed and silently appreciated the disappearance, even if they didn't know who to thank.

    When I was in elementary school, my teacher bought all the exotic fruits she could find and challenged us to taste them all. I don't think I've had the opportunity to try all of them since, and it's only as an adult, I realise she must have funded that little shopping trip herself as it's not something schools would pay for. Some teachers are just awesome, aren't they? It wasn't a particularly good school, so most of the kids there would never have had the chance to try such expensive foreign fruits otherwise.

    I think my favourite one was physalis - it's not so rare now, a lot of restaurants use it for garnish on desserts like cheesecake, but when I was little, no one had really come across it.
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,952 Member Member Posts: 1,952 Member
    I have a question, would you like to have our own group, just for the 4 of us?
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
    Katrina, so glad the plantar fasciitis is resolved! I just wrote a very long post that got deleted so I’ll try to write an abbreviated one.
    The drawback of being so committed ( obsessed my husband would say) is I never consider whether I’m going to exercise, I just do it. When I first started getting plantar fasciitis, I kept running. Even when I finally had to stop every quarter mile to stretch because it felt like my foot was being stabbed over and over. I jogged until I could hardly walk across the floor. THEN I went to the ortho, who put me in a boot for several weeks ( didn’t work) prescribed prescription anti inflammatory ( did nothing after second dose), made me a custom orthotic ( cost me $650 out of pocket after insurance and didn’t help at all), gave me a cortisone shot( little relief). Then he wanted to do surgery. I told him I didn’t have any confidence because he told me all the other things would work and none of them did. He said without an MRI he couldn’t be positive but he was fairly certain I’d completely severed the fascia. It took me almost TWO years to completely heal! Part of the problem was I kept trying to run again prematurely. The point I’m trying to make is I don’t listen to my body! I’ve had 3 herniated discs, only the one in my neck really bothered me. So I was used to hurting at the beginning of a run and loosening up as I went along. But feeling increasing pain as you run is not a good thing! Just thought I’d confess that it’s not always a good thing to be commuted to exercise!
    I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t push thru pain any more. ( actually I learned that after I pulled my SI joint out and then proceeded to run five miles and then could barely walk. But at least it just took a few therapy sessions to get it popped back in and stayed in) THEN I got the message completely. So yes, I’m a little hard headed!

    Catherine, it sounds like the exams are definitely in your best interest if they may help you get an even better job one day if you should choose to do so. At least you’d know you have options. To me knowing you have options makes a current job a little more bearable. What do you do for your job anyway? Gabi, I don’t know what you do either! I only know what Katrina does.

    Wow, that’s great you’ve tried all these exotic fruits and from a young age! I’ve never even heard of physalis. Now I feel illiterate in the fruit world!
    My favorite fruit is probably pineapple. Only fresh though. It’s really good for the knees. Mine never hurt but my Dad played tennis competitively until he was 80 and passed from lymphoma. So maybe good knees are genetic.

    We finally finished Homeland on Hulu. Tonight we watched the first 2 episodes of Bridgerton to see what the fuss is about. It’s pretty good so far.

    I mentioned that I was struggling wanting to eat junk even when I wasn’t hungry. I gave myself permission to just eat anything I wanted today to hopefully get it out of my system! Went WAY over on calories.

    Exercise: ✅ ( it warmed up to 28 while I was jogging!)
    Tracked: ✅

    I intend to be Back on track tomorrow!

    Gabi, yes I’d be interested to have a group! You’d have to explain all the details. I’m not savvy with that.
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 945 Member Member Posts: 945 Member
    Catherine said, “I understand what causes my binges, but what I haven't cracked yet is stopping them when they happen. I'm not even hungry when they do. I guess I just switch off my brain and the 'so what?' takes over. Fatigue has got to be a large part of that. Maybe I'll try forcing myself to have a nap next time...”


  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member
    Only quickly popping in, will write more later.


    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅ (Mainly because I fell asleep, woke up after midnight and missed dinner!)
    2+veggies: ✅

    People keep trying to get me to watch Bridgerton - I thought it might be quite good because of Shonda Rhimes, but the trailer didn't blow me away. Maybe I'll have to give it a chance!

    The only reason for using this thread rather than a group is in case MommaGemz comes back, but she hasn't logged in since early November. Still, I suppose we could send her a message with the details so she can find her way over to us if she does come back. :)
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,952 Member Member Posts: 1,952 Member
    I am almost sure I understood how to make the group. I will try and if it works I will message all of you and Mommagemz, the link.
    Barb - your story is so wonderfully winding , impressive and I love how real and vivid it sounds. You should start writing if you aren’t already. On a personal level, I can relate to baring through pain.
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 1,952 Member Member Posts: 1,952 Member
    I did it, it’s called The last 30 or 20, and I send you all 4 invitations. 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member Member, Premium Posts: 574 Member
    I didn't have a notification, but if you follow this link, you'll see the invitation at the top:

    One last post for January from me...

    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ❌ Nope. I did go way under yesterday though, so perhaps it balances out.
    2+veggies: ✅ Cauliflower soup is growing on me!
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